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  1. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I have posted to the "Garage Sale" forum for the Klipschorn Speakers at my parents house. I have also posted to Craig's List in Atlanta. I have listed for $3,850 for the pair or best offer. I hope they'll find a loving home that knows how to rock the house. Classically or Otherwise....
  2. Vintage Klipschorn Speakers built in 1979. Speakers are in excellent, near mint condition. They were purchased new, and haven't moved from their original setup location in my parents house. Feedback on the Klipshorn forum is that this model of Klipschorn speaker is the finest that Klipsch has ever produced. Seeking $3850 for the pair, or a best offer. Speakers are located in northwest Atlanta. Buyer would be responsible for coordination of pickup / delivery. Please e-mail mtbakerstu@gmail.com or call/text at: Three 2 Three Two 4 3 3 three 23 with any questions or a request for any additional photos.
  3. Thanks for the genealogical data Davecv41, and thanks for the feedback DizRotus! As mentioned, the speakers are in near mint condition, and located in Atlanta, GA. If anyone is interested, please message me. Stuart
  4. Thanks again for the feedback Ceptorman and Frank! Found what I believe to be the serial numbers. Posting pics here:
  5. Thanks Frank1938. I see a serial number on the K-55-V driver. Is this a serial number specific to the driver rather than the speaker itself? I looked in the wood on the back of the speaker, but couldn't find a serial number. Do you have any advisement on what area of the back of the speaker I should be looking? Would the serial number exist on each of the speakers? Thanks again.
  6. Hello, I'm helping my parents to value and sell their vintage Klipsch speakers, which they purchased new in the early to mid eighties. I wasn't able to find a model number on the back of the set of Klipsch speakers, so I thought I would post a couple of pictures. Perhaps someone can advise on what model this set of speakers appears to be, and what is a going price for such speakers which are in near mint condition? The speakers have only been used to play opera, classical music, show tunes at a low volume, and they haven't moved from their current location in my parents living room since they purchased the speakers brand new back in the day. Any input on the model and the going rate for this model of Klipsch in near mint condition, super appreciated. Able to post more pictures if requested. Thanks, Stuart
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