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  1. TFR1

    Bob Dylan

    Traveling last Friday listening to Sirius radio and heard the new Bob Dylan release. I would not claim to be an avid fan, but I do admire his creative genius. This is one that people will be trying to figure out for a long time.
  2. @david w. Thanks for the offer. I should have closed this thread many months ago when I acquired the K-42's i was in search of. Regards, Jerry
  3. TFR1

    Free JimJimbo

    @jimjimbo I am glad to hear that you had the connections to get the Prez to commute your sentence.
  4. TFR1

    RIP Kirk Douglas

    "I am Spartacus" May you rest in peace!
  5. @High_Noon Last Friday I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours in jimjimbo's listening room. The McIntosh MX110Z pre into the MC250 with the Heresy IIIs sound amazing. But don't reject the Jim's suggestion of a restored Fisher 500C. My 500C never fails to impress! Jerry
  6. @Randyh Yes, I did a thread on the refurb of my Cornwalls.
  7. @Randyh Fabric arrived folded in a square, inside of a 9x18 brown envelope. My dry cleaner used their "shirt press" to get the wrinkles out. Came out perfect! A big PIA. Jerry
  8. @qlder75 Here is the Ebay seller I mentioned. Jerry
  9. @qlder75 I made lambs wool grills for my Cornwall's last year. Attached are a couple of pics. IIRC a single piece of 36" x 55" did the job. The heritage Cornwall badge came from a Russian source on ebay. Good luck. Jerry
  10. Roger, Yes. As I posted earlier, if I were closer and could take a good look at them, I think 12 or $1300 would not be a bad price. Jerry
  11. Roger, Forgive me for not responding sooner. I have been battling some health issues for a few weeks and have not spent time on the forum for almost a month. Feeling better and finally catching up. I looked for my LSI's for a couple of years and feel lucky to have found a pair that the biggest job I have is re finishing the trim. They sound amazing. Did you see the pair in "Alerts!" that are in Milwaukee? Jerry
  12. I paid a bit more than your average price this past year. But after looking for 2 years, I found a pair about an hours drive from my house. They are not perfect, but the trim is all that needs work, and they sound great. The pair offered here are a bit overpriced, but they are fiberglass coated and if the trim is in good shape under the paint, I would not be afraid to pay $1200 for them. But I would not drive from Atlanta to Chicago to get them. Jerry
  13. Did you have to strip and polish the trim? It really looks in pretty god shape. Your finished product looks great!
  14. @jimjimbo guess I have been napping, just now noticed this preamp for sale. First, am I correct in understanding you have had your wizard fully restore it? Price is $1250? What amp would you suggest I might pair it with? Still mending, but must be getting better if I am looking for more gear. Jerry
  15. I like the way they look but trim needs paint removed. They have the makings of another beautiful pair of LSI's. If I were closer, I would take a good look. Jerry
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