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  1. Help identifying Klipsch Forte 1's Wood Type

    Sounds like I should keep them Walnut... The Wife probably won't like this but I'm also going to change the grill fabric so they will blend a little better with everything else I have. The damage is not bad at all on either. There isn't any wood warping only the top surface is a little rough; all other sides are in fantastic condition. I think with some light sanding and refinish they should look like new. I'm also planning to do the Crites Crossover's and Titanium diaphragms. They sound pretty great as the are I can't even imagine how fantastic they will sound after. Listening Booker T and the M.Gs on vinyl I could swear I am standing right next the the Leslie if i close my eyes... Thanks for the response. This is my first venture into something in the Heritage linage of Klipish so I am pretty excited.
  2. I purchased a pair of excellent Forte 1's with some typical water ring damage on the tops. I would like to Refinish these but I am having trouble deciding what wood they are. To me they look like Walnut or Cherry wood thoughts? Also I would like to refinish them in a distressed oak like finish would this hurt the value. (I am fairly skilled with wood finishing and have produced server pieces of furniture but never refinished speakers.) I also plan to rebuild the crossovers and upgrade the tweeters. Also the paper tags are long gone so I can't look up the codes.