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  1. I've had my Belles for approximately two months. They are gorgeous speakers.


    Mine also have the AA crossovers, as did my La Scalas.


    I hooked up the same CazTech SE-845 SET monoblock amps I had on the La Scalas and find that the 18 watts/channel is more than enough power to get you removed from your neighbor's Christmas card list.


    Same with my 300B SET and EL84 SEP amps. You really just need a few very good watts. 


    Good advice given to take your time, get to know how the speakers and room work together and take things from there.

    I will probably buy the caps and experiment with them later on. They are at least 35 years old and according to Klipsch & everyone here that's all I'll need to replace. So I won't change the crossovers except for the caps.

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    Very nice speakers - I would enjoy them as they are at first as well. For caps I can strongly recommend Cornell Dubilier Type WPP Film/Foil Polypropylene caps - they can be found on ebay - seller is electricslee. Please note that I am in no way connected to the seller - it's only that I have found these caps to be really very, very good - and I use them in all my gear by now.





    Thanks I'll definitely go check them out.



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  3. I have and have had Belles; 7 at one time in HT. I have fed them with a variety of amps / receivers from tiny tube to 500 wpc ss mono blocks. One thing they do not like is high gain, mega watt amps that cause floor noise hiss. That experiment was the only one that did not work. Chill, use what you have and listen.

    As this very minute I don't have an amplifier to even experiment with. I'm just getting into high end stereo with this being my first purchase.

    I had to start somewhere . I decided to go Klipsch Heritage because of my previous Klipsch experience has been excellent.

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  4. Dang...those are nice! Congrats! Find a good reasonable tube amp...maybe 20wpc or so given how efficient those are. In solid state, Harmon Kardon twin drive 430 is very good, older Sony solid state like the 6060 sounds really good (I have one) or smaller McIntosh amps; maybe their integrated amps. Stay away from A/V receivers if possible.

    Thank you. I am experiencing amplifier overload lol . Who on this forum has heard Luxman? The Luxman 590Axii is about 30W per channel. Perfect but who know what it will sound like....

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  5. Components other than the caps are typically OK.


    Tell us more about your listening habits, music choices, sources, 2 channel or Home Theater, etc.  It's good to do research, and lots of folks here have done a bunch, and can help with amp choices.

    I enjoy a wealth of music genres. I am 32 years old and typically listen to modern music but often revert to the likes of simon & garfunkel or eagles. My wife loves dance music..she is 31.

    So i guess its not typical audiophile music. This setup will be 2channel dedicated for music. I have Klipsch Reference II HT setup.

    Music sources are digital. Currently my Marantz 7005 is networked to my computer via ethernet to play music direct from the computer. I also have some blu-ray with live performances like Adel & Kings of leon. (You can see I listen to anything)

    For this new 2ch system (in a different room) I want a high quality amp/pre amp or integrated that can play music from a laptop or other digital source.

    When we picked up the Belle's Sunday the audiophile's son auditioned some of his modern music off Spotify streaming app through Macintosh SS and it sounded very good playing through the Belle's

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  6. I guess I'll just refresh the caps on the type AA crossover and then focus on the room. How will I know if the other components on the crossovers are good? Speaker sound just fine...so I guess that good enough test?

    So everyone is in the know I am new to high end audio. These are my first quality pair. That should explain why I don't have a amplifier for it yet. I really do a lot of research before buying anything.

    The the listening room/area is going to be a lot of trial&error I guess. (Because I am so new to this)

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  7. Ohh I've seen that clarity cap shell logo somewhere....I just went back to the ALK crossover pictures and there it was. The shell logo...thanks for the link.

    Just to add to all this I haven't even bought an amplifier yet.

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  8. From my understanding this is just for one half of the crossover, the LF section. To get a "full" crossover from what I understand you would also need an ES5800?

    Seems you are correct the ES500 is 2 way only. Thats one expensive crossover. I'd probably spend the money if it makes a huge difference....but I'm relying on what people tell me. The chances of me listening to la scala or belle with these crossovers are slim.

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  9. I picked up mint Belle's this weekend. All original & I will be the second owner.

    They have type AA crossovers indicating they we're manufactured prior 1983? (Correct me if I am wrong)


    I have two questions for all of you.


    1. The one speaker top is a little dry and needs some TLC. I called klipsch & they said I could use Watco rejuvenating oil. Could you guys confirm this will be ok to use? Any other recommendations to treat the veneer?


    2. I will need the crossovers restored or replaced. I know there are few options like Crites/Alk or Freeman Tuell. Recommendations here please. The ALK engineering extreme slope crossovers ES500 are over $900.









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  10. It arrived after lunch. Everything had been gone thru and sloppily reboxed and taped (customs?) - with one pre-amp tube MIA. It was found between the styrofoam protected amp and outer box - bearing the amp's 20+ lb weight - and in fine shape, as were the rest of the tubes. It works great - more later.


    Yes please let us know.

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  11. I am very surprised with these F3 statements here. I am going to have to re-think plan on getting RF7ii's.

    I was going to get RF7ii's to replace my HT fronts, but they'll have their own stereo amp (with HT bypass). So my HT front will have double duty.

    You guys are just complicating my life

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  12. Start a thread and ask the experts here.  They can guide you through budget, solid state or tube, your use of the speakers and probably a dozen things I haven't even thought of.

    Will do thanks.

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  13. You haven't gone eclipse nutty have you [mention=19886]USNRET[/mention]?

    Moon is starting to overtake the sun here in Charlotte.

    Damn if you'd done this in May, my butt would have uhauled to TX and back even if was $800 for the truck!!

    [mention=67272]Sprogk[/mention] from the guy near Pittsburgh with that museum clean place with the white carpet? I came very close to going up there. In the end the size of the folded woofer big Klipsch and surprise availability of the Forte IIIs got me where I am now.

    Yes same guy. He also has a that black piano listed for 23k which I am sure a collector will jump on.

    I was almost sold on the Forte iii's but got a good deal on the Belle's and thought if I'm going Heritage might as well go full horn.

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  14. Thanks I will post few pictures as well. I'm new to Klipsch Heritage. It'll be my 1ste pair. I still have to buy a dedicated amplifier.....I have been searching hi/lo and am still unsure on what to get.



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  15. That's a neat amp - not usable in the US as it's input power choices support only 220/230/240 Vac. That power transformer is a toroid, too. The 3k U$D price is a bit higher than the Yaqin via Amazon Prime, too... like 4.3X ! My dinky little amp was in Louisville, KY by 11 AM this morning - I may just get it in a few days.

    Cayin e-mailed me offering to make me a 110V version. There's one on amazon? Huhh didn't come across that one. Either way it'll have to be ordered from Cayin to get the correct voltage. Comparing Primaluna's top model with the Cayin M52T they seem to have identical features. So I'm in two minds - Primaluna offers local support.

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