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  1. Hey Diz: faux-pro huh looks very good! and I am not one to favor the dark imagery, always working with flamed maple and grinding pigments into shellac to attain that perfect match on Violins, it's training really, so always shy'd away from the new black instrument look. It has it 's place though and this is a great example of well done. They look sharp! Pics are on the way , probably after I take them (sunlight) and a nap. And a nose wash (reference to my other post in General Info) If I can not save these poor puppies Ill have to call on you to faux pro again, just kidding though, I really want to see how they looked on the showroom floor. Be well, Peace Tim
  2. Hey Diz: Wow nice offer there, and very much appreciated. I do have a few tricks left here to be able to sample the new speakers. It is a long story but all my main gear is locked up storage for a while, so I am taking the opportunity to build a rather nice toy, or shall we say compliment to the Speakers :). I currently have been living with an Altec 2.1 mini thing and the computer for most of my music. Of which I can tolerate for a bit longer. Helps keep the goal of finish in the forefront too. I will have to holler at History Kid to find out what he is spinning on. I broke down and picked up a Project Debut II Carbon a month ago, just can not take the digital on my ears anymore. Not bad, took a bit to get into balance but otherwise I am actually impressed with it. Another project I have and had to put on hold, *sigh*, building a transcription table. Well I will have that for later on and more time to ponder the total look I was going for. Waiting for the sun to creep out so I can get a few pics now, camera is all charged up, so just a matter of pushing a button. Dying to get cleaning them up, the stench of the ashtray has been an overwhelming experience. So Pictures, disassembly and long hot bath.... Tim
  3. I have started a thread in Technical now with some data. pics to follow soon, charging camera waiting for good light. hope to see you there Do we need to close this thread by chance? Tim
  4. I have been yakkin with a few members over in the general info section, learning what I can about a pair of speakers I was to get. They have arrived and I can finally offer some proper data on the creatures. Heresy Oiled Oak with cane grills. SN: 161Y002&3, sadly the labels are torn. If I interpret the wonderful codex on the forum these are 161st batch numbers 002 and 003, or the 160002 and 160003 unit made in 1983. I bet I am off by 2000 here.... Tweeter is K-77-M, Squawker is a K-53-H, and the woofer is K-22-K, the crossover is the E-2. I have to wait for for good lighting to get some initial (Ugly) photos of them as arrived, plus I have forgotten to charge the camera battery. In this light I can see they are not as nice of shape as I had thought they were, but only time will tell what can be reversed and what can not. On unit 003 there is a bad cigarette burn near the back on the right side. I have ahead of me some real serious cleaning to do as well, as they are coated in tar and nicotine, and I can not be sure that the few water stains are in the wood or the extra shellac they have accumulated. The only I am sure of is that the drivers have no holes or show any abuse, other than a half inch of caked in dust and grime, ok it is actually about an 1/8th inch thick in reality. These need to be carefully cleaned and examined before allowing any juice to flow through them. I will post pics tomorrow Tim
  5. Oh I hear you on that one, yes, seems that a lot of planning was done to determine the best way to reroute people, disrupt sleep, and create road interference as if it was a football game. I agree with dtel's wife on going to the 2018 Pilgrimage, sadly can no longer make the long trips away. I have to finish an inventory of parts here, and get that put away before the speakers arrive if I plan on being able to do any photos. My timing was impeccable starting this new project, having started the new amplifier build just prior.But having "the" speakers the amp will be married to, is the best thing while building it. So actually is perfect timing, just going to be busy through the holidays for sure. Ill get a thread opened tomorrow in the Technical sub-forum once I get pic's of as delivered. Till then Tim
  6. Wow, I like this place! Lot of thought and response. Ceptorman: I imagine images of the violin work will creep there way into the photos I post of the restoration process, If not I'll toss a few unsuspecting images in along the way. Nothing major going at the moment, a few bow repairs and a couple half finished violins. The History Kid: should be grumbling at me hearing the rocks I threw on your roof! Too cool how the big internet has not squelched Local communication! I have to chuckle! dwiLawyer: thank you. and dtel's wife: thank you. you all have made this a very nice start for me. I am getting anxious now to get started, always is harder the last 24 hours of waiting. Once I start the restoration, is there a particular place to post the process? A preferred sub-forum? I believe the technical/Modifications might be the most fitting, arguing that only the technical part fits, since I plan not to modify but restore these. Tim
  7. Well what a nice and warm welcome here, thank you! The History Kid: Eastern Iowa, Davenport meaning I have to claim City Kid LOL, but with Farming experience too ricktate: I have a lot to learn yet on what these were from factory, once I can grab a serial # and start the research, Ill be sniffing out things like this button or other missing decorations. I am sure the connections all have oxidized, and yes that will be taken are of. Peter P.: Yes I agree with testing the caps as well, no need to change them "if" they meet the specs off of and under load. I can do some vigorous testing for sure and since I plan to keep as original as possible, this will be part of the process. willland, Bill: I am hoping that the previous owner has not done anything to these, so that I can assess little details of the original build, but yes we will see soon. Cabinets looked like original finish at least with all the grit,grime and dings in place, so a really good cleaning will be first order, then evaluation of ding damage. Ceptorman: I'll admit I am much more comfortable within the madness, and do feel rather empty when away from it so hopefully I will fit in here. Now about these pictures... I guess I will have to choose carefully what ones I shall post, since I will be taking a few while seeing to the restoration. So the plan is to get em here, take initial as found pictures, do a cleaning, begin careful disassembly, measure all components for integrity, and then develop a plan for the restorations. I am hoping to bring these to the factory release condition, and I will add rubber seals where necessary that can be removed with no modifications to the cabinets. Over Kill for what they probably are, but is how I am. Comes from Violin restorations, and the rules we have to work by. Never change the makers work, bring it forth to be admires! I am excited of course because I love a good project. Again THANK YOU for such a nice welcome Tim
  8. Hello everyone, from Iowa. I have been reading through much of the current postings and this seems like a good group of people. I will receive my Klipsch speakers on Tuesday, and at this time, can not really give much info on them. It was a deal that one can not walk away from. No matter what model or year. I know that Klipsch speakers are the better choice especially for tube amps, and that is the issue I was facing in the near future, of what speaker to build/buy. Then a neighbor mentions he wants to sell/get rid of some old speakers, so I had to look. 12" woofer, Large mid horn (Squawker) I guess that's what its called, and smaller tweeter horn, cabinets slanted to the floor, wedge base, and barrier strip terminals on the back. The front covers are removable, but that was all the time we had to get a good look at these. I figured I couldn't go wrong so on that one short observation told him Ill take em. From what I have seen on the internet they look like Heresy or Heresy I. So, paid for, take delivery Tuesday and Ill be the new owner of a pair of Klipsch. Sadly the amp wont be finished much before March if all goes well. But till then Ill find a way to drive them. Also I am sure that they are going to need to be recapped, so will want to hear what everyone thinks on Capacitor brands. So that is my hello here. Tim
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