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  1. I have looked at a variety of 300b amps online over the past few months, but have not yet heard one. Does anyone want to offer suggestions about a specific maker? Is a DIY project an option?
  2. Revox CD player advice

    @dubai2000 @WillyBob I can solder a little. Certainly well enough to not burn things up. If the process is take off a cap and replace with a new one, I can do that. But I have no electronics background. Reading the lampizator's description of his B 225 mods was like reading a foreign language. Fear is not a problem. Lack of knowing what I should reasonably attempt is my problem. I am going to the service shop I spoke to in Atlanta tomorrow ad see what they think. I will then decide about purchasing the cap and power supply parts. One step at a time. Jerry
  3. Revox CD player advice

    @dubai2000 Thanks for suggesting that I look up Lampizator. HE seems to like my Revox B225. Now I must find someone that can perform his conversion. It is above my skill level. jerry
  4. Unobtanium

    A 21 year old makes me very happy in so many ways. Expensive enough to keep me from over indulging, and affordable enough to always satisfy my urges. Don't tell my wife, but Glenlivet is my 2nd love.
  5. Revox CD player advice

    @richieb In 1985, this Revox CD player retailed at about $1500. My perceptions of the sonic quality of the machine are likely influenced by what I paid for it. I will take it to Wizard Electronics for an estimate. Parts cost alone to replace all caps and power supply parts is about 150 Euros. Labor is $65/HR. Certainly can buy a good NEW CD player for less money.
  6. Revox CD player advice

    @WillyBob Wizard Electronics will take a look at it for me. They made me laugh by asking if I had a "sentimental attachment" to the player. They said it might be more expensive to fix than to replace. Thanks all for getting me started in the right direction. Jerry
  7. Revox CD player advice

    I made my first trip to your part of the world in 1969. My uncle was in the Air Force at Davis Monthan AFB. He arranged for me to spend the day at an ICBM missile silo in the desert not to far from you. You live where it's a long way to anywhere.
  8. Revox CD player advice

    @WillyBob I am in Atlanta. No luck searching. Any advice??
  9. Revox CD player advice

    @WillyBob My Great Grandfather was a blacksmith in rural Iowa in the 1890's. Didn't have reliable electricity service until WW2. I have always used that as the reason I'm more comfortable swinging a big hammer to solve problems and am so baffled by how electricity works. It is easier being in the dark.(figuratively and metaphorically) Jerry
  10. Revox CD player advice

    I do appreciate all the good suggestions. I have no fear taking apart a Vincent Motorcycle, but circuit boards and electronic components are things that seem to leak smoke every time I work on them. I have never developed a skill set that includes a way to get the smoke back in. DeOxit is a good start, but I have only used it on rotary switches. A cleaning disc probably can't hurt either. Buying a new one is easier yet. Jerry
  11. Revox CD player advice

    @babadono I have no way of knowing what is wrong with the unit. I do not know what or how to test? It functions mechanically and music does play. I would be happy to send to a shop for service if I could find someone in the USA. Jerry
  12. Revox CD player advice

    I bought a B-225 Revox CD player new in the 1980's. It preformed perfectly for many years. After a move in 2005, I packed it away. Now with my revived interest in quality sound, I decided to plug it into my "new" system. It works but it sounds terrible. I have found a supplier in Europe that will sell me all the caps. Problem is that it would be a 'fools errand' for me to attempt this repair. Can anyone suggest a technician that might be able to service this type of gear? I have done a good bit of internet searching without results. jerry
  13. I only want to jump in to say that after hearing Claude's Super Heresy's at Jim's 3 months ago, I was just completely amazed at the sound. Claude has been generous in offering design information that has allowed me to construct my own Super Heresy's. They sound great! @ClaudeJ1 and @jimjimbo made all of this possible. All I had to do was follow instructions. Jerry
  14. Maybe my wife is right

    @KROCK Busied myself with alloy gas tank this weekend. I am happy with the result. Lots of final sand and polish to do. A little business traveing this week. Finishing will need to wait till next week. I apologize for cluttering this forum with some of my other hobbies. I will not abuse this forum any longer with my non klipsch interests. If anyone is curious, just send a PM. Jerry
  15. Maybe my wife is right

    I have been a TOP fan since my college days. I will look for the DVD. It is not in my collection.