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  1. Thanks Bill, appreciate the input. Want to stay away from used equipment as this has bitten me in the past. looking to spend about 1K. I may research the Outlaw 5000 as well.
  2. Hello all, Looking to get some input on a good 5 channel amp to run with KLF 20 mains, KSB 2.1 surrounds and KSC C5 center. I'm currently using 5, Marantz MA 500 monos and they seem to have lost some of their punch, probably need recapping. I'm using a Rotel RSP 1068 pre/pro in addition to a Rotel RCD 971 cd player and an Oppo UDP 203. The KLF 20s recently had Crites upgrades and brought new life to the mains. I was looking at the Emotiva Basx A-5175 or the Marantz MM7055. Anyone have any experience with these amps or thoughts on how they would match up with the above mentioned speaker set up? Thanks in advance foe any input.
  3. Damping is only around the tweeter and mid drivers from the factory. I have installed new crossovers from Bob Crites, completely replacing the stock crossover.
  4. Any thoughts on the best material for internal damping for a KLF20 woofer section. Ive recently upgraded the crossovers, tweeter and mid drivers. Added extra bracing and have them out as far as possible into the room. They sound great with the upgrades, however, Im getting more boomy bass than I remember. Should I add damping to the woofer area? Should I damp all four internal walls? What would work best for this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all, I had posted about a KLF 20 rattle about 2 weeks ago. I want to say thanks for the input. What I thought would be lose baffles turned out to be lose spiders on 3 of the 4 woofers. A little loctite fixed this up. During my search on this forum, one name kept keep coming up for additional upgrades, Bob Crites. Thanks for the awesome tips. I contacted Bob and soon realized I want to do business with a man like him. He replied to every email and question I had. 3 days after I ordered new crossovers and Ti tweeters they were at my door. Finished up the install today, cleaned and buttoned everything up. WOW!!!! Brand new 20 year old speakers. Highs soar with a Chet baker trumpet solo and Jaco Pastorius fretless electric or Ray Browns acoustic bass is deep and tight. Great to know there is a forum like this to get pointed in the right direction. looking forward to another 20 years of music enjoyment. Thank you Bob and thank you all. Regards.
  6. So I pulled the woofers to get a good look inside the cabinet. All seemed tight and intact. Upon further inspection I noticed the spider is coming loose from the basket. Unglued in some areas, not all the way around, causing the rattle. Any advice on re gluing the spider to the basket? What adhesive to use? Thanks in advance for the input
  7. I want to thank everyone for the input. I will start this project this weekend and share the results. Are the dust screens at the back of the woofer easily removed if in fact they have been knocked loose and would this removal compromise the performance? great forum with lots of helpful info. Until the repair is complete I will be limited to the headphone system. Woo audio WA3 with a tube compliment of Western electric 421a and 1959 vintage Mullard 6922s. Music hall 25.2 and for the phones, heavily modified AKG 701s and custom Grados with Ypsilon drivers. All completed by myself here at the house. IMHO, a great system.Thanks again for the guidance everyone.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Even with the panels seeming tight it would still cause a rattle? Would added extra bracing be a good way to go as well? Ive noticed some posts that would suggest this. Im not afraid to tackle this job,want to be sure and do the research before hand.
  9. Hello, new to the forum and looking for advice. I have a pair of klf20s I purchased new in 1997. They have been great until recently when Ive noticed a rattle with lower notes, bass lines, etc. Ive read much info about this being a cabinet issue with the this model. At first i thought it was a bad woofer in the left speaker then I noticed it with both woofers and in the right speaker as well. Both front and rear panels seem intact and tight. Could this rattle be coming from the bracing inside? Is the repair outlined in this forum a good way to go even if the baffle panels seem tight? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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