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  1. Couldn't do it huh? I wouldn't if it were me either. There's not much better without spending a lot more. I would honestly keep them, if it were me. I heard a pair of these years ago, and that's what got me into this mess. If there's something you're not happy with. It's probably something else in your system. There's definitely better. But at what price? Think source, speakers, and room. You'll figure it out. Good luck man.
  2. If that came up last week. They'd be gone already. I was looking for something like this, and buy just couldn't find the perfect one in my price range, which this is. Not that I'm complaining, because I picked up a beautiful restored 1964 HH Scott 340B receiver for under $600. But I've been wanting to try a pair of these for a long time. I knew this would happen too, because it always does. Lol Good luck with your sale and Happy Holidays. Someone is going to get a great pair of mono blocks for a great price. I should add. To anyone who hasn't heard a 6L6 based tube amp. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you do so. They're awesome! Andy B.
  3. Hey guys. Waiting on my new Scott receiver right now. And having enjoyed the magic that is Klipsch and tubes already. And being in the market for some new speakers (haven't bought a new pair in over about 20 years), despite having plenty of old ones around here already, including 2 pair of Klipsch (KG 3.5, and RF-3's) . I started looking at the new Klipsch models, and of course am looking at the holiday sales that are going on right now too. I'm particularly attracted to Klipsch for their great sound obviously, but with only 30 watts on tap. Efficiency is very important too, and that's where Klipsch is tops. Oh yea, and they're just so dang cool too. 😁 So I'm a little concerned that the new ones might be more analytical then I'm looking for. I'm really wanting a very musical system that doesn't show every bad recording to me. Something just to rock out to. Not analyze, and hear every little nuance of the recordings. I have another system for that. I mostly listen to all types of rock, jazz, blues, soul, R+B, Motown, and that sort of stuff. I do like softer stuff too, but mainly upbeat stuff, and a lot of old stuff. Hence the worry about bad recordings. My room is 12'x12'x8', and I'll be using a Scott Nixon Tube DAC as the source. I have good cables already too. I know the tubes will soften some of the edges, but I don't want the speakers to add that edge back. If that's even possible? I'm far from an expert in audio, despite all my delusions of grandeur. 🧐 So knowing all of this. Do you guys think that a pair of Klipsch bookshelves will do the job? I won't be using a sub, at least not right away, and do like nice bass, but I'm not worried about going crazy low. Just tight, and impactful as possible. Most of the music I listen to, won't be going very low anyway, with a few exceptions of course. I'll list the ones I've been looking at, and hopefully some of you fine folks have had experience enough to give me some insight. If I left out anything. Please LMK, and I'll do my best to answer your inquiry. Also if anyone has any suggestions of models that I didn't list. Please LMK, but nothing smaller then 5.25 inch woof, and not really looking for towers. As my alternative to these would probably be an old pair of KG4 instead of new towers, but I'm sick of dealing with old speakers really. I want something brand new, or very close to it at least. R-51M RP-150M RP-160M RB-61 II R-15M And possibly even the: RB-81M But now the price is getting way up there. And I read they are too bass heavy in a review. I really think I want a 6.5 woofer. So the RP-160M looks nice, but people say it's got issues, that the RP-150M doesn't. Then there's the RB-61II, but I really haven't looked into that one yet. I'm not sure where these all fall in line, and what's the newer ones, etc. though. So it's pretty confusing to me. I just want them to go as low as they reasonably can, have tight bass, play smoothly, get very loud when needed, and sound musical. Again, not looking for audiophile qualities so much, and need to be able to play crappy old recordings/mp3's etc. Also are any of these made specifically for music? Versus Home Theater? That would sway my preference. As I'm only looking for 2 channel stereo listening here. Alright that's a whole lot already. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. And Happy Holidays to Everyone trading this. Andy B.
  4. Looks like there's not many for sale right now. https://www.hifishark.com/model/ads-l-710 I would go the AudioKarma route myself. You'll make the $25 back from subscribing on the first thing you buy there probably. I did myself. But don't forget about Audio Circle, Audio Asylum, DIYaudio, US Audio Mart, Parts Express Tech Forums, and Audiogon too. All of these are free, except Audiogon. I've found a few things this way. Just posted an ad on all of them, and found what I wanted within a few hours. Your request being region specific might take a little longer, but it might not. Good luck. Andy B.
  5. Please keep us informed when you have time. I'm very curious to see what they do for you. That's such a sweet amp. It's a shame to see you having issues like this. I assume this is not normal. They seem very well built. There's a video that shows them being made on YouTube I just watched last night. Pretty cool.
