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  1. Just curious why are you are selling? And are you looking for anything in trade maybe? I'm interested in it, but money is a bit of an issue. Mainly because I don't NEED it. It would come in handy though. I just wish I knew if it would sound much better then my current DAC. Thanks Andy B.
  2. Just joined. Sayin hi. HI!

    Me too. It's almost every one too. And they all say "doesn't affect sound at all". LOL
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    See I was figuring you slept on the passive radiators for comfort. But I'm sure MDF has some flex. I tell you. Almost every Klipsch speaker with a passive on the back that I see on Craigslist has the cone on the passive pushed in. Makes me think they may actually be sleeping on them. Or they have kids.
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    Thanks man. Should have quoted the first reply too. You snuck in while I was typing. So I guess that on top of sounding good. Klipsch's (sp?) are comfortable too huh?
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    I've thought about it. Is that bad? Thank you. That's actually part of the problem. My bedroom is my listening room. I have some room, as I have 5 pairs of speakers in there. But really only one spot to have them sound good where I listen. And there's a TV on the corner situation. It's complicated.
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    Hi guys. I recently bought my first pair of Klipsch, and ran into the forum while researching how to improve my KG 3.5's. I've been lurking for a bit, and decided I need to join. Especially since I've already joined just about every other car, and home audio site already. And the fact that I love my KG's. I actually am thinking of getting another set. I have an 8 watt SE triode/pentode amp, and I need more SPL/bass. I almost contacted a guy today about some Forte II's. But they're really too wide for my room, and I'm not sure how the rear radiator will do because I don't have much space. So I decided to wait, and do more research first. I may have to start a post on that subject. I don't know all the models, and could use some help to find the best solution. Anyway. Glad to be here. And hope you all are having a good night. Andy B.