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  1. Who wants to buy open box Luxman for an amazing price?

    They retail for $2800 on music direct’s website.

    I am willing to part with mine which i have basically listened to for an hour or two.

    Don’t be fooled this is an amazing...i mean really it is...selling because of cash. Wish I could keep it but I can’t...not at this stage.


    Build quality is exceptional. Has a remote for volume.( volume knob turns when you use the remote)


    I have never taken the cage off. Amp is currently boxed in original box.

    Also worth mentioning its a Luxman USA model. Not Japan.


    I have it on ebay for a higher price but local pick up only.

    $2200 add 3% PayPal and shipping.

    Shipping will most likely be UPS ground....and amp will be triple boxed.








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  2. I have a pair of Klipsch KG4 speakers in Wallnut. 
    They are in very good shape for their age. 86 I believe. One serial tag is missing
    All drivers work perfectly.
    Grills are in very good shape.
    Cabinets are in very good shape, light scratches that can be sanded away.
    Everything works as it should and they sound awesome.
    One speaker passive radiator on back is in perfect shape and the other one has very minor repair to keep it air-tight.
    Please see detailed pictures. Happy to audition them for you.

    Detroit Michigan area. 


  3. Hi Guys


    It's been a while since I posted anything on the forum but I have been checking in occasionally.

    I have a used set of special Edition Fortiii. Honestly these have been in their box 90% of the time since I got them. Klipsch website mentions that only 70 pairs were made.

    The color, wood grain is amazing on these. Truly works of art. 

    They will come with 2 sets of grills. Original lambs wool and black.  

    No imperfection/marks on the speaker boxes or drivers. Everything is perfect as they have been stored in their original box since I moved into the new house.


    Multiple reason for selling cash & baby on the way being the main ones. 

    I thought I'd never sell them...but here I am.

    Location: Detroit area, Michigan. Close to Northern part of Lake st Clair

    Price point: $3800

    Posted here first but will go on ebay & other sites in a few days time.

    Pick up only. 







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  4. Ok so I got into trouble for listing these...my wife says she loves the way it looks and I’m NOT selling. Who would of thought...sorry about that guys&girls.

    I don’t know how I would ever afford the Jubilee’s!

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  5. I have a pair consecutive serials and they are in great condition. I am the second owner.
    I’m just putting my feelers out of there is any interest?
    They have new crites AA cross overs installed but you get the original cross overs included in the purchase.
    I am selling all my speakers with one idea in mind....Jubilee! (So the reference RF82ii in the pictures are also for sale)
    Located Detroit metro area. Could I get $2400 for them?
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  6. All tested, in good shape and functional.
    Pair of woofers  $75 shipped to you ( 1 pair available )
    Horn Tweeters   $30 shipped to you ( 4 available)
    Crossovers         $20 shipped to you ( 5 available)
    I no longer have my KG-4 and have replaced them with Heresys so I am parting out what I still have. PM me if interested!


    Any passive woofers available?

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  7. You can fix it until you can get a replacement. You may not NEED one after this.
    Remove the passive from the cabinet. From the back side, use some Weldbond adhesive. It dries flexible and clear. Thin with a small amount of water and brush on the back side and place some strong tissue (cigarette paper will do, or a piece of wrapping tissue). Brush on that so it sticks. Let dry and repeat a few times. Should take more than an hour or so. I did some JBL rubber surrounds in a afternoon. Did a coat and went to do other things.. did a coat...
    They are still rocking after ten years.You can also put a few coats on the front side to fill the gaps. Then go over the whole surround to help it keep from splitting more.
    All it will take is a few dollars and a small brush (artists paint brush).

    Great info thanks

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