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  1. They are big speakers and sort of big drivers so you get sort of a big sound (which is what I was looking for) - BUT they were boring and did not really do anything special. Sort of bland speakers that looked cheap and had sort of cheap drivers and I never could get the grills (which I paid for on the front end - he actually stopped replying to our thread once the sale was made). This is in my humble opinion of course. Others may like them or love them and a lot of people do based on the internet forums etc. Just not my cup of tea. Getting back to my grass roots - Klipsch!
  2. Actually I think putting it on here spurred my neighbor to go ahead and pull the trigger. But sorry anyway
  3. I have a pair of Tekton Design Enzo XL speakers. In black. They do not have grills. I found that they were not what I was looking for. They are about a year old. Unfortunately I do not have the boxes so really best for local pickup only. Just floating it on this forum as I thought I would make it worth someone's while for $200 if you want to come by house to pickup. Live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They are in as new condition.
  4. Actually the wife did not want the TV over the fireplace for some reason. Can't remember why exactly. And the area where we have to park is right outside the window and there is a huge A/C unit below and very visible close to the window. AND in the afternoon and evening the sun sets right into that window and in the summers here in the South you really need to block all that heat etc (especially in a house this old). But it allows me to place my chair centered for the TV and the speakers. Fung Shui for the stereo or something like that.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. I actually forgot to mention that the sitting area is focused on the bay window with the TV stand actually in the bay window area. The speakers will be in the corners if I am able to pull off the Khorns and basically on either side of the TV stand if I go with something else. It sounds crazy to fill up the bay window with stuff but the view out there is not that great anyway. I unfortunately don't have any other pictures available right now (it is an old farmhouse way out in the country that we will use as a getaway etc) and we won't be back for a couple of weeks. Anyway the back of the rectangular room is a mess for speakers. The two corners have doorways and there is a large double door in the middle of the back short wall if that makes any sense. The back half of the ceiling looks some sort of New Orleans bar with he pressed tin plates. Lively acoustically and will have to proceed with some sort of room treatments. Thanks so far!
  6. Greetings fellow Klipsch fans. I was hoping to get opinion on which Klipsch would be appropriate for this room. It is for 2 channel music. No TV or theater etc. The room is 14 feet 10 inches wide. It is 25 feet long and the sitting area is about in the middle and maybe closer to the front (where the speakers would be). The ceiling is 10 feet high and a mix of old painted headboard and this odd pressed tin in the back of the room. At the front of the room there is a bay window that juts out and to either side of this bay window there are two corners but the width is likely about three feet before you get to the bay window. Grew up with Klipsch and want to likely get back to the heritage line. Initially thought about the RF7 ii or iii but likely want heritage. I am going to try to include a picture here of the front of the room. Can I put Klipschorn's in the corners or are they too narrow. I read the literature and they recommend 48 inches width before "construction" but I wasn't sure if that was talking about indentation of a bay window etc. Is there a benefit to a sealed back Klipschorn like the anniversary models in this scenario? Any thoughts?
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