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  1. SOLD PSA XS30SE Subs (dual)

    Those are gorgeous. Like high end furniture with subs inside. Just beautiful!
  2. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    You should try on AudioKarma. I just saw both of these on there in the same sale I'm pretty sure, and there's tons of hoarders on there that have some in their basement, or whatever. They're floating around believe me. I listened to an R-117 at a FrankenFest event (an AK meet up here in NE) that was for sale. Pretty cheap too. I should have bought it. I could have had it for just over $200. It was in great shape too. Sounded very nice. There were just too many deals though. Couldn't buy them all. Things went quick too. I walked away with a Monster power conditioner, and a semi restored pair of Advent 5012/W's (but with the fried egg tweeter, which I like) for $120. I should have bought the 25th anniversary pair of NLA he had too. But I wasn't into the tweeter, and mine sounded much better. But just to stack I should have grabbed them. He would have took $80 for them, and they were mint. My point is I was blown away by the amount of stuff there. They were giving away quality stuff even. So trust me when I say. There's tons of those floating around there, and someone will give you a good deal. It's $25 to join, and you have too, to access their for sale section. Known as Barter Town, but it's totally worth it. Really great group of guys there. Almost as friendly as the people here. Oops excuse me there's something on my nose.

    These might go good over at DIYMA. They love them over there. Great amps. Good luck.
  4. I was kinda thinking the same thing. You're not on top of this like you should be. You're not showing them any challenge on this. You're basically just letting them call the shots. If you let a business, who's there to make money, just do whatever they choose. More often then not. They're going to choose to make money off of you. If you didn't ask for, and get your tubes back. They just may be in the tech or managers amplifier right now. Maybe they did get them replaced by McIntosh, and kept them for themselves even. You need to push them to do right by you if they won't do it themselves. It would be a cold day in hell, before I would pay for those tubes. There's no way I would put up with that nonsense. Those tubes should have rightfully been replaced. And if I were you I would talk to McIntosh themselves about this issue. It just doesn't seem right to me in the least.
  5. Tube Sound VS Solid State Blind Test

    I'm not sure it's all that simple for me, but maybe since I have found a combo or two I could tolerate. None as long as tubes though. I should have mentioned I have a medical issue that makes it worse for me. They think I grind my teeth when I sleep. Which affects the muscles between my jaw, and ears. Which affects my hearing. I have tinnitus from it too. And since I love the tubes for many other reasons too. I'm sticking with them. I've used class D also in my car, and still have the same issue unfortunately. Speakers seem to matter a lot. My KLH Model 33's seem to be fine on all the amps I've tried, and my new large Advents 5012/w, with original fried egg tweeters though, are okay. But my Pinnacle PN8+'s bother me on all the SS I've tried, but not on tubes. They also went from okay to amazing on my SET/SEP. Although their greatest asset in SS, the bass, was lost on it. But the tweeter really surprised me on a good amp. I need to try those on my HH Scott 200 now that I'm thinking about it. It's got more bass. I always wondered about class A SS though, and almost bought a Monarchy one, instead of my SET/SEP. One of these days I want to try a Nelson Pass Class A. Probably a clone though. I am also eventually going to do an active system, and was thinking class A SS would be nice for the low bass.
  6. So did they pay for the tubes? I read this all the way to find out, but no finish here! I'd like to know. Lol
  7. Tube Sound VS Solid State Blind Test

