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  1. Hi There, how are you? I am planning to setup my HT with below, I listen to Music and movies (50-50 use) RP 250F (Front Left and Front Right) RP 250C RP 240S (rear left and rear right) R 115 SW HT room Dimension is 4.2m* 3.5m >>>And thinking to go between Martanz SR7009 VS Denon X4200, could you please let me know which will be the best AV receiver for the above set-up to get the best performance? As both retail at same price. >>>I want to have reference premier set-up, for my room dimension will this overall config will be too big? do u have any recommendations? Currently listening to Denon 520BT AVR with JAMO Studio S 426 HCS 3 with JAMO SUB 210 Sub-woofer. I hope Klipsch(8 Ohm Impedance) will be big setup forward in sound compared to JAMO (which is 6 Ohm Impedance)? Please suggest and any recommendations most welcome ! Thanks in advance.
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