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  1. TFR1

    veneering tips needed

    @mopardave I applied edge banding. It was very easy to iron on. But using the veneer you have already purchased is a good idea. I would suggest that you miter cut the corners. All the Klipsch cabinets that I have seen veneered have 45degree miter cut corners. (I believe only the Raw Birch cabs have unfinished butt joints at the corners) jerry
  2. TFR1

    veneering tips needed

    @mopardave You are correct, this is not difficult to do. The details can be a pain in the butt. Just be very careful applying glue and trimming flush. You Cabinets will look great! Jerry
  3. TFR1

    veneering tips needed

    @mopardave I used a paper backed 22mil veneer. Jerry
  4. TFR1

    veneering tips needed

    @mopardave I used a solvent based contact adhesive. My expert suggested that water based adhesive would not adhere as well. The attached picture is just to show the tools I used. Only assembly aides not shown are 5 or 6 wooden dowels, about 3/8" diameter, that i used to keep the veneer from touching the cabinet while I aligned the veneer. Keep your overlaps small or your grain patterns will not match well. (I found that a 3/8" overlap worked for me.) It can be tricky to get everything just right. But just be patient and practice on some samples first. You can go back and review some of the thread i posted last year when I did my Cornwalls. It was not really a "how to" thread, but it might help. Good luck. Jerry
  5. I purchased a pair for my Cornwall's. https://www.ebay.com/usr/grossbjorn
  6. TFR1


    I took a good look at these speakers when I met Scallywagger last year. I purchased a pair of Heresy's from him for my "Super Heresy" project. If original condition is what you value, these are very special speakers at a very good price. Jerry
  7. TFR1

    College football 2018

    I tried to get into the Peach Bowl today. The security folks said I needed a ticket. I explained that I had driven 60 miles and was requesting asylum from all the relatives that were making my life miserable at home. I was told that they had rules to follow and without a ticket, I had to stay outside. I told them that I could not afford a ticket, but I really needed to get into the stadium. A security guard explained that if they let people in without tickets, there would be no room for the paying customers. That's why they build walls and post guards at the entrance. He also promised to arrest me if I did not leave. There are a lot of places that build walls/fences to keep folks out.
  8. TFR1

    College football 2018

    The news report here in Atlanta said the Coach was driving. He did not appear to be injured, but was admitted to Grady Hospital for observation after bystanders reported he was shouting "please let this be over", "please let this be over".
  9. TFR1

    Veneer surface order

    @Emile The only reason I applied the edge banding last was the banding I purchased had a very thick pre applied glue on the back side. I did a test on a scrap to see what looked best. When I applied the banding last, a very visible glue line appeared. When I applied the banding first, the veneer covered the glue line. I do think if I used more heat and pressure when attaching the banding, I may have been able to thin the glue line. But certainly, good results can be achieved either way.
  10. TFR1

    Veneer surface order

    My experience is limited to veneering my Cornwalls earlier this year. What I learned was, apply edge banding first, and the top panel last. The rest of the panels can be applied in any sequence. Good luck.
  11. The best news is that the SH's now are amazing. Its a bit like the Triumph triple motorcycle I bought in the late '70's. I had owned several Triumphs prior to this acquisition and thought I knew what I was doing. So after riding it for almost a month I complained to a friend that though the bike was nice enough and fun to ride, I told him that I thought my old bike was faster. I offered to let him ride it and see what he thought. Well 10 or 15 minutes later he returned. He was grinning ear to ear when he got his helmet off, exclaiming that it was a hell of a ride, especially when you get into 5th gear. I didn't know it had a 5 speed gearbox! Thanks for your support. In another 10 or 15 years I might figure this electricity thing out. Jerry
  12. @jimjimbo It is painful to admit what I did. Can not believe i did not short something out. First, I used the 'E' X-overs and installed original 4uf original caps. I then moved the taps to match a 'B' x-over.(I thought I did) First error was that I did not move the jumper to the B x-over configuration. So I ended up with an E network with a 4uf cap, taps moved, but still wired as an E network. Maybe I should stick to doing metalwork and leave the electricity to someone that understands what they are doing. Jerry ☹️
  13. @jimjimbo, @ClaudeJ1 I completed my Super Heresy mod months ago and have been pleased with the result. More recently though I have been frustrated with a perceived loss of performance. I decided to recap the X-overs. The problem did not go away. So after removing the cross overs again, I discovered two wiring errors on one network! The mistake did not surprise me as much as the fact that the "Supers" sounded so good before I discovered the error. After completing the repairs yesterday, it is difficult to describe how different the "Supers" sound. They are almost as impressive as my Cornwalls. (just like the listening experience I had at jimjimbo's last year) When I switched between Super's and Cornwall's the difference, at moderate sound levels, was so slight as to be barely discernible to my un trained ears. Then I decided to compare them side by side with my other pair of unmodified Heresy I's. The originals are underwhelming. (in comparison) I am currently getting a couple of cabinets ready for Claude's Super Cornwall project. The question for Claude is, will the performance change in the 'Super Cornwall' cause me to be underwhelmed with my Cornwall I's? Thanks to both of you for improving my listening experience. Jerry
  14. TFR1

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    I like both versions.