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  1. Cornwall 2 grills for Sale $95 local pickup in Muncie Indiana (47303) call (765) 749-9792 thank you very much
  2. I have an awesome single Cornwall Center channel speaker available if your interested. It has Crites upgrades in it. It is a stunning single Cornwall with custom paint job, front metal grill cover, custom terminal plate, custom stand, Crites k-57 diaphragm Crites , k-79 diaphragm , Crites crossover rebuilt kit, and k-33 woofer this is a spectacular single Upgraded Cornwall. Call me anytime at (765)749-9792. Hope your doing well.
  3. Thank you very much. I’m still overly crowded by way to many speakers right now. I’m hoping to sell these beautiful upgraded walnut klipschorns. I painted the backs with a fresh coat of black paint which made them look better than brand new. I installed new Bob Crites, crossovers, ag55 midranges , and CT 120 tweeters. These speakers are breathtaking to listen to. I also installed new wires, and a banana plug terminal plate also for easy hookup. My hobby got out of control, but I have some new ideas I’d like to do. I hope your well. Call me anytime (765)749-9792
  4. Local Pickup Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765) 749-9792 $3,500 or best offer Klipschorns Walnut Spectacular!!!! Bob Crites upgrades include Bob Crites Type A crossovers Bob Crites AG 55 midrange drivers Bob Crites CT 120 tweeters Call (765)749-9792 local pickup Muncie Indiana (47303)
  5. Hello , I have an absolutely awesome pair of walnut klipschorns I would sell. My name is Marcus . I am located in Muncie Indiana (47303) zip code. I am 200 miles from Chicago . Please give me a call anytime at 765-749-9792. I can give you all the details and send you photos after we talk. Thank you very much
  6. Mck240

    Klipsch La Scala II s

    Very very very Awesome
  7. Mck240

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    I’ve got an awesome fully upgraded custom center channel cornwall call me if your interested. 765-749-9792. It’s licated in Muncie Indiana.
  8. For Sale klipsch Cornwall single center channel speaker $750 .This speaker Looks & Sounds Absolutely Spectacular !!! Local pickup in Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765)749-9792 .Cornwall Center Channel Speaker, with a custom paint job, and custom Riser. New Terminal plate on the back for easy hook up. The speaker has been upgrade with the following upgrades. upgraded K-57 Bob Crites midrange Diaphragms upgraded K-79 Bob Crites tweeter Diaphragms newer K-33 15 inch woofer upgraded crossover with Bob Crites crossover rebuild kit. Simply stunning in every way!! Thank you
  9. Mck240

    Heresy one (Muncie Indiana) For Sale

    I have another pair of heresy 2 also if your interested. I put the add on the forum also.
  10. Mck240


  11. Heresy Ones Great Shape, custom Paint, Sound great. $399 . I installed new banana plug terminal plates on the back for Easy hook up. Local pickup Muncie Indiana (47303) Call (765)749-9792. thank you
  12. Mck240

    Heresys 2s For Sale $350

    Hello I’m going to put together today a pair of heresy 1s . You could buy both paid of heresys and make your trip worth while.
  13. Mck240

    Unavailable .

    It’s been a hobby for the last 10 years. Buying , trading and upgrading, all the way up to klipschorns customized and upgraded with crites parts. It’s been a lot of fun and work. I love unique and creative. I have 16 pairs of speakers , I’m going to be selling off about 4, 5 or 6 pairs. I have ideas in my head I’d like to do some day.
  14. Mck240

    Unavailable .

    Thank you. I love the klipschorns. There as good as it gets.