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  1. Thxs for the quick replies.Yes i screwed up and made a typo haha. Meant to say rf82ii and now instead of not this made me laugh quite a bit. I will check out Frys, also i live in South Carolina.
  2. Hello, this is my first post as a new member. I recently bought 2 rc82ii speakers and am amazed with them. I already had a rc10 center but recently i feel the center could be better. Last night i was watching Game of Thrones and set it to stereo to compare the voices to the center and it is just so much more crisp/clear then the rc10, its almost as if there is to much midrange on the center speaker. Oh im using a onkyo txnr609 receiver btw. My question is will i see a noticable difference to the rc10 if i got the rc62ii? I made this post cause i didnt see anyone else making such a question prob cause of the time gap. Either way im not a great fan of Klipsch speakers. Speaker lineup Fr rf82ii Center rc10 Rear suround mts 2208 towers Rear back r14m
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