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  1. Price drop on rf7 ii when rf7 iii's come out?

    I believe the RF-7 II's are now on "sale".
  2. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    I use a Marantz 4400 set at 50wpc to power a pair of Bob Crites crossover-upgraded Forte II's. I still can't decide between the Forte III's or the RF-7 II's for upgrades.
  3. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    BTW, I decided to go with the RP-160M's as my FRONTS and get an RP-250C for center in the near future.
  4. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    I still own an AVR-790
  5. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    I'm sorry, I meant that I replaced an older Denon AVR that was setup with other speakers with the current model X4000 and it seems to be weak in comparison to the previous setup.
  6. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Hi, and no, I'm not sure why the seller is asking only $200, but it's in unopened box condition, so he photos. I'm still waiting for his replay today.
  7. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Thank you so much for the info! My room is newly carpeted and has no windows, except for the french-door entry. If I can get a reasonably priced Klipsch SW to replace the Polk, I will do that. First things first, I must update my AVR settings as you recommend.
  8. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Sorry for the late reply . . . I'm east of Dallas. I've found that someone is selling a Klipsch RC-10 for $75. I haven't asked them anything. That's cheaper than the $200 someone else is asking for their RC-62 II's. I'm still trying to get the Denon to impress me. Maybe I should replace the RB-81's with RB-61's.
  9. Speaker Pairing for 5.1

    Hi. I've got a Denon AVR-X4000 setup with a pair of RB-81's as fronts and a pair of RP-160M's as surrounds. I don't have a center speaker as I'm not sure what to use. Should I be using a different setup like RB-61's or RB-51's? I'm using a Polk PS10W as the sub. Should that be different too? So far I'm less than impressed with the current setup.