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    Yamaha RX - A3070
    Sony BDP-S580
    Samsung PN51D8000FFZXA
    RF-62 II Tower Speaker
    RC-62 II Center Speaker
    R - 112 SW Subwoofer
    RB-61 II Bookshelf Speaker as rear/surround

    The Vinyl Tube Room

    Consecutive Pair Hersey 1982
    Jolida SJ 502A Integrated amp
    Technics SL 1200 Mark II
    Ortofon 2M Red
    Yamaha DV-S5750 DVD player to play CD’s

    The Garage

    Klipsch Pro Media speakers
    KSW 12
    Yamaha HTR 5860

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  1. Just drop one off at my place please!
  2. I stumbled upon this on YouTube thought it was interesting hope you enjoy it.
  3. Thanks for all of your input...I ended up purchasing the Dynavector P75 that was listed in Garage Sale
  4. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? https://www.vincent-tac.de/en/product-lines/premiumline/pho-8.html
  5. I am in the process of setting up a 2 channel listening room (11.5’x14.5’) hopefully to be known as the vinyl room. The equipment I have for this so far is: 1 pair of Hersey’s Jolida SJ 502A integrated tube amp Yamaha DV-S5750 DVD player to play CD’s (I have listened to this and the amp and speakers and it sounds very nice) Technics SL 1200 Mark II with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge The main reason for this post is the amp does not have a phono preamp it has 4 RCA right/left inputs one marked TUNER one TAPE one CD and one AUX. I would like to hear from those of you that have set up something similar and what you use to hook up your turntable. Thanks Tom
  6. Had a little more time today so I did a break and remake of all screws and low and behold I found a home for the floating screw 😀 after going through all the screws on both speakers I connected them and they sound perfect! Thanks for the info here are a few more pictures. My Heresy .pdf
  7. Last week I scored a pair of consecutive 1982 Heresy’s with very nice cabinets. I heard them briefly before the purchase and they sounded good. I finally hooked them up to tubes with great expectation and was happy until I turned the balance from center to left then right. The right speaker was flat while the left one was bright and sharp. I switched channels on the amp and the same speaker was flat. I took the backs off and everything looks good, there was a screw stuck on the magnet of the midrange but could not see where it had come from and suspect that is was simply lost inside the cabinet on assembly. Any suggestions on a good place to start for troubleshooting? IMG_0313.HEIC Hersey.pdf
  8. They are beautiful you should reconsider because you will regret selling these
  9. I have a KSW 12 that is in need of a little TLC. What type of epoxy / adhesive plastic to cardboard work best for this? My grandson would say put some red green tape on it😂
  10. I have had the 62 II's since 2013 I just added the Sub this month the 62 II's are very crisp and very clean the sub really helped them more than I expected. The receiver I am currently using is a Yamaha HTR-5860 it has a good sound but I hope the upgrade to the 3070 helps a bit I know it has many more capabilities that I plan to use. RF - 7's I would love but I just keep looking at the room and thinking it is just overkill the room is 19 x 14. I plan to get a RP - 450C center soon, and a little later possibly get a pair of RP - 280FA for the front and move the 62 II's to the rear, one step at a time.
  11. I have not with my current setup. I love my music but we also enjoy movies very much and until I win the lotto my listening room with tubes and Khorns will not be completed 😁. I did do some research on the AV's and this one is supposed to be very good with 2 channel and pretty fair with surround. It is not like the old days when you could go to nearly any audio shop and listen to a wide variety of amps receivers and speakers.I feel kinda lucky to have experienced this. I will never forget going into a shop called Audio Adyssey in Davenport Iowa as a teenager and hearing for the first time a set of Khorns the sound quality just blew me away.
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