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  1. Hi all, just wanted to say thank you for all the feedback! We discussed on the phone today and I've agreed to sell them to the museum for a reasonable price. They can disclose the exact amount if they wish. Now it's just up to you guys to donate and make it happen! Thanks again guys, great community you have here.
  2. Wow! Quite a lot of interest. I do like the idea of them going to the museum but I've had multiple local offers now and I could really use some cash coming in for this. I really don't make much so the tax write off is pretty meaningless for me unfortunately. That said, I will not sell them right away unless someone shows up with over $1000 for it. If you guys would like to see what can be done in terms of raising money to purchase them I'm very open to it. Off to work now but when I get home I will try to test the drivers for you guys.
  3. Very cool! I will try to get on checking drivers asap but not able to tonight. Thanks again for all the information.
  4. Wow thank you for the thorough input. It may not be until the weekend but I will get a receiver out and report back with more information about condition. I certainly don't have time to take on a restoration but I do appreciate the information. Hopefully I'll draw the attention of a Klipsch lover near Seattle who has the time to restore them.
  5. You're in luck, I had pictures of those ready to go but didn't fit on that last post. Edit: the white splotch or 'horse' on the second speaker appears to be residue from a sticker that was partially peeled off.
  6. I appreciate the offer but I do think a bit more then that is fair. I really don't have a good space to store them, just going to be in the corner of my living room until they sell. So basically the best offer I get in the next couple weeks will likely be taking it home. I'll make a post on CL too. @youthman I believe it says 1 R not 18, both mean nothing to me but hopefully that helps!
  7. I really don't know anything beyond a name. I took a couple more pics to show more model numbers. I appreciate any and all feedback, thanks for the thoughts so far! Would love to know opinions on whether I should consider these worth more then the average pair due to the early run as well.
  8. Cleaning out a storage unit and found these! I know nothing about them, I'm not really an audio guy but I figured I should ask you guys about them before I move forward with them. I am looking to sell and located near Seattle. If you guys can give me any advice on what to check for/what I should price them at I'd be very curious to know. Bit dusty and missing outer cabinets? But the components look to be in good shape. Any help you guys can give would be awesome! Thanks in advance! RJ
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