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  1. celioguim

    Subwoofer choice

    Hello! Klipsch is running a black friday special for the R-120SW, going for $224 each. So, for $448.00 I can get 2 of them and place one on each side. I can also buy for $699 one R-115SW. What would you do? Is one 15 better than these two 12s? I'm leaning towards two 12s but I wanted to hear from you guys. I never heard these subwoofers. What should I do? :-) Thanks!
  2. Hello friends! I'm trying to find out how Klipsch speakers respond to classical music, opera etc. I'm planning to buy a complete set up for a surround system, Dolby Atmos with the RF-7's in the front, RC-64 III center channel etc. I read that those speakers are amazing when it comes to rock and rock, pop music etc, but I don't see many people talking about classical music. What it's your opinion? Thanks!
  3. celioguim

    Building a New House

    Thank you so much for all your answers, it indeed helped me. So I met with the contractor (he used to work doing sound systems installations) and he advised me to start with the pre-wiring of the room first and go from there. There's also a problem because where I want to TV to be, there's no left wall, it's kind of an open concept basement, so he suggested that we could do 6 in ceiling speakers, 4 R-1650CSM to perform as elevation Atmos speakers and 2 CDT-3650-C II to work as my surround speakers, he said that they can be tuned with a microphone / sensor. The front ones I'll invest on 2 RP front speakers, 2 15" subs and a RP450-CA as center speakers. What do you guys think?
  4. celioguim

    Building a New House

    Thanks for your answer. I want to keep the costs under control, anything that you add extra to the house costs soooooo much! I wanted to keep it simple, Atmos for sure with 4 ceiling speakers. 2 subs (15) and good front and surround speakers. I wish to keep it under 10K and have fun with it :-)
  5. celioguim

    Building a New House

    Hello Friends! We are buying a new home, modest but it will be a brand new construction and was wondering if you have any suggestion on how I could proceed with a home theater project. The main room in the basement will be 26-0 x 20-0. Now, the only speaker from Klipsch I've heard are the ones at Best Buy, they sound good but I wanted to listen to them for real. It seems that around Washington DC they don't have a show room. Based on everything I read and specially the YouTube videos, that's what I want for my home theater 9.2 or 11.2 all Klipsch. So, should I start the home theater project now during the construction or should I wait? I'm supposed to have a meeting with the person in charge of the electrical etc ... should I ask him? Will they overcharge me? Maybe one of went thru this process. Thanks in advance! Celio