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  1. I am on the Klipsch website trying to purchase a bundle (R26F 2.1) they are offering from 11/19 to 11/28 and in order to get the special price you have to enter promo code HOLIDAYPARTY. The problem is they never give you an opportunity on any of the online order pages to type that in, so the full MSRP price never changes right up to the moment you are supposed to click "charge my card". I called the "support" telephone number and some third party vendor (not Klipsch) answers and says everyone is having that problem but you have to be a "member". How do I become a member? Has anyone else encountered this glitch? Please help.
  2. I have recently purchased several new Klipsch speakers, a pair of bluetooth R15PM powered monitors, a pair of (non-powered, non-bluetooth) R28F floor towers and a 10" R10SW subwoofer (that I have connected to the powered monitors) and I also have two indepedent Crown stereo power amps (XLS1500's) I can use. How can I combine all of these Klipsch speakers together into one system? Do I need to purchase the Gate or the Powergate? What I typically do is play Spotify from my phone through the powered monitors and sub and in another room I use one of the Crown amps hooked up to my computer to listen to Spotify through my big towers.
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