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  1. Excellent pair of la scala's on Seattle Craigslist right now for $1500. If anyone looking.
  2. more RF-7III pics

    I will have the lll's, just waiting to move and get a bigger room. The 280's will move to the rear..... As for now, awaiting my 64lll from Cory. One step at a time.
  3. more RF-7III pics

    I guess if you don't want them tilted back, don't use the base, I like it, might pull the base off of mine.
  4. Review of Cornwall III

    I had a pair I picked up in '81, wish I still had them. Incredible.
  5. more RF-7III pics

    What do you notice the most over the rp28f's?
  6. more RF-7III pics

    What kind of power are you feeding them?
  7. RF7II Package Pricing

    No way!!
  8. RC 64lll

    Ordered, and on it's way. Found a nice mono amp, 200 watts, thinking on doing it. That way, I would have equal power all along the front.
  9. RC 64lll

    Thanks youthman! Definitely paid off...
  10. RC 64lll

    $1300, free shipping, no tax, sound distributors.
  11. RC 64lll

    It's probably a little smoother, but that's all I can see.
  12. RC 64lll

    One more thing guys- is the new 3 series worth $500 more than the two? I'm talking the center channel, as I want a bigger one, than my current 440c. Thanks!
  13. RC 64lll

    The new 64lll should timbre match my rf280p's, don't you think? There is nowhere near me to audition that piece.
  14. RC 64lll

  15. RF7II Package Pricing

    Sound distributors, Las Vegas. Best deals around.