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  1. good evening everyone
  2. @Tigerman I be the one sayin Thank you, a place where I can finally practice photography, the kind I like. I do not have the fixed guard, so I have to use the slip on one that came with the OM-10.. for now. I have to deal with lighting first to do this photography I wish, then location, then.....
  3. Oooo yeah. AWESOME!
  4. What may I ask is arriving?
  5. Thank you for sharing this Derrick. It was clear that (*) was the Mustang and (*) was the tube amp. The mustang really surprised me as well in how well it did in comparison, still not that "TUBE" Sound, but that Tube sound is not always the needed or preferred depending on the music or passage. Both types are needed today, both have a spot in this world of music. This was a nice test.
  6. Switching to Diana Krall, youtubed Just put the Heresy's to bed for a bit. Making a minor change to things here on how the sound will get to the speakers. Funny thought I was posting in RTM
  7. Last one then heading out My favorite VC, Sibelius and by Heifetz
  8. side 2 Le'Estro Arminco Playing with the other camera
  9. Good Morning Billy Bob That's a little something from Steppenwolf if I remember correctly
  10. Coffee + Vivaldi, the way to start the day
  11. Yes, I am slowly trying to catalogue mine on Discogs as well. My next spin Jethro Tull Songs from the Woods
  12. Well now, I enjoy a good laugh here and there, so am proud to present a great belly laugh here. Yes I am talking about the "Current" set up. I know this set up should bring tears to everyones eyes (From laughing too hard) but at the moment, I had to scrounge up something to drive the Heresy's while I do the current build(s) and.. make the space for the amps and power supply So here it is, a small 5-10 watt chip amp, not bad really, but not great either. I decided to try one of the cheap China pre-amps more for a giggle than anything, and ehh, at least its not a noise factory, sort of. But for now this is the sum total of what is running, DEFINETLY not my Revox on my Altec 353A. At least the turntable (bought as a spare actually) turned out to be fairly good. So that's the whole shebang for right now. If interested I will be posting the Amp build on another forum as I go along. Oh and the Heresy's, yeah they are under the bench at the moment, one at a time will be pulling them to work on the damages they have suffered. Pics of them are in the Technical/Modifications section " " Please do enjoy the laugh and the chuckle, it is worthy! Tim
  13. Thank you for the Welcome, slowly I shall learn the patterns of the forum... one at a time Going to turn off the vinyl for a bit though, I have to locate a noise from something, high pitch interference, like a dimmer or maybe a power supply. Tim
  14. More John Williams Seven Great Concerto's Box set
  15. I am pretty sure I found it Mark. Thank you for enlightening me of the Vinyl thread. JOHN WILLIAMS Plays Bach Tim
  16. Tim Sr.


    Oh Maggie Maggie what have we done It is rather difficult to pin down one album as a favorite. I would say that there is not one album by Pink Floyd that is NOT a favorite. I do find that Pulse seems to get twice as much play time though, but I count that as part of the collection of many albums, As much as I prefer the later albums, I also have to spend some time with the early albums, 1967 to 1971, .. Lately I have been spinning more of Roger Waters, the amount of pain that comes through his compositions is really unique.
  17. I am chuckling and thank you for starting this thread rebuy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone of this Forum!!! May your holidays be filled with excessive JOY! Laughing now I found it Ceptorman Happy Holidays to all. Tim
  18. Always decorated beginning thanksgiving night, after the meal start with the tree, always to music. Tree decorating the next day. As family comes n goes the tree will fill up for the day we all get together again, Christmas. Looking forward to it this year since life had dictated no festivities for the last several years. Already have the Music going here, All classical works related to the season. On that note, I was looking for a thread that wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and holidays this year, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone of this Forum!!! May your holidays be filled with excessive JOY! Tim
  19. Nice score Peter Perfect display there in front of a nice racer. I couldn't make out the make of the bike though. Your giving me ideas of how to photo my project when finished. Enjoy your new Quartets! Tim
  20. Little update. Nothing important at all Finally have gotten the poor things clean, and am now waiting for the wood to resettle to make measurements of the actual damages. It will take a few days at most now that the Humidity is plummeting downward from forced air heating. I applied a healthy coat of olive oil for now and have them nestled away under the bench and enjoying the clarity of the voice. Sadly I am unable to remove the coffee stain from the one grill, was afraid that might be, and most likely then the coffee was a coffee milk mix. Killer stain then with the added protein. What I have tried is: Cold water, lots of cold water; "Brown be gone", a Citric acid professional coffee stain remover; More cold water. I am watching the cane carefully for signs of fiber breakdown and have tested alternative cleaners on the inside edge material to determine what was safe, or in this case what wasn't safe. So by next week I should be able to begin with the cabinet scraping, yes there is too much ridging in the wood surface from years of wear. I do not think the gouges are too deep, and the veneer is still healthy enough to tolerate a gentle scraping, but I will do a surface tolerance measure, to determine the worst or deepest scratches and such. I have a lot to do on the amp now so is a good time to just listen to them, let em speak to me! For now Tim
  21. Forgive my curiosity as I was wondering too, what files and how does time frame apply? On another note for canyonman, I have been doing a bit of research on the parameters of the 6SN7, since I will be using that as my driver, only to learn why it is the better choice. It has to do with the trans-conductance factor, in that it being so linear in the audio spectrum. It is also the same reason to use the 6J5 as the pre-amp, or another 6SN7. The Russian version was running about $2.50 each (4@ $9.99) plus shipping. I nabbed 8 and will be testing them once they arrive. As you were saying the time is now to grab a few. Tim
  22. Good to know, I have both the 6SN7 and 6SL7 versions of theirs coming to try out. Hopefully the pricing will hold for a bit so I can grab more, if these coming work out well. Tim
  23. Ahhh ok Now I am with you, I read it! I understood that, just didn't make the connection. And yes the 6J5 is running cheap and even cheaper if you want to go with Russian equivalents. I figure a question asked is opportunity to learn something, and since I am right at the beginning of this build, it would be good to ask. I appreciate your response thank you Tim
  24. Hey canyonman: Sure I am interested, in any sound improvements possible. My status is I am building mono-blocks, 6J5 pre-amp, 6SL7 Phase Splitter, 6SN7 Driver to P-P 807's. 6AQ5&6CB6- OC2 Screen Regulator to the outputs,... What are your thoughts for sound improvement? Tim
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