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  1. Condition Cosmetically 7-8 of 10 Functionally- Excellent Can drive 2hrs to meet from Scottsdale,AZ. 15' Woofer, Altec Horn. Easier on the ear than Valencias.
  2. Single Birch Cabinet and crossover only. Need a match or a sale.
  3. I do not have enough posts. Not a flipper. Parents had Scott growing up. Near South Berwick?
  4. What say ye ? All future posts in the Garage shall begin with the bold caps of either WTB or FS ?? Better yet make an In and Out box for simplified reading. i.e. separate For Sale items from WTB. Now the final touch-Allow readers to delete items of no interest to them. I am no web site expert. Perhaps this mod is beyond current technology? Also, what is secret to Adding a "SOLD" tag to something you post? Even better, move all Solds into a different basket for those who need to determine values or enjoy reading about the good stuff they missed. If all four of these changes were to happen, this would be the fastest and easiest site to look through I am aware of. As it stands the best feature is the post by chronological date. After that it the Ad reading gets a little awkward . Thank you for the consideration.
  5. That beauty was not long for this forum
  6. Wow those pics are beautiful! What part of the world are you in?
  7. Same dude tried to steer me to someone who supposedly had what I was looking for. Seems he acts as an intermediary and you end up with someone named Gulley in WI. Can the people running this site block him?
  8. If you have been waiting for the best looking pair of Chorus 1's possibly ever, you found them. When I bought them I barely beat out two other people that wanted them. Chorus's sound beautiful. I know I will regret selling them but I am going up to the next level which takes money. These work well against a back wall and are built such that no risers are required. $950.00. Cash or Cash. Unable to upload a high res. photo but have 20+ to send if desired. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Late to the party but I agree with jean claude. I am afraid It is a statement piece not a musical experience.
  10. Want Chorus 1's in oiled Walnut. Totally mint?
  11. Prefer original woofers/drivers. Located in Phoenix but can arrange shipping or drive a ways. Jeff 602-625-4222. Thanks.
  12. Well, I don't mean to nickel/dime your post but it appears spell check took a swipe at your "Quarters" title!
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