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  1. Oh man, I'd love a trip out toward you this time of year. My kids are remote school so I am not able to make anything like that happen. I'll look into some shipping options.
  2. Oh man, I wish you mere closer to me (Denver). I'd grab these in a heartbeat.
  3. Another price drop. $525.
  4. Another price drop. $550
  5. Available again. Price drop to $575
  6. Still available. Withdrawn
  7. Dirtmudd, I'm not really a Canon guy, but thanks for checking.
  8. Available again $575... I've got a pair of CF-3s that I have enjoyed for a few years. I'm beginning to downsize and want to move these along. Im located about 10 minutes north of Denver, Colorado. I bought these about 7 years ago. Cherry color with consecutive serial numbers 213499046 and 213499045. The CF-3s are not mint, but are in good working shape overall with some cabinet scratches and scuffs. I think the pictures make them look worse than in person, but that's just my opinion. 😉 The previous owner said he cracked a woofer cone when his hand slipped when moving the speakers. He taped one of the woofers with what he said was gaffer's tape (but looks like duct tape to me). I intended to replace the woofer, but never found it to be a problem and couldn't hear any problems with sound quality so I never got around to it. With all that said, they sound great and have been a ton of fun to have but I no longer need them. I would also be interested in selling them for some film camera gear.
  9. Thanks for the head's up! I'm hoping to pick these up.
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