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  1. Cornwall 2 grills for Sale $95 local pickup in Muncie Indiana (47303) call (765) 749-9792 thank you very much
  2. I have an awesome single Cornwall Center channel speaker available if your interested. It has Crites upgrades in it. It is a stunning single Cornwall with custom paint job, front metal grill cover, custom terminal plate, custom stand, Crites k-57 diaphragm Crites , k-79 diaphragm , Crites crossover rebuilt kit, and k-33 woofer this is a spectacular single Upgraded Cornwall. Call me anytime at (765)749-9792. Hope your doing well.
  3. Thank you very much. I’m still overly crowded by way to many speakers right now. I’m hoping to sell these beautiful upgraded walnut klipschorns. I painted the backs with a fresh coat of black paint which made them look better than brand new. I installed new Bob Crites, crossovers, ag55 midranges , and CT 120 tweeters. These speakers are breathtaking to listen to. I also installed new wires, and a banana plug terminal plate also for easy hookup. My hobby got out of control, but I have some new ideas I’d like to do. I hope your well. Call me anytime (765)749-9792
  4. Local Pickup Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765) 749-9792 $3,500 or best offer Klipschorns Walnut Spectacular!!!! Bob Crites upgrades include Bob Crites Type A crossovers Bob Crites AG 55 midrange drivers Bob Crites CT 120 tweeters Call (765)749-9792 local pickup Muncie Indiana (47303)
  5. Hello , I have an absolutely awesome pair of walnut klipschorns I would sell. My name is Marcus . I am located in Muncie Indiana (47303) zip code. I am 200 miles from Chicago . Please give me a call anytime at 765-749-9792. I can give you all the details and send you photos after we talk. Thank you very much
  6. Very very very Awesome
  7. I’ve got an awesome fully upgraded custom center channel cornwall call me if your interested. 765-749-9792. It’s licated in Muncie Indiana.
  8. For Sale klipsch Cornwall single center channel speaker $750 .This speaker Looks & Sounds Absolutely Spectacular !!! Local pickup in Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765)749-9792 .Cornwall Center Channel Speaker, with a custom paint job, and custom Riser. New Terminal plate on the back for easy hook up. The speaker has been upgrade with the following upgrades. upgraded K-57 Bob Crites midrange Diaphragms upgraded K-79 Bob Crites tweeter Diaphragms newer K-33 15 inch woofer upgraded crossover with Bob Crites crossover rebuild kit. Simply stunning in every way!! Thank you
  9. I have another pair of heresy 2 also if your interested. I put the add on the forum also.
  10. Heresy Ones Great Shape, custom Paint, Sound great. $399 . I installed new banana plug terminal plates on the back for Easy hook up. Local pickup Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765)749-9792. thank you
  11. Hello I’m going to put together today a pair of heresy 1s . You could buy both paid of heresys and make your trip worth while.
  12. Mck240

    Unavailable .

    It’s been a hobby for the last 10 years. Buying , trading and upgrading, all the way up to klipschorns customized and upgraded with crites parts. It’s been a lot of fun and work. I love unique and creative. I have 16 pairs of speakers , I’m going to be selling off about 4, 5 or 6 pairs. I have ideas in my head I’d like to do some day.
  13. Mck240

    Unavailable .

    Thank you. I love the klipschorns. There as good as it gets.
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