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  1. Can you pull a woofer and test it directly? My first thought is maybe nice or something made nests in them. Don’t know if that’s an issue in your basement or not, but I’ve seen it before.
  2. BornAgain

    Getting Closer

    Hell yeah!
  3. BornAgain

    RP-450c build issue

    Yeah I’m kind of ocd with things like this too. Theres a hole routed in the face, the tweeter bolts into the hole, then the rubber “horn” is held in with aligning tabs and 2 sided tape. I’d have to unbolt the tweeter, but then I’d tear up the screw holes realigning it. I’ll work on getting a picture.
  4. BornAgain

    RP-450c build issue

    I bought an RP-450c sometime around Christmas timeframe. I recently had been running it without the grill. I’ve noticed that the tweeter horn (the rubber part) is cocked a degree or two. The Klipsch logo above it is clocked maybe another half degree further. I pulled the rubber horn piece and the tweeter itself is cocked in the hole. This may be a bit nit picky, but it’s noticeable from the couch and these aren’t exactly the cheapest of speakers. I wouldn’t necessarily expect this to be covered under warranty, but has anyone had similar build issues and had them addressed by Klipsch (or not)? Thanks!
  5. BornAgain

    CES 2018: Klipsch Blog

    When will the 2018 Reference Premieres be released? I have some pieces left to purchase to complete my set and I don’t want to miss them (and my local dealer usually has awesome close out deals :D). Sorry if I missed it somewhere.
  6. BornAgain

    RC-64 II - SOLD

    If you decide you’re willing to ship, let me know. Thank you.
  7. BornAgain

    RP-280-FA - Discontinued in Canada?

    How does one tell if they have wood or vinyl veneer, or is it obvious? My local dealer has also closed out the FAs. I just got a pair for less than a pair of 280s and now they are no longer on their website.