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  1. Take your time. I look forward for your mod and see what kinds of sound improvement. I'm hoping your mod add more body or overtones for timbre, specially in midrange. From what I read so far, the brightness is a much easier fix with a resistor to crossover. Are you also moving the crossover point higher like how Cauldron point out in his research to bring the midrange's presence forward? Here is the comparison between JBL 590 and RP-8000F. I love the smoothness and dynamic of the JBL but not as alive as Klipsch. JBL's midrange is more nature with the right amount of body or overtones to the tone.
  2. Hi hello, can you take a picture of your upgraded crossover? I'm newbie to this. What kinds of sound improvements do your mod have on the over sound quality? I would love to see more warmth or body to the tone and clarity on the mid and maybe -2 dB on the treble area. Thanks
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