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  1. its amazing that the the k55m were soldered backwards . the + and - were switched so maybe I was not getting the right sound out of them when they were on the horns? in any case the k55v dual phase plug mids sound very nice. I replaced the diaphragms with new ones from bob crites. the k55v also sound a little less harsh. maybe its because the k55m were connected the wrong way?
  2. Are you sure ? As far as I know , only the k55V had the dual phase plug design.
  3. I just replaced the stock k55m with older k55V ( dual phase plug ) and it sounds amazing. I also found out that the previous owner had the + and - mixed up at the swuaker.
  4. Yes I’m aware of that , but I think the previous owner may have altered the cross over and that is why I wanted to confirm. So that when I change the mid k55m to the older k55V , I don’t switch the + and - by mistake.
  5. thats great, because from what i see on my crossovers, i think the squawker and tweeter are wired wrong. but i will double check again. thanks so much.
  6. Hi all. I need some help finding the positive and negative connections on the AK3 crossovers in my klipschorns because I want to change the mid drivers to k55v alnico and I think the previous owner played around with the wires and since they are not marked red or black on the crossovers I was hoping someone can tell me where exactly is the red and black for mids and tweeters on the crossover. since they are soldered and not marked, I don't know what wire is positive and what wire is negative. thanks
  7. so I purchased new fuse holders today and when I got home, I found out that they were to small diameter and went through the hole so now I have to find fuse holders that will fit and not go through the hole.
  8. I have a pair of k55v dual phase mids. Should I put them on and will they sound better on the k401. Horn?
  9. Do you know if it’s Birch? Or some other wood?
  10. Hi does anyone know the meaning of KB FIN BLK #17 grill is on the side of speakers ? Also what year are my klipschorns? 036298426 is serial number ? Thanks
  11. I sent Schu the pic so he can post it. thanks again. you guys are the best.
  12. ok so i would like to thank everyone . the problem is a broken fuse wire.
  13. ok I will take a ohm meter and check reading. thanks for everyones patience . I will post the results soon.
  14. The amp is left and right channel. The problem with the left speaker is the fuse holder keeps coming out as soon as I tighten it , so I can only tighten it half way and then all the drivers work on that speaker. But on the right side I can’t get any sound at all, but if I connect the speaker cable from the amp direct to the upper section then the tweeter and mid work.
  15. They are 9.5 out of 10 I would say cosmetics
  16. I don’t think I should send them back . They are very nice . Maybe the husband had issue with the cap on one of the crossovers so he changed the cap on one but not on the other
  17. The speakers are consecutive numbers . I bought them without testing because the lady said her husband had them since new and he passed away recently and that’s why she was selling . They are in very good condition except for this issue that I’m having . Plus she didn’t have them hooked up to any amp when I was there.
  18. fuse is new because I just bought new fuses. I will send more pics. one moment please
  19. I checked the crossover and it works because I put the leads for speaker wire from amp to the speaker wire on the upper level that holds the mids and tweeter and it works. but I can't get any sound from the regular input jacks on the side of the bass cabinet.
  20. HI I just emailed them to you Schu. but I I don't know how they will help. its just the regular pic. please let me know what I should take a pic of. thanks
  21. I tried but it says I can only post 2mb for sum reason, but my photo is 5 mb
  22. Hi everyone . I just purchased a pair of mid 90s klipschorns. when I hooked them up, I didnt get any sound from them . only got some bass from 1 speaker. when I checked closer, I saw that the fuse holder was sticking out and when I pushed it back in. then I got some sound. but the other speaker is not giving me any sound at all. but when I connect the speaker cables direct to the upper unit wires, then I get the mids and highs. but the fuse does not seem to want to stay in. and even when I do manage to get it in still no sound. the crossovers seem to work because I'm getting sound when I connect the speakers cables direct to the upper part of the speakers. please advise thanks so much. I just so frustrated because I just spent $3000 and I'm slowly losing my mind. thanks
  23. those look like very nice tube amps. how would they compare to the old Macintosh tube amps? and how much would they cost new to buy or build? very interested in these but would like to know the difference first. thank you
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