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  1. Sweet! Thanks guys! I think I go for the RPs next time they are on sale.
  2. My current setup is two R-26F's, two SVS PB-1000's, and a Pioneer VSX-1130. I am debating on upgrading the R-26F's to the RP-260F's and I was wondering if the R-26F's would sound alright as surrounds. I have enough room to have both pairs of towers about equal distance from the listening position but I don't have the option of elevating the R-26F's. Eventually I plan on getting a center channel to match whatever towers I decide on (either R-25C or RP-440C). I don't have any issue with the R-26F's, but i have read so many people recommend the reference premiere line over the reference line that it has convinced me to consider upgrading. I can listen to the RP-260F's at a nearby London Drugs and I plan to do so soon! Would there be any concerns with having mismatching surrounds and mains? Thanks for any advice!
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