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  1. I recently purchased his Unlimited preamps and was able to add a volume pot of my choice. Great guy fast response via emails w all my questions etc. Very happy with my pre so far. Enjoy..
  2. I just ordered a tube preamp from Aric~Audio, seems to be alot of great reviews and most of his stuff can be customized. I went with his Unlimited preamp with an upgraded volume pot. It will be feeding a First watt F6 clone to my Forte IIs w Crites. I'll let you know my impressions when it comes, currently using a passive Luminous Audio Axiom II.
  3. Went with Aric~Audio unlimited preamp, read many great reviews about him and his amps/preamps, sent him some questions and responded very quickly. I'll let you know my impressions once I get it. Thanks everyone for your input. Tony
  4. Hi All, I am looking for some advice on a tube preamp, my current system consists of BlueSound Node II going into a passive Axiom II to a First Watt F6 Clone to the Forte IIs. I would like to try out a Tube pre to switch out the Axiom. price range is around 500-800 used. I narrowed down a few in that range so far Cary SLP- 50A, AES AE3, and Aric Audio Unlimited. Any other suggestion's or thought's on the ones I posted. On the very low end price wise would a single tube Schiit Saga even be worth trying out? Thanks All Tony
  5. Update on stands w 50lb. Sand in each. The combo of raised height and heavy stands makes a very noticeable difference for the better.
  6. I am almost done with my Forte II stands and have about .6 cubic feet of internal space for ~50 lbs of sand in each. The Top and bottom are made from 3/4 bullnose MDF. My question is should I put anything on the bottom to couple to the flooring (my flooring is wood laminate over concrete). Or will the 50lb sand absourb most of the vibrations etc. Thanks Tony
  7. Just like wdecho said... The B1 does a Great job for what it is and is suppose to do.
  8. I'm using the bluesound node II straight to a F6 first watt amp to my Forte IIs. I love this current setup and can use my phone or computer to control everything. Best of luck whichever way you go.
  9. I've built the F6 clone. Very unforgiving, revealing amplifier that sounds great if the rest of your system is as good. Much as the F5. I believe you made a good chose over the old Stasis amplifier not that there's anything wrong with the Stasis. I've read that some if not a lot of the First watt amps are very revealing. My current setup is pretty minimal, I'm using a bluesound node 2 to B1 to F6 to Forte IIs. All interconnects and power cords from zu audio. Mainly streaming Tidal, spotify, and some flac from computer, this works very well and sounds great (well depending on recording oc).
  10. The Belles unfortunately arrived damaged during shipping and had to be sent back. I purchased an F6 clone and a original B1 pre and the combo is great. I like to listen at pretty good levels sometimes and 1/4 to 1/2 way on volume controls usually works well. The music is crisp and clear. I still need to make stands for the Fortes to get the mids to ear level and possibly try some other mods when time allows but I'm happy with this current setup.
  11. Belles came in defective I had to send it back, after hearing a friends Threshold Im now looking for a Threshold SA 3 or similar or Forte 4A. For now back to the Peachtree combo which sounds pretty good.
  12. I don't have much experience with headphone amps but Schiit gets a lot of good reviews and a lot of options.
  13. I am currently using a Peachtree pre and Peachtree 220 amp (borrowed from another setup) this combo works well so far. I have a Belles 150A coming soon and it will replace the Peachtree 220. I will give my impressions once it's here and set-up and I've had time to listen.
  14. Just a quick update I purchased a Belles 150A amp to power the Forte's. I will give my impressions once it's delivered and set up. Has anyone used any of the Belles amps if so your impressions. Thanks Tony
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