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  1. TFR1

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    I vote NO. Cabinets are trashed and electronics do not like getting wet.
  2. @Marvel If you would like company on a tour, I'm in. I am less than an hour away. Let me know if you get something arranged. Jerry
  3. @Dave A My guess is that the seller lives on a street having a pot hole repaired. He probably got the road crew to give him a bucket seal coat that he applied with a roller to the LaScala. It is now suitable for any outdoor event, rain or shine!
  4. I'm not sure anyone could ever get all the ugly off of this LaScala. Looks worse than the Alabama 'minty' Cornwall's @jimjimbo found yesterday.
  5. TFR1

    For your viewing pleasure....yikes

    Not to far from me. Maybe I should go take a look. He does describe them as mint and includes 3 pictures. Why not trust the seller?
  6. TFR1

    Death & Eternity

    What feels like an eternity ............. Waiting for a grand child to fall asleep. Being placed on hold and having to listen to bad music. Waiting for the IT guy to get the server back up with an office full of people that cannot function without a computer. Sitting in the emergency room with an injured child waiting for the doctor. Seriously though, eternity is a concept that the human mind cannot comprehend. Just look at the stars on a moonless night in a place void of light pollution. The stars in the sky are uncountable. Space appears to be infinitely large to us mortals who can feel so infinitely small. Time has no meaning in the concept of eternity.
  7. TFR1

    Please respect John McCain and his legacy

    Seven years ago this week my Mom died of the same Glioblastoma brain cancer. Helplessly watching someone battle this cancer is heartbreaking. Senator McCain bravely faced more adversity in his life than most, and he did so with courage beyond my comprehension. Let us agree that this country has lost a real patriot, and forget for the moment that we may not have always agreed with his politics. jerry
  8. TFR1

    Song of the day....Aug 21, 2018

    An if you really want to have a stiff drink and think about how bad it is.... CCR can help you with...
  9. TFR1

    Song of the day....Aug 21, 2018

    I have played a bit of Three Dog Night today......
  10. TFR1

    SOLD: Pair of Good K-42's

    PM sent
  11. Saying I do not find them attractive is not the same as saying they are Ugly. As in all things "...........eyes of the beholder" Jerry
  12. Roger, I will keep my eyes open for a good deal on a pair of Chorus II's. Then when I meet you, we can have a great conversation. Jerry
  13. @twistedcrankcammer I'm sure I do not have your experience, your equipment or your ear. I have very little experience with higher end audio equipment. But I am not offended. What I have is a pair of 70's Cornwall's that look and sound amazing to my ears. Total investment.......a little over $700. I like their proportions, the front porting and the beautiful walnut veneer. As I gain more experience, I may change my opinion, but for the moment, I will keep my Cornwalls. FWIW, Jubes might sound spectacular, but I do not find them attractive. Form is as important as function. Jerry
  14. @ClaudeJ1 Claude, After hearing @jimjimbo Super Heresy's, it was hard to imagine so much sound coming from such a small package. I thought I knew the sound a Heresy I produced. Jimjimbo has such a collection of speakers, I thought he was just screwing with me! All that sound could not have come from a pair of Heresy cabinets. It did not take me very long to find a pair of donor cabinets, but took a while to find a pair of K-42's. The reward is in the listening. I like using the standard Cornwall's and the Super Heresy's at the same time. The wall of sound is enjoyed by the whole neighborhood. I also like the sound of jimjimbo's LaScala Split Industrials. But the Cornwalls are more pleasing to my wife's eye. (Here ears don't care that much) Your effort to improve our listening pleasure is greatly appreciated. Jerry
  15. @ClaudeJ1 I really enjoy my refurbished Cornwall I's, but if you can 'super charge' the Cornwall package and get a similar performance increase we received with the "Super Heresy" mods, then sign me up. I have a pair of Cornwall I cabinets waiting for your instructions. Jerry