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  1. Klipsch RF-7 II, unboxed pair

    The listing is deleted . . . Maybe someone got lucky!
  2. Klipsch RF-7 II, unboxed pair

    Here is the link for a pair of RF-7 II's for sale in Plano, Texas. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-reference-rf-7ii/6406221414.html I'm not sure if the seller is a member on this forum. It's not me because I am still waiting for the right time to get these or the III's.
  3. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    R.I.P. Malcolm Young
  4. The question may be stupid, but I had to ask. I have a pair of Crites' crossovers installed in a rugged pair of Forte II's. Could I use them instead in the wonderful pair of Quartets whose crossovers desperately need replacing?
  5. Those are nice! I wish I had the time for that road trip. Pics without the grill and of the posterior sides would be good. Good Luck, BTW.
  6. where have all the good guys gone ?

    Hello. My name is Dan and I am in the Dallas area. I am relatively new at this forum. I would like to be a "new" good guy. I started reading this forum over a year ago as well as other forums for advice on audio equipment. In 2014, following a familial tragedy, I decided to return to audio interests like I used to have three decades before in college. I acquired a Marantz 2270 from a long road trip to OK and sold it after a year because I didn't know how to improve it. Boy did I sure miss it. Shortly after getting rid of a Yamaha A-S801, I acquired a totally rebuilt Marantz 4400 locally. Now that is an awesome piece of SS equipment. I also acquired a pair of Forte I's in 2014 and sold them this year because I finally moved up to Forte II's. I have since replaced the crossovers, despite failing to improve the weather worn cabinet veneers from poor previous ownership. They do sound awesome, though. In addition, I couldn't help myself and bought a used Yamaha A-S2100. I recently broke the power switch and use the indented/cracked surface to "flip" it on/off. Now I am torn between buying new RF-7 III's, RF-7 II's or new Forte III's (neither of which I can afford at this time). But before that, I'll be waiting on pins and needles on the final cost of repair for the Yamaha. I apologize for the wordiness.
  7. Price drop on rf7 ii when rf7 iii's come out?

    I believe the RF-7 II's are now on "sale".
  8. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    I use a Marantz 4400 set at 50wpc to power a pair of Bob Crites crossover-upgraded Forte II's. I still can't decide between the Forte III's or the RF-7 II's for upgrades.
  9. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    BTW, I decided to go with the RP-160M's as my FRONTS and get an RP-250C for center in the near future.
  10. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    I still own an AVR-790
  11. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    I'm sorry, I meant that I replaced an older Denon AVR that was setup with other speakers with the current model X4000 and it seems to be weak in comparison to the previous setup.
  12. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Hi, and no, I'm not sure why the seller is asking only $200, but it's in unopened box condition, so he photos. I'm still waiting for his replay today.
  13. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Thank you so much for the info! My room is newly carpeted and has no windows, except for the french-door entry. If I can get a reasonably priced Klipsch SW to replace the Polk, I will do that. First things first, I must update my AVR settings as you recommend.
  14. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Sorry for the late reply . . . I'm east of Dallas. I've found that someone is selling a Klipsch RC-10 for $75. I haven't asked them anything. That's cheaper than the $200 someone else is asking for their RC-62 II's. I'm still trying to get the Denon to impress me. Maybe I should replace the RB-81's with RB-61's.