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  1. It is times like this when I find comfort in the FACT that we are all eternal beings who temporarily inhabit this earthly body You and Your family will be in my families prayers. JM
  2. I would run PVC conduit as much as you can. You can then repull new speaker wire or telco wires as they change over the decades. JM
  3. Good luck on your search. If you are just looking for basic read and dump of BR playback the low end units will work. What the Oppo is best at is 4x upscaling and processing. Yes the low end players have a clear picture but the Oppo adds much more subtile color details in the playback. Honesly, I have retired 3 Sony players, a Dennon, a Toshiba and a Samsung. Nothing has come close to what my Oppo can produce. I am really having a hard time believing you are not having some sort of technical dificulty with maybe a bad HDMI cable or maybe your projectors scaler has malfunctioned.
  4. The Oppo has more options than any other player. It is not a plug and play system. You can tell it what version of hdmi standard to transmit, you can force it to send signals in any odd ball native resolutions and refresh rates. In my case, I have a really old 1080P projector. The player I used that was made at the same time period of my projector worked great. My problems were that I could not get any NEW BluRay players to work properly with my OLD projector. The Oppo and all of its features let me dial in the Oppo output to match my projectors input. I think you need to learn the capabilities of your projector, then dial in the Oppo. All the new BluRay Players are made to work with brand new TV sets. The other huge problem is all the changes in the HDMI standards. Modern HDMI is 2 way communications. You need to turn all that 2 way crap off when plugged into older TV's and Projectors. JM
  5. I am assuming it is a NO GO since it is almost May. My June is almost already booked solid too. JM
  6. Gil, That last post is truly disgusting. I really hope these people never get out of jail. JM
  7. Glenn Runlevel 3 "multiuser mode" is a great old school feature. Just a warning, Sometimes you have to watch how applications are installed. I have seen some that launch as you pass through runlevel 4 and 5. But there in lies the beauty of Unix. As you go up and down the run levels, the /etc/inittab files tell the exact order you want your applications to come up and shut down. This is a lot better than the Windoze free for all. JM
  8. Lets set something up with Damon Payne and Scotty (Boomac) [] JM
  9. The Audio DACs on the 105 are extremely Impressive. I already had a very good 32 bit DAC I use to use for 2CH and I prefer the detail clerity of the 105. I originally brought the 105 for HT and the added bonus of the 2CH ability makes me one extremely happy camper. I live in the Milwaukee WI area and if anyone would like to listen or watch the Oppo before you buy, shoot me a PM. JM
  10. I love my 105. For everthing this box can do it is a STEAL at its price. I bought it for HT, but I have been VERY impressed with 2 CH listening too. Regular Redbook CDs sound awesone. It can stream media right off my home file server. The sound it superb. You also can use it for offboard Video and Audio processing as it has HDMI, Toslink, SPDIF and USB inputs. Since I can stream right off my server, I have not had a reason to use the imputs yet. The 105 can make youtube vids look like BluRay. Congrats on your purchase. I LOVE MY 10. You will too. JM
  11. My sister has a story that I can share. My sister left her house to go “somewhere” a few minuets before my 17-year-old nephew (her son) was leaving to go to practice. A few miles down the road, she realized she forgot something, turned around and headed back home. On her way back, she thought to herself that is was odd that she did not pass her son who should have left the house already. She then came up onto an accident scene and to her horror; there was his car, off the road down a steep hilly slope and was smashed into a tree!!! Any mother’s worst fear!! She had arrived at the scene at about the same time the police arrived, no ambulances yet, and there were one or two other civilians on their way down to the stranded car below. Her son was still in the car. As she left her car, totally in a state of panic, she was approached by a man that she described as a mid 60 year old, balding and slightly overweight in a t-shirt and shorts. He put his arm around her and told her that her son had fallen asleep at the wheel. That he was OK and not hurt. He told her that he was right behind him and saw him swerve and leave the road, re assuring her that he was OK. Her focus stayed on the rescue workers as they got her son out of the car and eventually she lost contact with the old man who was comforting her. Later, as the police talked to her about the accident, they told her that if he had not hit that tree, he would have gone over the cliff below and surely would have died. My sister told the police about the man who was behind her son and what he said. The police looked puzzled, pointed to a woman and told her, that that woman was in the car behind her sons car. They then pointed to a younger man and said, he was in the car behind her. They did not see an older man at the scene at all! My sister realized then that the man never said he was in THE car behind him, she just assumed that! And that it was odd that he said her son was OK before anyone had reached the car. She realized he must have been a guardian angel and was actually behind him in his car, protecting him from going over the cliff by hitting the tree in a way to damage the car and not him. And finally he picked a father figure form to comfort her in her most scared moment of her life. Yes, Guardian Angels walk among us all the time. JM
  12. Hi All I am having an infomal get together at my house Saturday Evening Janurary 19th. If any of you Klipsch heads in the area want to hear K-Horns or a Full 7.1 Heritage HT using a brand spanking new Oppo 105 here is your chance. Shoot me a PM if you want to attend. JM
  13. Congrats Budman and JBSL. I can't imaging my HT without my Oppo. I love it. JM
  14. Good Point... I hooked my 2 CH output to my McIntosh 2CH Preamp last night and was blown away by the sound quality. Like you said, the USB, HDMI as well as the older SPDIF inputs lets you run anything through this processor. The 105 can also connect to any server or NAS on your home network. I was streaming high def audio files right off my server to my 105. I am very very happy with this box. JM
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