  6. Yea they should have, and I would go in there and remind them of that. I also would post my experience on review sites. Many times I want to, but hold off because I get it. Mistakes happen. As long as they don't become impolite to me. I usually cool off. I hate the idea of hurting someones income source. But if it costs me lots of time, and/or money it's a different matter. In this case I wouldn't though due to the amount of money you spent. Twice now! And had a big hassle too. For what you spent on the amp. They should have sent a guy out to hook it up for you. That wouldn't even cost them $50 to do so probably. Depending on how far away your house is. Or they could have at least talked you through the right way to hook it up. That way if you did it there way. They can't say any BS like they are now. This is nonsense. I'd be furious myself. Spend that kind of money, but get worse customer service then McDonald's. I don't think so. I would not be okay with that AT ALL! But that's me. I'm a very principled type person. And can be a little aggressive with these things. I do get what they are supposed to give me in the end though. Every time too. Many, many bill credits from cable, cell phone etc. Just got an extra $100 out of Verizon last month, because the person who sold me my Pixel 2 XL straight up lied to my face and put me through a big hassle. Got every penny I had coming too. Two months with no bill right after Xmas was very nice indeed. But I spent about 4 hours on the phone to get it. It was over $200 total I would have lost it I didn't though. So $50 an hour, not bad. Lol Those companies will walk all over you if they can get away with. And they sure seem to try. With me anyway. I'm glad it worked out for you though in the end. I guess McIntosh took good care of you, and they probably do for everyone else also. That's all the more reason to be upset with the place you bought it at though. Seems they just wanted more money, and didn't want to give you any service for it. I would never do business with that place. Ever! Pretty cool to have them extra tubes though from McIntosh. You'll be set for a very long time now. Be sure to put them in a very safe place away from kids, and pets. Heck adults too. Lol Enjoy your amp man. I'm jealous. Andy B.
  7. BTW In case anyone is curious. I haven't heard from the OP at all.
  8. I bet people love them at the games. I'm terrible at picking the right colors and stuff like that. But I know when something looks great. And then I copy lol This is worth copying. It's perfect IMO.
  9. Well yea I always figure it helps too my friend. But I certainly don't have any problems respecting your wishes. I wish I was flush with cash. I've read more then one person say they thought this was the best twin powered H/K. Speaking of which. It wouldn't hurt to remind buyers that this is a very rare dual mono receiver. This really is a high end amp with a preamp, and tuner built in. And these are highly coveted by those that know them. And that these are known to be one of those magical pieces of gear that will make you stop in the middle of rocking out, because you're so amazed at how friggin good it sounds. I only buy gear like this, because I love that better then anything. Just being blown away at your own equipment. It makes you so happy you bought it. And makes you feel sorry for others that don't know that amazing feeling. Good luck with your sale my man. Someone is going to be very happy they purchased this. That's for sure. Andy B.
  10. I wish I could say I was. I was planning on maybe stepping up to one of these someday. It just doesn't have any magic to my ears. Where the Scotts I've heard. And my handmade SET/SEP do. I'm guessing by how people talk about them that the Fisher's do too. And probably the Sherwood's also. That being said. I've heard these can be that way when properly tricked out. And maybe yours is. I don't know. But the one I've heard only had an upgrade to the printed circuit board I think. And was running winged c output tubes. That's about all I know on it. And run through vintage Jensen 700XL's which I went to look at with hopes of purchasing them. They sounded good. Did things right for the most part. But just nothing special. I passed on the speakers. I also listened to the same setup with a B&K SS amp on KLH model tens. This was actually much better. Not magical, but sort of special. Really got my foot tapping. I enjoyed that setup much more. Everything else was the same. Same Pre, and source etc. Even the speaker cables were the same in pretty sure. I'm really hoping I get a chance to hear another one in a different setup that changes my mind. The Dynaco is a true classic that I'm very enamored with. I love the looks. I love the history. The simplicity. The ability to tweak it etc. Just not that impressed with how it sounded unfortunately. Next time I get together with my friend at his house. I'm going to ask him to hook up the Bob Latino 120 he has, and really give it a good listen. His Khorns are a good match for that amp I would think. So it should give it a true fair shot. I know it's not an actual Dynaco, but should be even better I would think. Although I may be wrong on that, as I'm no expert for sure.
  11. HOGFAN In my research trying to find info I saw all kinds of stuff about these speakers. But none that looked anywhere near as nice as yours do. Those are awesome. If I ever take the time to go all out on any pair of speakers like this (pro audio with the trim). I'm doing it that color or similar. They look perfect that way. With the contrasting color of the trim. Very nice.
  12. Nah they're not that bad. If you search his profile he tried to sell them here a few years ago, and has a link to some pictures. No worse then HOGFAN's are. But in reality. They'll probably need about the same amount of work to look nice. I mean to do them right anyway. I'm not too concerned with looks myself anyway. I just need a nice pair of speakers that get loud on my low powered tubes right now, and that I can improve over time. But I'm telling you. With my luck. I'll never get them. Lately nothing has gone they way I expect it to. Not even close. Since like mid to late November. So even if he still has them. Something else will prevent me. It's just been my luck lately. Seriously. Lol
  13. BTW avguytx. I'm not trying to ruin your sale. I just honestly think it would be better if they stayed in one piece, and that it would be much easier for the OP. Plus this is exactly the type of thing I've been searching for on my limited budget. To make it fair. If I ever sell them. I'll be happy to give you the right of first refusal. To be honest though. I doubt they'll be getting sold anytime soon if I do manage to get them. But knowing my luck. They're already gone anyway. Lol
  14. These are awesome units from what everyone says. I'd love to just hear it. And I'm not surprised they weren't impressed with the Dynaco. I just heard a 70 for the first time, and wasn't impressed at all. My HH Scott 200, and my handmade 6L6 SET/SEP both smoke it. In fact my friend who sold me the Scott has a $2500 custom built Bob Latino ST 120 that sits in storage while he uses his Scott 222c instead, because it's just better. I know they an be modded, and the 70 was slightly as is the 120. But still. Not impressed. Maybe they both need tweaking, or different speakers. I dunno. I heard the 120 on Khorns, and the 70 on Jensen 700 XL's. For what it's worth.
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