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  1. Great functioning tweeter from an early 80's Belle. I bought a matching set to restore my Belles and ended up with 3 tweeters total. This is the odd one out. Looking for $60 shipped in CONUS.
  2. When I went though the cabs and sanded everything down I made sure to remove the components and separate them for cleanup as well. I actually like the idea of painting the center! I might just do that. Would you recommend removing the remaining veneer or patching the spots where veneer came off?
  3. The bass bin grilles are definitely screwed on. They have two screws top and bottom each. For the last three weeks I've been giving them some extended listening sessions and I am a convert!! The imaging is amazing, sound stage is seemless, mids and highs are beautiful and the bass is cleaner than a surgeons finger. If they went a teeny bit lower they'd be perfect. There's a certain grain to them, one that wasn't there when I listened to direct radiators but I don't know if it's enough to fill the void. Anybody matched belles or ls with an F20?
  4. I went forward and just applied some Howard's because I couldn't wait to get them setup. After some very light sanding and thorough cleaning I applied restor-a-finish to get them looking decent. It worked, although I am determined to have them repaired in the future. I'm not exactly blown away here. They have a certain harshness to them and I can hear a mild honk. The Rf-7's they are replacing definitely had better bass but I suppose that's what 13hz of lower frequency will do. The clarity is unlike anything I've ever heard, and they are extremely efficient. I'm blaming the amplifier to start but I am not exactly sure this is right. Currently I'm driving them with a JVC AX1100 integrated that I am not exactly fond of so I'm hoping to get a Parasound P5 paired with an Aragon 4004 that'll bring forward that density and warmth I'm used to. My ultimate goal is to use them for 2 channel audio and a 2.1 theater system that can knock me back. I'm moving on to building myself and F20 but only if the change in separates can convince me.
  5. CiscoFran


    I was fortunate enough to have met westcoastdrums when I bought the original K-77 tweeters from these horns just a couple weeks ago. He's a great guy and was kind enough to invite me into his meitculously clean home to listen to these speakers. This was the first time I had ever heard K-Horns and by all means, I've never heard anything like them. They were mighty, potent and very very clean. These are easily 9/10 in condition and would be a beautiful addition to any listening space. I drooled a little while I was there but I had my less-than Belles waiting for me at home to restore. Best regards to westcoast! Good luck with your sale man!
  6. Scratch that, i found this: and this: This might not be as hard as I expected. I'm even considering re-wrapping the grilles and doing a full cleanup and detail. Now i'm gonna go look at some walnut cabs with cane to see if it looks as awesome as I remember.
  7. Thanks for the info wvu80. I'm gonna use the bondo method to reform some corners that were noticeably worn down. I was also thinking of just removing the veneer strip on the middle of the bass bin. I'm gonna look into buying some symmetrical veneer. The only problem now is how to remove the grills be able to get into the crevices of the folds of the bass bin. They seem like they just pull out but I want to make sure this is correct.
  8. I suppose I'll introduce myself and rant a little on how I came to join this forum and all of you wonderful people. My advent into Klipsch speakers(and hi-fi audio really) started about 5 years ago when I came across a dusted and inconspicuous set of promedia computer speakers. I was able to pick the whole set up for a whopping 5 devaluated american dollars at a retirement community sale. Now I know most of you wouldn't say those speakers are the epitome of sound quality or an embodiment of clarity but, they did the trick, oh boy did they do the trick. I stood there in disbelief of every dub step bass drop and every peaking synth note cranking out of those little speakers.... I still can't explain it. I assure you all I'm not one of those that likes their car to rattle and bleed bass for every car on the block to vibrate but I do enjoy good bass. I've never listened to electronica or dub-step as a choice so this was mere happenstance but I wouldn't have had it any other way. My musical preferences range more from classic rock/pop/blues to soul/funk/reggae to samba/salsa/bolero all the way to latin grupero/norteno/banda and mariachi. Needless to say, I started looking for some more dynamic and versatile speakers. In my time as a musician I came to realize that I prefer functionality to looks and so I searched for some good ol' honkin' speakers regardless of how pretty they were. I got my self some battered and torn RF-7's with no grills, dented caps and no feet for 100 bucks. A Parasound 2100 and a Yamaha M-40 later I found myself in audio bliss. I had never heard such beautiful reproduction nor had I ever owned such monstrous speakers. For weeks and weeks I listened to everything I could think of and they never failed to satiate my desires. Even when fronting my theater system, the RF-7's delivered without a single miss. THE CLARITY! THE PRECISION! THE SHEER IMMENSITY!! It all took me back. Most of all I suppose I was attracted to the fact that at one quarter the way on power, my speakers were blasting away sounds I could feel. It has been a few years since and I've picked up a 12 inch sub for effects and a whole barrage of other amps and equipment. I've entered the world of vinyl and have become very fond of it. Since I'm a huge fan of latin music I tend to appreciate the older recordings of salsa groups like Daniel Santos and La Sonora Matancera. Coming into this stage I realized that perhaps the RF-7's weren't exactly giving me what I wanted in the upper registers of music. I began my search again and having read this forum countless times, I started looking for Klipschorns. I'm fortunate to be in Southern California where K-Horns are plenty and I'm also very fortunate to have a spectacular set of corners; it all seemed to be working out. Eventually I realized finding an ugly set of K-Horns for a poor man's budget would be next to impossible. Luckily, I was elated to find a set of beat up Belles for a decent price and brought them home. This all brings to me to my current situation. The less-than Belles were a bit beat up: I've gone ahead and disassembled the mid, tweeter and taken out the frame for the two. I've also cleaned the cabs with fine steel wool and soapy water. I'll be happy with lookers at 20ft so i'm not too concerned with the veneer chips(at least not yet). My concern is that I have some Howards Restor-A-Finish in walnut (since I presume these are HWO) but I'm not sure if this is the proper way of restoring these. Would any one help with some ideas on how to make these look a bit better? Thanks!!!
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