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  1. Would you get it for me and ship it to Germany? Would fit perfectly my Epic CF3.
  2. Would you ship the KLF10 to Germany? 😎
  3. Day 299 Year 1995. So either V2 or V3.
  4. Well, wasn't he willing to fly to Hawai at one point for some speakers? And yes it was just a heads up for our seeker of an epic Klipsch paradise. ;-)
  5. @vasubandu did you see this?
  6. Yup, German native here. The above translations are correct.
  7. Afaik they were produced for the millitary and where the cheaper version of the KGs.
  8. I would be interested in that CF-3. Where are they located and would you consider shipping?
  9. I think those are the same ones I posted from Ebay two posts above.
  10. Supply & demand: https://www.ebay.de/itm/222840459107?ul_noapp=true 1000$ dollar for not so perfect CF-4s in Florida (yes again).
  11. For 300$ I would take it, would be a perfect center for my CF3 V1. @vasubandu are you going for it?
  12. Should not be a problem, it will not look symetrical i.e. the side with the ports will be off center (if you center the horn under the screen). So for someone with OCD this could be a serious problem.
  13. I would take them immediatley but I live in Germany. I guess shipping them freight overseas is nearly immpossible?
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