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  1. hi, i also have a birch pair of la scalas and would like to protect them. here in england i have no idea what tung oil is, does anyone know an equivalent oil i can use?
  2. gaggs


    my how the brain works sometimes it frightens me! went through all the cables one at a time, nothing changed. almost crawling up the wall. as a last resort pulled out all the inputs then began with just the pre and the amp, so far so good. to cut a long story short. the culprit was the long cable i was using to connect the tv( optical to analogue amp) to the preamp. removed it found a good set of phono leads and plugged in aaaaaaaaaand silence no more buzzzzz concluded that the long unshielded cable was picking up hum from the mains. have now reconnected the terulliam q black and now have ultimate definition and sound. so happy have ramped up the volume in ecstasy. on another topic, what is the difference between the scala 1 and 11. are the 11 better? there is a lot of talk with ref to the crossovers, are 1 crossover better as some seem to prefer them to the new?
  3. gaggs


    hi don, yes, the valve amp uses rca leads. the chord has the ability to use unbalanced rca leads also. will try them and see what results i get. another question is, i am using tellurium black speaker leads and am finding that the treble is extremely high. have downgraded to lower quality speaker leads and the sound balance is much better. has anyone had any issues with using high quality speaker leads? is the problem that the scala's are too sensitive to use high quality cables or do i need to look elsewhere for the origin of the "high sound"?
  4. hi guys, reading through your problems i would like to add mine. have just bought the scalas a few weeks ago, these are the version 1 in beech. they were working great for the first few weeks, but now there is a loud hum in the background. i am using a chord cpa2200 preamp with a chord 200 watt power amp, also have emotiva xpl 1a power amps, all s/s. i have tried switching through the inputs and the noise is there all the time using both amps. it is quiet when initially switched on but after a while the hum is quite obvious. when there is a quiet period in the music you can hear the hum very clearly, can now hear it over the sound through the tv. have connected my other speakers imf tls80 and no hum. have also connected my valve amp and again no hum. so at a loss where to look or what to do next. any help greatly appreciated
  5. gaggs


    hello folks, new member here. have purchased my first pair of la scala speakers. have been using them for a couple of weeks now and they sounded terrific. the problem? this past week a change occurred. have chord preamp and chord 200watt power amp. there is a loud buzzzing sound coming from the speakers now, even with the volume at zero. i was using xlr leads between the amps. tried another ss pre and amp with the same result. in the end swopped over to a valve amp and.............. silence at last. my question is why is there a buzzing when using ss amps? hope some of you gurus can help
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