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  1. Hi all, Would like to hear your thoughts on Dolby Atmos Ceiling speakers for a THX Ultra 2 capable setup. I am running the older KS-525 THX as the surrounds still but have replaced my KL-650 fronts (moved to the rear now with one sold off) with JTR speakers. The timbre match between front and sides have not bothered me especially after room correction software is applied and I do think in dynamics the JTR's have the edge on the Klipsch. However moving into Atmos now I am somewhat confused as according to Dolby, ideally you want ceiling speakers with wide dispersion. This would indicate that the Klipsch Pro-7502-S-THX with the WDST technology should be a better fit than the more directional Pro-7502-L-THX speakers. As both of these speakers are somewhat of a large investment especially when purchased in a multiple of 4, I'm trying to do as much research into this before dropping the coin. I have spoken to the local Klipsch rep, and surprisingly they said the Pro-7502-L-THX with horns aimed toward the listening position is his choice due to wanting to localise Atmos channels. From my understanding of it, this would seem to be against the Dolby labs guidelines as the horns would be somewhat more directional in nature than the 180 degree coverage (I think) offered by the WDST technology. I thought that WDST was meant to be able to give a sense of ambience (the bipolar firing direction of the horns) whilst still being able to localise sounds (the in phase tuning of the woofers). With my side speakers, that is certainly what I have noticed all these years which is why I am reluctant to replace them with monopoles. Cheaper alternatives that I am considering are the RSL C34E in ceiling speakers which seem to get many positive reviews but I am concerned that they would not be able to keep up dynamically with the JTR and Klipsch THX Ultra 2 setup that I currently have. Also KEF have in ceiling THX Ultra 2 speakers with their UniQ coaxial technology the Ci200RR-THX, but I am worried that the timbre match with my system may be too far out and at their price point I can already buy 4 of the RSL C34E's which would solve my atmos woes for now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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