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  1. I was so excited to open the boxes when I got home, I just sat the amp and pre on speakers, grabbed some cables. Jimjimbo provided some Emotiva cables that are now connecting my devices. Jerry
  2. When my Fisher 500C quit working last year, I began a search for a replacement tube amp. I was contacted by several Forum members with suggestions and some with equipment they would sell me. Jimjimbo was instrumental in my acquiring my new amp and preamp. Without his help, I would never have found this great equipment on my own. McIntosh MX110Z and a McIntosh 275, a match made in audio heaven.
  3. My first tube amp was a Fisher 500C. Great sound! Outputs for 2 sets of speakers and a center channel. I have a friend with both a Fisher 500 and a Scott 299C, they both sound great! No bad choice here. jerry
  4. @Metallo Recently I purchased an MC275 and a vintage MX110Z to drive my Cornwalls. The result was magical! My Cornwalls never sounded so good. I have a friend with an MC240 and a C22, also a spectacular pairing. Speak withe the guys at AudioClassics.com. They can give you the advice you seek. Good Luck, Jerry
  5. I thought forum rules for Garage Sale forum was no discussion RE: price. If you want to talk price, do it with a PM.
  6. My Fisher 500C has failed and I am in need of a replacement while I find a Technician that can repair the Fisher. I am open to suggestions. Please PM if you have a tube amp for sale or a suggestion for a place East of the Mississippi that can repair my machine. Jerry Atlanta, GA
  7. When I removed the access panel on my LSI's, They were gasketed and screwed. (bought from the original owner who claimed that they were completely original) I jumped to the conclusion that all LaScala's were constructed similarly.
  8. The OP's photo shows a new piece of plywood has replaced the original bottom panel. An original bottom has a lip, all the way around the opening that forms a surface for a gasket and a place for the screws to attach the "dog house" door to the bottom panel.
  9. This pic doesn't look like my LaScala. Mine have a removable panel that provides access to the Woofer.
  10. And a Happy April Fools Day to you @jimjimbo
  11. I have been a TurboTax user for more than 20 years, most of those years on my MacBook Pro. Great software!! Jerry
  12. TFR1

    Christmas Dinner

    Listening to Sirius XM channel 27, Deep Tracks, wrapping packages and getting ready to put some steaks on the grill later today. Merry Christmas to all. jerry
  13. @jimjimboSorry I was so slow to look! Congrats on the sale. All is well at my house. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!
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