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  1. Thought I would do an update. I sanded the top of the pictured speaker above and reoiled it with Watco medium walnut. It turned out to match the color almost perfectly. (Although I would say the wood grain is a lot more defined and looks richer. I am considering doing all sides to match. The original finish has a clear coat to protect it, what are everyone's thoughts on adding a clear coat after the watco? Any recommendations on products to use. Also by the way I sanded with 200grt paper to take off the original finish and 400grt to make it super smooth and nice feeling. Im not sure if this is typical but the veneer is almost 1/8" thick and I didn't have to take off much to get down to the wood on the top.
  2. Sounds like I should keep them Walnut... The Wife probably won't like this but I'm also going to change the grill fabric so they will blend a little better with everything else I have. The damage is not bad at all on either. There isn't any wood warping only the top surface is a little rough; all other sides are in fantastic condition. I think with some light sanding and refinish they should look like new. I'm also planning to do the Crites Crossover's and Titanium diaphragms. They sound pretty great as the are I can't even imagine how fantastic they will sound after. Listening Booker T and the M.Gs on vinyl I could swear I am standing right next the the Leslie if i close my eyes... Thanks for the response. This is my first venture into something in the Heritage linage of Klipish so I am pretty excited.
  3. I purchased a pair of excellent Forte 1's with some typical water ring damage on the tops. I would like to Refinish these but I am having trouble deciding what wood they are. To me they look like Walnut or Cherry wood thoughts? Also I would like to refinish them in a distressed oak like finish would this hurt the value. (I am fairly skilled with wood finishing and have produced server pieces of furniture but never refinished speakers.) I also plan to rebuild the crossovers and upgrade the tweeters. Also the paper tags are long gone so I can't look up the codes.