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  1. TFR1

    Christmas Dinner

    Listening to Sirius XM channel 27, Deep Tracks, wrapping packages and getting ready to put some steaks on the grill later today. Merry Christmas to all. jerry
  2. @jimjimboSorry I was so slow to look! Congrats on the sale. All is well at my house. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!
  3. @oldtimer I believe I posited a question to start the thread, not a premise I believe the above is a valid premise. From my Cambridge English dictionary......" humanity noun (KINDNESS) C2 [ U ] understanding and kindness toward other people. I am not rejecting the voices of reason, I ask where they are.
  4. Our humanity is in question if good people sit by and do nothing. As an example, there are now and always have been bad cops. But the good out number the bad by huge percentages. Yet there are places in this country that are serious about dismantling their police forces. Where are the voices of the rational leaders in these communities?
  5. Friend of mine in Texas bought the 1953 Khorn for $1500 today. He has bid in on the other Khorn as well.
  6. Earlier this week I spent the day in the Hospital. The reason is not important, but the experience has been profound for me. Atlanta's Emory Hospital is a highly rated care facility. They have provided care for the indigent and Presidents. (in fact last fall I spent time there with President Carter and Roselyn when he was receiving brain cancer treatment, an amazing human being) Today was different though. In a room with 8 very sick people, I realized I was looking into the eyes of the dying, yet they hold tight to the hope that this treatment will save them. In them I saw my moms heroic losing battle with cancer. I saw my Dad, nearing his 95 birthday, alone in a nursing home, isolated from his family by COVID 19. We talk, but I can't put my arms around him, and tell him I love him. I saw a caring and compassionate group of caregivers that did not judge anyone by skin color, only their needs. A very gaunt Black man was helped into the room by his caring daughter and was seated next to me. We made eye contact and he greeted me with "Happy Father's Day". A special type of man! It is not a perfect world. Hateful people of all races continue to shoot, kill and loot on the streets of Atlanta, Chicago, New York, LA, Houston.............. But most of us have not lost our humanity. It's just that the ones that have seem to scream the loudest. Please engage with those around you. You may never know the difference you can make in one persons life.. Jerry I am not a country music fan, but in the 70's a College friend introduced me to John Prine. I remain a fan. This song has always been special, but is more meaningful today than ever.
  7. Certainly out of my budget, but look quite nicely preserved for their age.
  8. https://www.estatesales.net/TX/Dallas/75230/2537091
  9. TFR1

    Bob Dylan

    Traveling last Friday listening to Sirius radio and heard the new Bob Dylan release. I would not claim to be an avid fan, but I do admire his creative genius. This is one that people will be trying to figure out for a long time.
  10. @david w. Thanks for the offer. I should have closed this thread many months ago when I acquired the K-42's i was in search of. Regards, Jerry
  11. TFR1

    Free JimJimbo

    @jimjimbo I am glad to hear that you had the connections to get the Prez to commute your sentence.
  12. TFR1

    RIP Kirk Douglas

    "I am Spartacus" May you rest in peace!
  13. @High_Noon Last Friday I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours in jimjimbo's listening room. The McIntosh MX110Z pre into the MC250 with the Heresy IIIs sound amazing. But don't reject the Jim's suggestion of a restored Fisher 500C. My 500C never fails to impress! Jerry
  14. @Randyh Yes, I did a thread on the refurb of my Cornwalls.
  15. @Randyh Fabric arrived folded in a square, inside of a 9x18 brown envelope. My dry cleaner used their "shirt press" to get the wrinkles out. Came out perfect! A big PIA. Jerry
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