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  1. Should I be concerned the RW-5802 only goes down to 45Hz?
  2. Thanks for the reply. C stands for Ceiling. They are not in wall. And yes, the room does look odd, but as mentioned, it is fixed in this location (fireplace/windows/bookshelf/wife etc are all limiting the setup to its current location) I will try and stretch budget to 2 subs, but my main concern is the speaker selection for the fronts/centre. Any comments on my proposed choises?
  3. Hi there I'm hoping to replace my current speakers with Klipsch inwall stuff. I already have R-1650C for Surround and Atmos, so need recommendations for the front wall speakers .i.e Sub, Left,Right, and Centre. I was thinking possible a R-5502-W for Centre and pair with 2 x R-3650-W for left and right. For Sub, RW-5802. Questions? Do I need another sub or will one be ok for this listening area? Are these speakers well matched? See image for existing speaker locations and approx room size. Thanks for your help p.s due to other room items(fireplace/bookshelf, wife), this setup is reasonably well fixed in its current layout
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