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  1. Ok, nothing left to sell. I wish to thank all who participated (sniffle). It's been real swell.
  2. The subwoofer has been sold. What a wonderful start to a new year!


    That pic was grabbed from a previous garage sale post here from a guy in Missouri over a year ago. I know because once I said those RF-7 II’s were too far for me, several chimed in how it was too good of a deal to not drive cross country.
  4. Um . . . the others are still available.
  5. I’m selling my home theatre setup so that I can concentrate purely on two-channel setups. I’m just east of Dallas, Texas. These are of ebony finish and in near mint condition, including their respective face covers. I would be happy to meet for delivery within the greater DFW area. I am willing to sell whole for $1125 or $675 for the RP-280F's, $200 for the RP-250C and $250 for subwoofer. Please PM if interested. I appreciate anyone's interest. These really sound nice together but I am not so much a "home theatre" fanatic as I used to be. Thanks.
  6. Here is the link to Dallas craigslist for a sale in Fort Worth, Texas. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/gms/d/fort-worth-estate-sale-friday-mcintosh/7041033586.html Any takers that can travel in short notice?
  7. Thanks for reply. I am planning on that next when I have more than just spare time. They have behaved that way after I moved them from a condo to my next home. I know I'd remember if I had dropped either of them.
  8. I just checked and the seller is now asking $3000. I can't speculate why the sudden markup.
  9. I own a pair of ebony RP-280Fs that I bought on sale, just over a year ago, directly from Klipsch. When they arrived, their boxes seemed intact but worn from storage. I thought their sale price was ideal then so I snatched a pair. I thought I'd be happy with these but they have failed to satisfy my ears. I've had them connected to to my Denon AVR-X4000 and a formerly owned Yamaha A-S2000. My problem is that one of them seems to not have any of the horn function as I only detect the two woofers operating. When I raise the volume halfway, somewhat abruptly, I am finally able to activate their proper function. This is an intermittent issue. Does anyone else have this problem? Could this have been the reason that they went on sale? I thought about upgrading to RF-7 III's but I've got to fix this speaker first.


    I've discovered yet another pair of Quartets. However, the price on them may not be attractive either. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2451607498477099/ 😐
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