    I got it right. Which surprised the heck out of me actually. But there was one sample. I think it was the 2nd, or maybe the 3rd. Where the difference was huge. One sounded HiFi, and the other just had no life to it. But on the rest of the samples I couldn't really tell. I think if he were to really get into the distortion. It would've been real easy to tell. But who knows? I really do think the type of guitar playing matters. There's some things that tubes do differently, I won't say better even though I think it is myself, and playing certain sounds would make it more obvious then others IMO. I can see where this would be real hard with HiFi too. If the SS were quality. For me I of course like the sound of tubes, but the biggest factor that will keep me listening to tubes for the rest of my life. Is that I don't get fatigued on them, unless there's an issue with the speakers, like cone breakup that causes it. But on SS there's very few speakers that I can handle loud, and even then only for so long. But on tubes I can listen to speakers that should bother me, like bright horns, for hours at higher volume. The same volume on SS would have me turning it down after a couple, or three songs at best. I get headaches even. I got one the other day in my car rocking out to Ted Nugent. Couldn't even finish the song, although it's a very long one. And had to deal with the repercussions for 20-30 minutes after. So given time (say 3 songs at high volume), and on speakers I know won't bother me. I bet I could pick out the tubes everytime. Although I wonder if some of these fancy new ones that don't have rolled off highs will act the same as my amps. I have an HH Scott Stereomaster 200, and a hand made SET/SEP (it's switchable) 6L6 amp that uses old iron. Both have very rolled off highs. I really think that's a lot of it for me. But maybe it is the 2nd order distortion thing? I dunno. I'm just glad to be able to crank up my music again when I get the feeling, and keep it cranked too. Pretty interesting video though. Thank you derrickdj1 Andy B.
  8. Had to share finished new build

    I'm impressed. It's along the lines of what I eventually plan on doing. They look great. Love the wood horn. And would hate to have to move them.
  9. Klipsch ownership

    Half seems kinda high to me. But we're working on it. People say they'd buy a Lamborghini, or something like that if they win the lottery. I'm buying audio gear. A Klipschorn in every corner of my mansion sounds nice to me. Yes even the bathrooms. It's a mansion.
  10. SOLD FS NOSValves Scott 299a

    Well either way. If this unit sounds anywhere near as good as my HH Scott Stereomaster 200 does. Someone is going to be very, very happy. These units have HUGE Iron. The transformers on my 200 barely even get warm. And I mean after playing for 12 straight hours. I have a hand made SET/SEP 6L6 amp, and this is almost as good in detail/clarity/separation, but better in dynamics, and bass. Plus they have so many options, like a center channel output even. These are the best if you don't have the luxury of positioning your speakers properly. All the controls are independent. And we all know how great Klipsch speakers sound with tube amplification of course. These do have a dark sound though. I love that myself. It works perfectly with bright horn speakers. Just a gorgeous unit that someone is going to love.
  11. WTB empty Heresy cabs - Found! No longer needed

    LOL I was thinking that myself after I posted.
  12. WTB empty Heresy cabs - Found! No longer needed

    Yea well those are ridiculous once in a lifetime type deals. I've gotten some decent deals like that myself off Craigslist. But not quite that level. There's still some deals to be found on Craigslist. You really have to be on top of it though. They go fast! It's just supply, and demand really. It's all the hipsters fault. If vintage wasn't "cool" you could most likely still get deals like that. We should start a rumor that some really uncool people are into vintage audio. Or maybe we need to start telling everyone that you can get cancer from vintage audio gear. Then maybe I too can get a pair of Klipschorns on the cheap like you did.
  13. WTB empty Heresy cabs - Found! No longer needed

    I'd have to disagree. You just have to be patient. I've gotten a Geek Out 450 for $60 shipped ($200 new), and a pair of Eminence 12LTA, plus a pair of Eminence ASD1001 with horns/waveguides for $90 shipped over there. I think that's pretty cheap. $150 for $400 worth of gear seems like a deal to me. I've seen stuff go for half of Ebay prices all the time over there. I guess everybody's definition of cheap is different though. But what's not so debatable is the fact that I've not seen quality stuff sell for less on a regular basis anywhere else. Of course there's Craigslist, but that's as shady as it gets. You never know what you're really getting, or who you're dealing with.
  14. WTB empty Heresy cabs - Found! No longer needed

    Very cool. Congrats. Good luck with your project. Andy B.
  15. WTB empty Heresy cabs - Found! No longer needed

    Yea I just checked. nolasally is his user name. It's in the parts section. $100 a pair.