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  1. I thought it looked like some caps had been changed out. Drivers all work and sound good. All proper except one tweeter which has been replaced with an EV.
  2. I was told by the seller that he had them about 20 years. He said he was told they had been used by a band that toured, so I wondered if maybe someone added handles and painted black to better weather the constant loading/unloading. Thank you so much for your input.
  3. Yes, I knew the jack wasn't factory and they have definitely been painted or at least touched up.
  4. I recently acquired a pair of La Scala. They are currently black, but appear to have been painted at some point. I would like to determine if this pair came from the factory as black and were repainted or if they were another finish and someone painted them black later. I plan to do some refinish work on them and the info may determine which direction I go. The serial numbers are 4N216 and 4N219, as stamped into the wood on back. The only tag on back is too faded to read Type or SN. They have type AA crossovers. They also have carry handles on the sides but not sure if original or added later. I appreciate any help anyone here may be able to offer, or info on what is the best way to make this determination. Any help/guidance is much appreciated..
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