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  1. Thanks guys, I think ill pass for now, I don't really have the space for them in any other room. I only have room for them if I incorporated them into my theater. So you think I should upgrade my rear from the infinities to a RP speaker? Like a tower? or go with a RP-250/240?
  2. Hey so I plan on finishing my basement and turning it into a theater room, one area that I plan on using is 14ft wide by 18 feet long. I have a Yamaha aventage 2070 receiver powering x2 RP-280f, RP450c, a R 112 sub and using some small Yamaha satellite speakers as my surrounds, I also picked up 4 cdt-5800 ceiling speakers for when I get that project downstairs rolling but was wondering about my surround speakers, My final setup will be a 5.1.4 and have some old infinity towers laying around that ill most likely use but was looking online and saw a pair of Forte ii speakers for $350, I really like the look but would it be worth getting and using as surrounds? or as my fronts and use my RP-280f's as my rear surrounds? I'm probably good with what I have but mentally cant turn down those Fortes..
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