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  1. Hello All! Have the itch to try the RB-5's and maybe RB-75's. Prefer 8+ condition and willing to pay a fair market price. I'd like to compare to my current 600M's for the heck of it. Thanks!
  2. If you haven't bought one I have a brand new Denon DCD 600NE that has seen 3 discs. I'd do the $300.00 shipped to you...
  3. Hello All! I am offering an "as new" pair of Klipsch RP-500M speakers in black finish.I recently purchased these as new, unused speakers on Audio Mart. Great live and vivid sound from a smallish box. I liked the sound signature so much I moved up the line to the RP-600M's on an open box deal. A pending move dictated that I go for a monitor style speaker and forgo my Magnepan LRS's for simplicity sake. If you enjoy a lively, detailed presentation then these are for you. True to the Klipsch legacy of "live" sound these still have a refined sense about them. I will ship anywhere in the 48 states at my asking price in the original box and packaging. Thanks for looking! $200.00 shipped in the 48 states....
  4. Ah, hate to do it but impending life changes forces me to make some tough choices. Like offering my mint condition Heresy III's in nice walnut veneer. I purchased these from a fellow Klipsch buff recently but upcoming changes in the job world are making life tricky. These are well cared for and you'd be pressed to find a mark on them. I have the boxes, packing etc. and can ship. I would also entertain a sale in Central NY (Syracuse, Utica, Rome etc.) or meet a potential buyer. Asking $1350.00 for the pair plus the shipping. I'll eat the PayPal fee as part of doing business. Thanks for looking! HAVING ISSUES LOADING MORE IMAGES, SORRY. REST ASSURED THEY ARE EXQUISITE!
  5. Thanks for the info.! Leaning towards the Speedwoofer but am still scouring the used market. Plus, still tweaking placement of the 600M's. Can't seem to zero in on the toe-in if any....
  6. Got the 600M's set up and am quite impressed, especially with the bass. It doesn't plumb the bottom octaves however what is there is tight and tuneful. Makes me wonder if I need a sub and all the set up issues to get it right. I do recall owning a sub years ago called Speedwoofer I think, paired it with MMG's. I remember it being fast and musical and a great value. Hmmmm. The used market is alive as well....
  7. Greetings All! I have a pair of 600M's arriving today that I scored at a nice price. Admittedly, the internet hype(Steve Guttenburg) got me excited to try a pair. I will have a mini-shoot-off with my current PSB AlphaT20's, small floor standers and outstanding in their own right. Anyway, from my research I suspect I will need a sub to augment the 600M's in my studio style loft apartment. I ask, what subwoofer pairings have been a good match for you folks? I'm not a home theater nut, music first for me. Amp, is a Yamaha A-S801 and budget preferably under $500.00 and used is also welcome. Thanks! Dan
  8. Ok, I realize that this is subjective but I'm curious as to what other Klipsch fans would consider the "best" sounding stand mount Klipsch Speakers and why? I know the RP-600M get lots of kudos these days, what others round out the list in your opinions? This is a fun exercise of course....
  9. Hi! I am considering a pair of the RP 600M speakers based upon all of the favorable reviews. Are most of you adding a subwoofer to them for music listening? I'd have to add the cost of a decent sub to my calculations if needed for typical stereo music listening.... Thanks!
  10. If you are like me and have an investment in a cd collection (I have 900+) and aren't interested in ripping all of them, I'd say sure! I listen to vinyl when in the right mood and do enjoy it but the majority of my listening is still cd. I figure now that I have them why not try and get the best from them? I don't mind getting off the couch and popping in a silver disk and reading the liner notes. Ok, at 59 call me an audio dinosaur (2 channel guy) and I'm not into reinventing my audio wheel. I will say that even modest "entry level" type cd players can sound great with improved dacs and the like. It's akin to playing a vinyl collection on a Kenners' Close and Play if you don't have a quality cd playback device. The suggestion was made to try an external doc upgrade, I'd say that's a great start ! Enjoy the journey.
  11. Unit is less than 6 months old, I live in upstate, NY. It has been well taken care of as all my gear has.... Dan
  12. Ok, not much I can do about that I guess....
  13. Greetings! Decided to revamp my system and try something different. Offering my mint condition Yamaha A-S801 integrated amplifier in the nice silver finish. I purchased this new through a Yamaha dealer. Very nicely balanced sound with plenty of power for most speakers, 90 w/ch into 8 ohms. Full specs. are available at the Yamaha website so I won't list them all here. Features a very good built in dac which sounded impressive. Also a fine phono section for those spinning vinyl. Tone controls, variable loudness, coaxial and optical digital inputs and well as a nice array of analog inputs. This is about as full featured, one box solution as you are likely to find. I have original packing, manual, power cable and remote. No disappointments with this one. Thanks for looking! Asking $650.00 + $25.00 shipping to CONUS. The amp is less than 6 months old, FYI.
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