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  1. I don't think I 'm that good at soldering so I can build a complete preamp Have you tried any of those pre-amps?
  2. Thanks for sharing that info But as you say for me it's easier to add the extra rca terminals šŸ‘
  3. At the moment I use rca "splitters" but the best thing are to add extra terminals as you suggested, I have already had a look inside the preamp and it's not a big/difficult job ļæ¼:)
  4. Thanks for your reply , yeah I like the MF and the way it's built, especially considering what I paid for it. Just a shame they only include one pair of Pre-outs, would be nice with two wich make it easier for the subwoofers. Just been curious what others matches Parasound with. Also it always nice to get feedback from others to get some more information before money are spent I will also work some more on speaker placement during the holidays to try to improve the widht of soundstage.
  5. Never listened to a passive pre but the Khozmo looks nice! To me it looks very similar to Hattor audio? www.hattor.com Maybe together with a active tube stage/buffer?
  6. Sorry.. Missed some important stuff... Budget: about the same as a new Parasound P5, don't mined to buy second hand. What I miss most right now with existing Pre: the soundstage isn't as wide as I like, two pairs of Pre-out.
  7. Hi Would like to see if anyone here could give me a few extra ideas for a suitable preamp? Bought a used Parasound A21 in good condition about a month ago and I really like it! I live in Sweden and here we only have one store that carries Parasound in the whole country, although I like that particular dealer and bought stuff there before It would be nice to see if anyone on here that uses the A21 can give some feedback, good or bad about matching preamp! First my system is for two-channel only and at the moment consists of: Klipsch Rf7ll 2 x BK electronis Monolith subs Parasound A21 Copland CDA823 (modded with a digital in to be used as DAC also) Rega rp3 At the moment I have a Musical Fidelity A3.2cr as preamp. The A3.2cr is nice, never sounds harsh and are built like a tank but it only have one pair of Pre-out and something tells me that there might be a better match than Parasound and Musical Fidelity? I know that the easy way would be to buy a Parasound P5 or JC-2, unfortunately the JC-2 are out of budget and nearly never turns up on the used market here. I used to own a P5 with a different power amp a while back and think it was good considering the price, didn't care for the on-board DAC or the Riaa-stage in the P5 since the separate ones I have was better. I have read about Schiit Freya that seems nice, I have considered going with a tube-pre. So if someone here that also like the A21 and heard or own something they like please let me know
  8. I have a Looki, just got it two days a go and haven't had a lot of time to try it yet. But from what I experienced so far it sounds much better than "normal" tone controls.
  9. Right now I have a NAD 106 in the rack, itĀ“s only there because i donĀ“t have anything else at home at the moment. The Parasound P5 I used to have was sold at the same time as my old amp were sold. Now the hunt begins for a new preamp the obvious thing to do is to get Another P5 I guess, but it would be fun to try something else aswell
  10. Got the Parasound A21 in the rack for a test now, only played for about two hours but so far iĀ“m very pleased with the result
  11. Used to own a Parasound P5 but with a different amp then the A21, guess a safe bet is to buy a P5 again?
  12. ThankĀ“s for your reply I will have alook at a Parasound A21 aswell, was actually recomended the A21 over the Ma6900 by a dealer who carries both Parasound and Mcintosh. Might go with seperates again.....
  13. Hi! New member here but not new to Klipsch Been using the search button but would like some input regarding the topic. IĀ“m not from the USA so first appoliges is due I guess if my spelling isnĀ“t correct.... In the market for a new amp and I know that the only way realy is to do a home demo but since the Mcintosh Ma6900 isnĀ“t avalibale other than on the used market I canĀ“t realy do that. The reason IĀ“m extra keeen on the 6900 is that itĀ“s seems to be realy "warm" in itĀ“s sound and I know thatĀ“s suits me! Have anyone tried or actually own the combo of Rf-7II and the Ma6900?? when I search I find one comment about that combo and it gets "raves", not realy in the position to get seperates at the moment and an integrated should suit me at the moment! I know that the Rf-7:s like current and I guess that the Ma6900 should be efficent enough?? My room is quite big (60sq meters) and I listen to all kind of Music, from Dire straits to infected Mushrooms.... Sorry if this been commented before but would realy need yor help since my nearest dealer that actually have a second handed is more than a 2,5 hours drive a way from my home. Regards Mattsa
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