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  1. Maybe my wife is right

    Additional BEFORE pictures were not posted for fear of helping make my wife"s case. I am on my way to pick up a sheet of BB to try to get repairs made as soon as possible.
  2. I have some pretty good Cornwall's that I decided to refurbish. But will traveling in the frozen northern states last week, I found a pair of Cornwall cabinets that needed a good home. So yesterday was spent trying to prove to my wife that I am not crazy.(she suggested that they go into our 'Burn Pile'!) New motorboards will need to be made, and some repairs made at the bottoms, but after removing the black paint, I think they can be saved. Probably will add new Walnut veneer, but lots to do first.
  3. 8 ohm vs 4 ohm

    @ClaudeJ1 So are you saying that I can not use K-42 woofers on my Super Heresy project and expect them to perform like jimjimbos? Jerry
  4. Just a little help needed by this novice. Does the ohm rating of a speaker effect its performance characteristics? Will it change my crossover requirements? Speakers are K-42's
  5. WTB Pair of K42 woofers

    BUMP for K-42's
  6. Thanks Jim. I may take a drive and take a look. Less than an hour away.
  7. Has anyone been keeping up with western electric plans to reintroduce the 300B tube? Seems like I have heard this before. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2018/01/21/western-electric-announce-300b-to-re-enter-production-launch-of-new-amplifier/amp/
  8. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    I am very happy with Banana bread in lieu of any BitCoin compensation. I do apologize for including any reference to NUTS in my previous post, It had been a long cold day and this thin skinned southern boy doesn't think well in single digit temps.
  9. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    For anyone that may have followed the Industrial La Scala saga, I delivered them to @jimjimbo today. In the end jimjimbo did compensate me for the transportation of the LaScalas in banana nut bread. I am a lucky guy!
  10. WTB Pair of K42 woofers

    BUMP I promise to give them a good home!
  11. If you want to go the the technical /modifications section of the forum and scroll down until you find the thread started by ClaudeJ1 titled, Super Heresy1(baby Cornwall) and go to page 6 or 7, you will see photos of Heresy's I bought last week in Georgia for about $500. There is also a pair of walnut Heresy 1 on CL in Charleston, SC for $45O that look pretty good. Good luck with your sale.
  12. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    FWIW, when I picked up these LaScalas, the owner was a first class human being. I think I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet him and his family. My craigslist interactions have not always been so pleasant.
  13. @jimjimbo Just completed a purchase. The Crites horns may be a couple of months. The K600's that were offered will be here in a couple of days. These are that last pieces I need for the Cornwalls. Could not pass up the offer. How do I remove this WTB thread?