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  1. Hi Bill - I read the thread you posted - thank you for sharing it. Very interesting. I take it the receiver you were using for your experiment was utilizing "Discrete Amplifier Channels"? The dual amp and triple amp drive technology graphics you posted make me think maybe this is the case? Appreciate your help here - I'm definitely interested in trying this with my receiver - wonder if I'll have similar results. Thanks! T
  2. So... I posted my question here and then (luckily) convinced the wife to let me make the purchase on the existing 450c (cherry) which I ordered from a local Magnolia later that evening - so things worked out! Should be here in 3 weeks. Good to have an answer to this question tho for sure - appreciate your help MLO! T
  3. Hi all Ok...I know the tendency that this topic has to start a flame war / massive debate. This isn't my intent. Just a curiosity I was thinking about recently as I discovered that my receiver uses "discrete amp channels". And I wondered if there were marginal benefits to be had from bi-amping (or bi-wiring, I think some would probably prefer I call it.) Basically, if I run 2 sets of speaker cables from my receiver - 2 amp channels per speaker - remove the jumper from the binding posts - into the 2 sets of binding posts on my speakers - would this offer any gain in performance, since my receiver is employing "discrete amp channels"? Just curious people's thoughts - always trying to learn more and get the most out of my equipment. Thanks in advance! T
  4. Ha - thank you! And I haven't received the speaker yet - should be shipping to me in the next few weeks. Very excited. I haven't met Randy, no, but I'm always interested in meeting fellow Klipsch / HiFi enthusiasts! Thanks Schu!
  5. Will be joining my RP-160m mains and RW-115sw in our family room. Next (and final?) step is to install in-ceiling rears for a 5.1 system (the family room is open to the kitchen without a good back wall to mount rear speakers.) But maybe I'll have to investigate power amps too.... 😀
  6. Hi all - not trying to hijack the thread - I've been doing some searching over the past couple weeks and I'm glad someone is addressing the new RP line, as I've had some questions...so...if it's ok to ask here: Does anyone know if this new RP line is going to be timbre matched to the old RP line? I have a set of RP-160m's for my mains and I'm worried that I have to hustle to purchase an RP-450c or RP-250c center before they all go out of stock everywhere - will the new RP centers be timbre matched to my mains? Or...are they using different components to where this would not be advisable? Thanks! T
  7. +1 on the RP-160m's + Sub option. It is what I have - sub is the R-115sw - and I can attest it is a very capable system. Best of luck in your hunt!
  8. So it's been about a month and you're right, as I keep dialing it in, it keeps sounding better and better. We watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2" as a family and the super low bass in that film was AWESOME. And it's really impressive for music - crazy to describe a 15" sub as "tight" or "quick" - but it is.
  9. Growing up my dad had some speakers, a turntable and receiver, but never anything nice. I remember he had some 2 channel JVC receiver driving a pair of 3 way KLH speakers with 8 inch woofers. I think they were KLH 311's like these: I got a JVC boom box for Christmas when I was 10 or 11 years old or so and then asked for another set of speakers and got these (pretty sure - based on a google image search and fading memory only) KLH AV1001B I used to run both the speakers that came with the boom box and the KLH bookshelf's off the same channels on the boom box - thought it made it louder that way - LOL. Once I was in highschool and had some (albeit minimal) cash, I found a Technics SA-310 receiver at a garage sale for 10 bucks and some Speaker Lab S2 speakers for like $30. I used to run my portable CD player's headphone out into the rca input on the back of the receiver to listen to my music. LOVED that system - my mom hated it. Man, I still miss those speakerlab speakers. Just this last year I called around to my family members to see whatever happened to them, but, unfortunately, they're long gone - no one knows. It could be nostalgia (probably is) but I'd love to AB them against what I have today to see if they sound as good as I remember. Being into recording music, I got a pair of KRK V8 Series II's - powered desktop monitors with 8 inch woofers. I got them when I was in college and have had them for probably more than 10 years. These are not the rockits - very nice - flat frequency response. Detailed. Love these things. I currently use them in my office daily. Additionally, I have a surround system (with mostly cheap speakers) connected in the playroom - Yamaha HTiB speakers for center and surrounds and Polk T15's for left and right and a Klipsch R12-SW. This system is driven by a Yamaha TSR-5810 receiver. Finally, the main system - and my most recent acquisitions - are in the living room: 2 RP-160m's and a R-115sw driven by a Yamaha TSR-7810 receiver. Lots of plans for future acquisitions - the hobby is alive and well!
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to share my enthusiasm with the community for my recent purchase of the Klipsch R-115sw. It arrives in a little over a week and I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I'll be pairing this with my RP-160m mains in our large family room which opens to the kitchen and dining room. This is replacing an R-12sw (which will be moving up to the play room, where I have a surround set up I'm slowly building.) Anyway, cheers. Stoked to get this beast into my space and hear how it sounds! T
  11. This is the best that I can come up with in the manual. I see the "2-channel driven" but then I suppose it's confusing that it lists all 7 channels in the lowest section... Appreciate the dialog! So you would assume that the "all channels driven" number is much lower than the stated 80w or 95w?
  12. Very helpful. What if the receiver in question has dedicated amp channels (I believe mine does, although I could be mistaken.) My receiver is rated at 80wpc (probably @ 2 channels driven, like you mention.) Thanks! T
  13. @The History Kid - hey man - another question for you, if you don't mind answering. I've been reading up on this a bunch, trying to familiarize myself with the topic (holy smokes does it get in-depth pretty quickly.) If what I'm trying to achieve through "bi-amping" (if we can call it that - "passive bi-amping" might be a better term for it, no?) is to double my effective power by running 2 amps per speaker, can that be achieved by procuring wire that goes from 4 banana plugs to 2 and leaving the jumpers in place at the speaker? Or...as I might have read elsewhere (not sure anymore...) will I still be impeded by the max load on any ONE amp channel - which will distort based on the low end frequencies. Basically, I'd only be saving a nominal amount of headroom by running this AVR "bi-amp" configuration - whatever headroom is gained by the low end amp channels not having to drive the high end drivers? Do I have things decently sorted? Thanks for your time! T
  14. I hear you @totalcomfort - thanks and thanks all for the warm welcome!
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