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  1. Well I my mind was made up. I was going to get the La Scala speakers. Then last night I read the forum on "La Scala: King of imaging in the Heritage Line?" and a bunch of other subjects. It seems that most of y'all own the Khorns and feel they are the best of all. Many of you guys seem to feel the La Scala are a little lacking in the bass response and I like a good bass response. So maybe I should save a little longer and get the Khorns??? Is a room that is 19 x 15 w/ 8 ft ceiling big enough for khorns? I do have two good corners I could put them in. I would hate to go 85% of the way to a dream I had since I was about 14 yrs old (to own khorns & a Marantz receiver w/ the silver face & blue lights - only now I want a tube amp) and then stop short and regret it. I thought the La Scala would sound very close to the thorns with the added benefit of placement freedom (to a certain degree). What to do?
  2. That VPI intergraded amp is the best looking piece of audio equipment I have ever seen. If it sounds as good as it looks, Heavenly Angels will appear before you playing music.
  3. WOW!!! I'm learning all kinds of stuff reading this discussion. And y'all are so civil with each other. I had almost gotten use to a couple guys that would always get rude & personally attack each other when discussing anything at all. It's really nice to find a forum where people are polite and can disagree & stay respectful. Bravo guys!
  4. First, THANKS - YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! VERY HELPFUL - Even helping me find the speakers! Well it's unanimous - La Scala, La Scala, La Scala!!! That was easy. I was hoping that would be the one. Now I know what I want and it's just a matter finding a good deal within about 7 hours drive from New Orleans. I already found a pair in Florida that is priced low enough that I can afford to ship them. I waiting to see if they will be willing to ship them. I told him to just strap a moving blanket over them & put them on a truck heading my way. Just like you would to any large furniture one would need to move. The only issue is that a giant hurricane (biggest ever recorded) is heading right at him and he is a little busy getting the hell out of Dodge. And I know how that feels. I lost my house & everything in it when the levee broke after Katrina in 2005. "Mean ol' levee taught me to weep & moan". Let's all pray for him & not because I want his speakers. Keep the post coming. I'm learning lots of stuff. You guys are GREAT!!!
  5. After many years of Martin Logans powered by Krell, I desire a pair of Klipsch Heritage powered by a tube amp. A good friend has Klipschhorns with a McIntosch 275 tube amp and it sounds incredible! His room is about 26 x 17 ft. with 9 ft ceilings. My room is about 19 x 15 feet with 8 ft ceilings. I'm trying to decide between the La Scala, Cornwalls, & Fortes. It must sound close to my friends system. I am a musician and would also like to use them as a PA system just for vocals at my house for rehearsals, but mostly as a great 2 channel audio system. I'll be getting a used pair and I'll probably have to do a lot of driving because there aren't any here in New Orleans and none of the sellers want to ship. BUT which ones should I get? I don't really know. Would y'all be so kind as to give me some pros & cons of either the La Scala, Cornwall, or Fortes? Or a Pro Audio version if they sound as good. Should I even consider the Heresy? They are easy to find around here for about $400. I have also seen the Forte for about $450. The Cornwalls are harder to find and run about $800. The La Scalas are even harder to find & require a road trip to pick up and start at about $1200 & go up from there. But I want the one that will be best for me even if I have to pay more and do a bit of driving to get. But again, what do y'all think would most make me happy? Those are the ones I want. So from all your experience, which pair of Klipsch Heritage speakers should I get and why? And then I need to know what tube intergraded amp to get as cheap as possible. Thank all of you in advance.
  6. Did you sell them? I hope you did not get flooded from hurricane Harvey. GOOD LUCK
  7. I really like the the custom finishing job, even though it brings the price down just a bit. If you were close to me I'd probably buy them from you. I want to build a new system around a pair of Klipsch (either La Scala, Cornwall, or Forte). I want to mate them up with a little tube amp & a good turntable and start listening to the 3000 LPs from the 70's that have made made life hell every time I moved over the last 30 years. But shipping to New Orleans would probably too high, so I will just wish you luck & envy the person that ends up with them. GOOD LUCK
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