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    damsel in distress. can i mix reference lines?

    Hmmm almost same with mine
  2. meepomancer

    Please i need your help. new member here

    i live in norway so its quite hard to find budget receivers. but im rooting for denon. maybe ill just save more for the x1400. but with my set up the x1400 is enough for the voltage requirements? sorry im a total newbie
  3. meepomancer

    Please i need your help. new member here

    Im little tight on budget now and maybe ill settle with this https://www.hifiklubben.no/tv-og-hjemmekino/hjemmekinoreceiver/denon-avr-x540bt-hjemmekinoreceiver/. It it enough to power my set up? Im hoping for price drop on denon x1400 on black friday but if it wont drop, maybe ill settle with denon x540bt. But i really dont know if it is compatible
  4. meepomancer

    Please i need your help. new member here

    How about this one? https://www.elkjop.no/product/tv-lyd-og-bilde/receiver-og-forsterker/STRDN1080/sony-7-2-surround-receiver-str-dn1080 It has the same price with denon x1400 here. Thank you for giving advice. Your so helpful =)
  5. meepomancer

    Please i need your help. new member here

    thank you for your reply. how about this one https://www.elkjop.no/product/tv-lyd-og-bilde/receiver-og-forsterker/RXV481DBK/yamaha-5-1-network-tradlos-av-receiver-rxv481d is it enough for my set up?
  6. Hello guys. i am a newbie here and its my first home theater set up. i tried to read about receivers but i honestly dont understand the voltage and ohms requirements. i have this set up RP-150M bookshelf speakers RP-250C center channel speaker RP-240S surround speakers R-110SW subwoofer is Denon avr-x540BT enough? https://www.hifiklubben.no/tv-og-hjemmekino/hjemmekinoreceiver/denon-avr-x540bt-hjemmekinoreceiver/ or do i need to get Denon AVR-X1400H https://www.hifiklubben.no/tv-og-hjemmekino/hjemmekinoreceiver/denon-avr-x1400h-hjemmekinoreceiver/ please help me guys. million thanks
  7. meepomancer

    Best Receiver for my Setup?

    hi. i just joined this community because i have the same question. i am a total newbie. we have the same set up. but is this receiver enough for his set up? Denon AVR-x540BT https://www.hifiklubben.no/tv-og-hjemmekino/hjemmekinoreceiver/denon-avr-x540bt-hjemmekinoreceiver/