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  1. @billybob I just got carpet remnants (that fit perfectly) for the Belles, trying that first this morning...
  2. I have a 100 year old house with a thin "rat slab" basement floor that my Belles stand on, should I use any kind of spikes or isolators?
  3. Now suspending them in the air would be fun, that will be the next upgrade!
  4. probably! I'd just need to rig it up, why upside down?
  5. I have a rectangular shop/garage/shed that has a lot of "stuff" in it, picture a rectangle with an exercise machine in the NE corner. Currently, the Heresy's are on the side wall opposite the exercise machine, on a table (about 4' in the air). What do you recommend for speaker placement in a room where it's damn near impossible to do the "standard" setup?
  6. I have the DGA1 (entry level), I'm very happy with it paired with souped up La Scalas (ALK engineering crossovers), the mid-range is super strong, and the ALK crossovers add depth and more bass (plus a good sub) = I'm very happy
  7. It would be nice to have these in the museum, I agree, but please don't let this guy hold you hostage for donations!
  8. I'm a newbie, going to pickup 70's La Scalas this weekend, and I have no idea where to start with amps. The La Scalas will be in the basement (18' x 13' x 7'), and I'll be about 15' from them in my sitting area (they have to go in the short ends of the room rectangle due to built in shelving along the long wall). I recently purchased Cornwalls, and have an SG Jolida tube amp that I really like. Any recommendations on pairing the right amp/tube amp with the La Scalas?
  9. WTB: looking for good condition Heritage speakers for my basement, preferably near the Portland, Oregon area for pickup. Thanks!
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