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  1. Thank you for all your excellent and up to date information! I decided to move up to the Cornwall IIIs, and I am rethinking my finishes. Thanks!
  2. Maybe I will get the Cornwall III's to match better the Heresy III center speaker, sonically and aesthetically with the darker cherry stain. That will definitely prevent me from deciding to add a subwoofer later, and I doubt I will regret buying the Cornwalls down the road. 😊
  3. I definitely want the Heresy III for the center. This changing of the Forte III Cherry stain is disappointing. The Klipsch people answering my questions do not seem to be aware of the new lighter cherry stain, nor do they seem to understand the different grills. 🙁
  4. Thanks to all you who gave me advice! Here is the reply I got from Klipsch: Dear Michael, Hi Michael,The Walnut, Cherry, and Black Ash finishes are the same on all Heritage line speakers.Any of those finishes will match and they will have the same grill.Hope this is helpful, Is the new cherry not as dark as the old cherry stain ? That is what I was going to order. I do not want black or a light stain - the cork floor I am putting in next week is a whitewashed wood color - almost off-white. Mike
  5. Custom cherry Forte III

    So what would you charge to custom finish 2 new Forte IIIs and 1 new Heresy III?
  6. I have decided on Forte IIIs for my new music room (converted game room). I will have a large screen TV on the wall, and a Heresy III for the center speaker. We will probably spend half the time listening to 2-channel music (TV off), and the other half watching TV with center channel. This decision is made, so please do not try to talk into something different (we already have a media room for movies - 7.1). My question is this: For aesthetics, what are the possible matching finishes/grills to match the Forte IIIs with the Heresy III? I am open to any color / style. Will there be a matching problem? Can I order from the factory and customize the three speakers to meet my wishes? What are the options for me? Thanks! Really looking forward to listening, but I want them to look great, too!
  7. For some reason, I have my heart set on IIIs, and the technical advantages they should have. I'm not looking for someone my age. I want a trophy speaker pair.
  8. Thanks for your responses! I had no idea the "real stereo" stores have nearly died out. My old "listening room" is still alive in Saginaw, MI (I lived nearby in Midland): https://www.hifishoppesaginaw.com/quality-products. It amazes me that I cannot find a similar store in Houston! BTW, I walked into the one store I found in Houston, the salesperson asked what I was looking for, and I said at the top i=of my listening list is Klipsch, and he replied that I could find those at Target. So I asked what brand of speakers he had, and he replied that they only carried B&W. So I replied with a "they certainly are the trendiest speaker of the month these days, aren't they?" My daughter is waiting for me to pick the speakers so she can start her design - no one is changing my mind on that. But she wants to learn about speaker placement and his to design and arrange the room for optimum listening experiences. We will learn together. She is guessing that half of her potential customers will be like me and be very involved and experimental to get the right sound and will work closely with the architect, but the other half will not, so she wants to design music rooms that get the basics right, at least. She grew up listening to my 70s music, and she asked to use my old LPs to frame and decorate her bedroom when she lived here, so I think is the right person for the job. Speaking of old, I just got an SPL meter to help me balance my speakers (I do have a media room that needs a little work), and I am learning just how noisy / quiet my house is in different room, and out here on the patio. Our backyard lines up to rail tracks, and I learned last night our noise was 73 dB when the diesels went by, and 66 dB with just the railcars rattling by. 38 dB when the train was gone (cicadas in the distance). Also, when I use the lawn mower and edger and blower today, I will take measurements. I need to protect my hearing now so I can enjoy my speakers 10, 20 years from now.
  9. I am turning our 2nd floor "game room" into a music listening room - it is 16'x20', and my architect daughter is helping me design the room - I am looking for an old school minimalist look, maybe with some 70s flair. The Heritage line speakers "look" perfect for the room, but f course I need to hear them. At first, I thought the Heresy IIIs would be great, but I want to listen to them and some of the bigger ones, like the Forte III and the the Cornwall III. I thought living near the 4th largest city in the US, Houston, I would be able to find a Klipsch dealer with these speakers to listen to them, but I have come up empty-handed. One store that is a Klipsch dealer near me does not want to spend all that money for floor models to listen too. Using Google, I have come up with nothing. Seems like every "home stereo" store is a Home Theater installer, and some promising stores are not open on weekends! Where are the good old high end music stores I remember from the 70s though the 90s? Can anybody here help me find a place? Thanks! I am attaching the measurement of my room. PS - my daughter is consulting with audio experts in Philly - she wants to learn about this because she thinks a bunch of old guys like me (56) are going to be doing the same thing when their children leave their homes. I think she is right. I want to choose the speaker first - everything else will be "standard" size, but the speakers can vary a lot. I do not want the modern "tower" speakers because they do not look 70s.