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  1. Hello … I heard that the amplifier of the new model has been modified and improved, so many complaints about the R115SW going bad. I don't know what these people do to their subs, maybe they blast it to the extreme for too long? I don't know. I do own a R115SW and it's an amazing sub, no complaints about it, to the contrary. I mainly watch movies with my system and I love the way that the lower frequencies are dispersed equally in my theater room.
  2. Thank you so much for the reply. I actually took a couple pictures from the speakers and I’m so disappointed with the contractor ... and guess what? They are Klipsch authorized dealer 😕 they lied to me. I’ve got 2 speakers DS-160CDT instead of the 3650 and CS-16C II instead of the 1650 😕
  3. Hello Klipschonean frends :-) I need help! We just bought a brand new home and I had a contractor install 6 speakers in the celling, 4 1650 and 2 3650 for the rear. Today I decided to remove the grille and I don't know if they used the correct speakers and I wonder if someone could help me out because by the pictures I see online, they don't look the same. Please see attachment ... Can you recognize these speakers? The one with wires going in to the tweeter is supposed to be 1650's and the other a 3650. Thanks in advance ...
  4. Hello ... I recently got one ... my first one and because I didn't set it up correctly, my basement doors where shaking, everything was shaking ... JUST AMAZING! Never experienced such a powerful sound. Now it's all adjusted and the sound is amazing, best sub-woofer I've ever heard. Can't wait to get the second one :-)
  5. Hi, how's it going? Have you checked prices for Klipsch towers at World Wide Stereo lately? They are running a sale that ends 03/03/2019, I actually bought a couple of reference premier over Magnolia and they priced matched Word Wide Stereo prices. Check it out ... it might fit your budget if you are still looking to buy Klisch.
  6. Thanks everyone for all the inputs! I got one R-115SB for now, I'm planning to get the second one later. I don't want to blow it high, I'm looking for quality and quality alone ... but dam, I walked in to a Best Buy store last Sunday afternoon and they have a Klipsch set up in their studio 2 over the Magnolia section ... I kid you not, the store shelves were shaking and you could feel the trembling all around ... they have 2 R-115SB connected to their systems ... I was impressed! They were playing Star Wars Last Jedi if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Good morning! I just bought a set of RP-600M to start my project. I have 6 speakers up in the ceiling not and I saw at WorldWideStereo that these bookshelves are on promotion, couldn't pass them out :-) I hope they sound good :-)
  8. Hello! Klipsch is running a black friday special for the R-120SW, going for $224 each. So, for $448.00 I can get 2 of them and place one on each side. I can also buy for $699 one R-115SW. What would you do? Is one 15 better than these two 12s? I'm leaning towards two 12s but I wanted to hear from you guys. I never heard these subwoofers. What should I do? :-) Thanks!
  9. Hello friends! I'm trying to find out how Klipsch speakers respond to classical music, opera etc. I'm planning to buy a complete set up for a surround system, Dolby Atmos with the RF-7's in the front, RC-64 III center channel etc. I read that those speakers are amazing when it comes to rock and rock, pop music etc, but I don't see many people talking about classical music. What it's your opinion? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much for all your answers, it indeed helped me. So I met with the contractor (he used to work doing sound systems installations) and he advised me to start with the pre-wiring of the room first and go from there. There's also a problem because where I want to TV to be, there's no left wall, it's kind of an open concept basement, so he suggested that we could do 6 in ceiling speakers, 4 R-1650CSM to perform as elevation Atmos speakers and 2 CDT-3650-C II to work as my surround speakers, he said that they can be tuned with a microphone / sensor. The front ones I'll invest on 2 RP front speakers, 2 15" subs and a RP450-CA as center speakers. What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks for your answer. I want to keep the costs under control, anything that you add extra to the house costs soooooo much! I wanted to keep it simple, Atmos for sure with 4 ceiling speakers. 2 subs (15) and good front and surround speakers. I wish to keep it under 10K and have fun with it :-)
  12. Hello Friends! We are buying a new home, modest but it will be a brand new construction and was wondering if you have any suggestion on how I could proceed with a home theater project. The main room in the basement will be 26-0 x 20-0. Now, the only speaker from Klipsch I've heard are the ones at Best Buy, they sound good but I wanted to listen to them for real. It seems that around Washington DC they don't have a show room. Based on everything I read and specially the YouTube videos, that's what I want for my home theater 9.2 or 11.2 all Klipsch. So, should I start the home theater project now during the construction or should I wait? I'm supposed to have a meeting with the person in charge of the electrical etc ... should I ask him? Will they overcharge me? Maybe one of went thru this process. Thanks in advance! Celio
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