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  1. Dingo0613

    Receiver for RF82-II + RC62-II

    Thanks for getting back to me. Lossless like I might find in blue ray or dvd? Or only sources like tidal? I could prolly spend $250 within the next 6 months. Right now I am not running surround, would I only stand to benefit if I was?
  2. Dingo0613

    Receiver for RF82-II + RC62-II

    Thank you both for the feedback. I really am only interested in audio quality as opposed to streaming features, internet connectivity, video passthrough capability, and loudness. Outside of those features is there any advantages that a newer receiver would provide me to make my current setup sound better that my HTR-3063 doesn’t? I hear people talk about distortion and different codecs and such but I don’t really onderstand it.
  3. Dingo0613

    Receiver for RF82-II + RC62-II

    I have recently purchased two rf82-ii and a rc-62ii. They look great and they seem to sounds great, but the question I have is if I am using too old/bad of a receiver for them. I have a Yamaha HTR-3063. I know that it only does 100 watts/channel and the rf82-ii has a 150 watt rms, but I have them in a fairly small, 750 sqft apartment so I do not run them loud. I am just worried that I have my nice new speakers, but am not really getting the quality out of them that I could because of my home theater in a box receiver. Additionally, I am not immediately sure of what specs I should really be looking for in a new receiver if it is determined that I need one. My TV is just a standard 60" 1080p Sony, so I am not worried about video quality, nor am I worried about streaming connectivity. I am currently thinking strictly audio quality. Some songs have really sounded amazing on them, and others have sounded fairly the similar to my former budget bookshelf speakers. Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  4. I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the rf-82 ii as compared to the older Icon vf-36. I was offered to be gifted the Icons which I don’t know much about, but I instead wanted and purchased the rf-82 ii’s For $400 out the door. Everyone’s thoughts are much appreciated.