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  1. Staffan

    Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    @Trentster5172 I appreciate your opinion, don't think otherwise. Klipsch isn't a very big brand here so second hand Klipsch is something rare in Sweden and in Denmark too, which is close for me in the southern Sweden. So finding used Fortes is close to impossible (or maybe impossible). The same goes for Cornwalls. I found a tempting offer; Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra for 7000 SEK ($860) which is half ordinary price. If anybody cares about the background why I ended up in Klipsch forum. Two years ago I was content with the sound my ss-amp (Musical Fidelity M6i) and my bookshelfs with bass port in the rear (Monitor Audio Gold GX100). One day I got tired of the boomy bass and decided to look for another pair of speakers. I ended up with ATC SCM19 v2. Very good speakers but together with my ss-amp the sound got a little too harsh. Then I remembered my old EL84 tube amp in a closet (Tube Technology Unisis Signature 2x35w), I thought I should give it a try. Took it out, plugged it in and it worked. Clearly a better match but I thought it should have an upgrade. So with some new caps and new Genalex Gold Lion tubes it was magic for my ears. This work all right with CD:s at lower to "medium" levels. But then... ...one day I got tired of badly re-mastered productions from the 70s and 80s on CD. Then I remembered my old turntable, a Thorens TD115, in another closet. A small upgrade and wow this sounded good. But I wanted more than good. I wanted great. So I bought a new turntable, a ProJect "Xperience SB DC, and a phono stage, Vincent PHO-700, and it sounded even better (almost graet). But I got a new problem. The volume. Due to the dynamics of vinyl and the a little to low output signal from the phono stage I had to turn up the volume which my tube amp didn't like. So, what to do now? If I want tubes, which I do, I can buy a Copland or a PrimaLuna (I don't wanna rob a bank). But then it will be KT88, KT120 or KT150 tubes and I don't want them. Next option; more sensitive speakers. My experience with "ordinary" speakers with bass ports, both sound wise and ease of placement wise, are not good. With other words I have to look into speakers that is "not ordinary". I though okay horn speakers, but I had heard that you need a big room, because if you sit too close to them they doesn't sound nice and they have to be played at high volumes to sound good. With other words, horn speakers are nothing for my little room where I sit eight feet from the speakers. But after some search on the net I read that if the horns are smaller they will not sound bad up close and someone wrote that because horn speakers are a fast and sensitive they will also sound good at low volumes. There it is. The story about how I ended up here. And again; sorry for my bad English.
  2. Staffan

    Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Who said it would be easy to buy speakers🙂 Since I joined this forum my two options (Heresy + sub or Cornwall) has become five (Heresy, Heresy + 1 sub, Heresy + 2 subs, Cornwall and Forte). I've been looking at SVS subs and SVS SB1000 will proberbly be enough for my aprox. 180 square feet room. I can buy it in black ash for about $680. If I choose the Heresy + sub solution I can buy another SB1000 later if I think it's worth the money. I've just found out that I know a guy who has Heresy and we will get together at my place (he lives 60 km away) someday next month to check out how they sound here. Interesting. It will also be intersting to find out how my tube amp (an old Tube Technology Unisis Signature 2x35w with EL84 tubes) will pair with Heresy. Forte....yes, I hear you, but still my room is not suited for them, considering the corners "being too far away" and the distance between my listening chair and the speakers would be to short. And my wallet too thin.
  3. Staffan

    Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Funny, I was sure you should suggest a Klipsch sub also. OK, I will look ip some of these brands. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Staffan

    Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Thanks for your welcoming🙂 @TomR Except for being just above my budget, I think I would have a problem with the placement. I can't place the speakers in corners, they have to be placed not more than a feet from the backwall and aprox. 3 feet from the sidewalls. @willland Will I get a sub good enough for $900? I'm from Sweden and quick check gave me; Klipsch, SVS, REL, Definite Technology, Yamaha, Monitor Audio, Focal, JBL, Triangle, Canton, ELAC, Emotiva, HECO, XTZ, Velodyne, Revel, Audio Pro, DLS, Speakercraft, Lyngdorf, Bluesound, Dali, Cerwin-Vega, Cambridge, Argon and Bowers & Wilkins. You all say Heresy III + sub!!! It makes me confident that you all feel the same, but why? Is it not difficult to find the right placement and to get the right amount bass and find the right frequency where the sub shall take over (hope you understand what I mean)? I understand that the Cornwalls are supposed to be placed either in corners or aginst a wall, but what abour Heresy?
  5. Staffan

    Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Thanks for your thoughts. Do you have any special sub in mind? Should I stay with Klipsch?
  6. Hej I need some advice. I have a rather small room, 4,4 m x 3,9 m (14,4 ft x 12,8 ft) and my listening position is aprox. 2,5 m (8,2 ft) from the speakers. The Heresy III would fit best when it comes to size, but they will lack bass for my taste (my current speakers, ATC SCM19 v2, goes down to 54 Hz and sometimes I really feel that I want more/deeper bass). So with Heresy III it will have to be with a sub (which sub?) and that is a solution I'm not really fond of. The alternative is Cornwall III, but besides from being double up in price, they are really big. Maybe my listening position is to close for these speakers? I live in an apartment so I can't crank up the volume too much and usually listening at rather low volume. Horn speakers are good at low volumes, aren't they? Which do you consider being the best choice? (I hope you understand my bad English) Best regards Staffan