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  1. Ok thanks guys I have a frys by me so I can get a r115sw for sale for 500 but I've been waiting for 7 months and no sales yet and I'm both music and home theater equally. Im not by a Nebraska furniture market so that wont work for me. I've also heard the rsw15 isn't good below 25 hz but do you guys think that my r115sw paired with the rsw15 will smooth out what the rsw15 isn't hitting under 25hz?
  2. Hey guys I have a question regarding those two subs. My current setup is Fronts: 2 rf-82ii Center: rc-62ii Surrounds: 4 klipsch CDT-5800-C II in ceiling Sub: 1 r115sw Receiver: denon s920w but in the process of getting marantz 6012 or 7012 I'm trying to decide which sub I want. I can get another r115sw or a mint and barely used rsw15 that my friend has. He only used it for a year then put it in storage in the original box. The grills aren't even opened yet. I need your guys help! They are both the same price around 850.
  3. Well I don't know because I can get the rc62ii and two rf 82ii for around 650 and that's the cost of just the rp450c and then around 1000 for the rp280fs my question is is last year's models just as good as the rp line because I can get it for so much cheaper.
  4. Hello everybody new here. I was wondering which is a better center channel out of the three. The rp440c, rp450c, and rc62ii. I don't have floor standing speakers yet so I don't need to timbre match anything. I can get there rc62ii brand new for under 200 but both rps are over 400 and 500. Is it worth it or is the rc62ii a better speaker then the other two? Oh and my room is a 16x25 so is one of the speakers better for bigger rooms? Thanks everybody!
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