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  1. @Thaddeus Smith Sorry you are not feeling well today...... .but if you have to be home recovering, you have found some good stuff in the Tiny Desk Concerts. Sting, Florence & the Machine, Blue Man Group and Sesame Street, just to pick a few, always make me feel better. There are hundreds to choose from, easy to find something to make you smile.
  2. @Marvel A bit more than 30 years ago on a trip to the UK I was introduced to Scotch Whiskey. In Scotland, it is referred to as Whiskey. I have sampled many single malt Scotch whiskey's that have a flavor profile that closely resembles lacquer thinner. And a few that are truly "nectar of the Gods". Glenlivet 21, Balvenie Portwood, Glenfiddich 18, Macallan 25 all please my palate.
  3. TFR1

    No longer for sale

    @Bonzo If I did not already have the best tube amp imaginable, I would love to have this Scott. The Fisher 500C you sold me last year changed my listening experience in a way that is difficult to describe. Good luck with the sale. Jerry
  4. I do not drink heavily or often but George Dickel #12 is my American whiskey of choice. I am not a native Southerner, but an old friend introduced me to Tennessee Whiskey almost 35 years ago. It was an easy to love drink. But a 21 year old Glen Livet is still my preferred whiskey.
  5. @ricktate I am such a novice that I must ask, what problems are associated with a screw holding the inductor coil? I also do not know the functional differences between crossovers or why one is preferred over another.
  6. After 18 months of overly cautious searching, I have a pair LSIs' of my own. First set I listened to belonged to @jimjimbo. Like everything I have heard at Jim's, they were impressive. I let 3 or 4 pairs get away for a variety of reasons, but decided that the next I found would come home with me. As luck would have it, the were only about an hours drive. The trim is intact, but will need refinished. The cabinets are very nice and hopefully, with a lot of cleaning and polishing, I can make them beautiful. (SN 1294, 1295) Now, a couple of questions.....Is there a record of serial numbers and production dates?......Are the square magnet K77 tweeters correct?.......are the K55 push connect drivers correct? .....My horn section has "Klipsch" silkscreened in white between the tweeter and squawker but it was covered with a Klipsch badge. Is this correct? I have tested all the components and plan to power them up tonight. AA crossovers look original. I am sure capacitors need upgraded. Any suggestions are welcomed. Jerry
  7. @jimjimbo With possibly the exception of your McIntosh 275, my Fisher 500C makes the most pleasing sounds I have ever heard. The Marantz 8 that I heard was very nice. I need to audition side by side with my 500C to know it different is better. Maybe I should be satisfied, but I would like to try some different equipment. (Industrial LaScalas are still on my shopping list) I am building a new workshop and need some audio equipment to fill the 3000sf space with sound. Jerry
  8. I have been looking at a Marantz 8B or 8 amplifier. Had a chance to hear one locally that was not for sale. Thought it was a very nice sounding amp. There has been one for sale in Atlanta and I have found several on Ebay. I would love to hear from anyone that has personal experience with this amp. Last yearI fell in love with a Marantz 2285, then I could not resist the temptation of a Fisher 500C. ( thanks @Bonzo !! My listening experience has been forever changed) Should I resist the urge to find a vintage Marantz? Jerry
  9. @Pats3of4 I borrowed a router, bought a cutter, carefully measured and marked and mine came out fine. I have almost NO woodworking experience, but asked a lot of questions. Yes, it would have been easier to have been able to buy a motorboard, but it only took a couple of hours.
  10. When you find 60 year old women attractive.😍
  11. @jimjimbo Jim, I'm in Georgia if you are still looking.
  12. With all the Cornwall's that have been upgraded, I thought it would be easy to find "original" X- overs. Jerry
  13. @loudnproud Thanks for the response, I prefer a match to the one I have. I have not seen a X-over marked as you describe. I would like to see a picture. Jerry
  14. I am in need of one original 'B' crossover. I will take a pair but really need just one. My Cornwall's are 1979's and I want to have original parts. Yes, a recapped x-over is fine, but my first choice is "as delivered from factory". Thanks, Jerry
  15. These are about as clean as one will find, and a price that will be hard to beat. Good luck!
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