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  1. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Hi. Again, I would be greatly interested, but I guess the drive is too long for me to squeeze within one day. GLWS, may the lucky buyer be nearer.
  2. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Hello. I'm definitely interested, but I don't suppose we could meet halfway from Dallas, TX to your location for this deal.
  3. The Forte III Have Arrived!

    Well, I agree. They do look fantastic!
  4. $500 pair if RF-7 Dallas Craigslist.

    They must be sold for I can't get any recent responses.
  5. The Forte III Have Arrived!

    Very nice, sir! Are those the matte black special edition models?
  6. Klipsch RF-7 II, unboxed pair

    The listing is deleted . . . Maybe someone got lucky!
  7. Klipsch RF-7 II, unboxed pair

    Here is the link for a pair of RF-7 II's for sale in Plano, Texas. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-reference-rf-7ii/6406221414.html I'm not sure if the seller is a member on this forum. It's not me because I am still waiting for the right time to get these or the III's.
  8. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    R.I.P. Malcolm Young
  9. The question may be stupid, but I had to ask. I have a pair of Crites' crossovers installed in a rugged pair of Forte II's. Could I use them instead in the wonderful pair of Quartets whose crossovers desperately need replacing?
  10. Those are nice! I wish I had the time for that road trip. Pics without the grill and of the posterior sides would be good. Good Luck, BTW.
  11. where have all the good guys gone ?

    Hello. My name is Dan and I am in the Dallas area. I am relatively new at this forum. I would like to be a "new" good guy. I started reading this forum over a year ago as well as other forums for advice on audio equipment. In 2014, following a familial tragedy, I decided to return to audio interests like I used to have three decades before in college. I acquired a Marantz 2270 from a long road trip to OK and sold it after a year because I didn't know how to improve it. Boy did I sure miss it. Shortly after getting rid of a Yamaha A-S801, I acquired a totally rebuilt Marantz 4400 locally. Now that is an awesome piece of SS equipment. I also acquired a pair of Forte I's in 2014 and sold them this year because I finally moved up to Forte II's. I have since replaced the crossovers, despite failing to improve the weather worn cabinet veneers from poor previous ownership. They do sound awesome, though. In addition, I couldn't help myself and bought a used Yamaha A-S2100. I recently broke the power switch and use the indented/cracked surface to "flip" it on/off. Now I am torn between buying new RF-7 III's, RF-7 II's or new Forte III's (neither of which I can afford at this time). But before that, I'll be waiting on pins and needles on the final cost of repair for the Yamaha. I apologize for the wordiness.
  12. Price drop on rf7 ii when rf7 iii's come out?

    I believe the RF-7 II's are now on "sale".
  13. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    I use a Marantz 4400 set at 50wpc to power a pair of Bob Crites crossover-upgraded Forte II's. I still can't decide between the Forte III's or the RF-7 II's for upgrades.
  14. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    BTW, I decided to go with the RP-160M's as my FRONTS and get an RP-250C for center in the near future.