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  1. 1) Yes, the speaker shows up on Streaming App and it works fine with Spotify, Tidal etc., however not with Apple music on my iPhone. Even though the songs have been downloaded to my phone (not on iCloud). It shows an error msg.: "unsupported format'. I thought it may be my router? But then all other music provider work.. 2) I thought that RSB-14 works with Airplay: as DTS Play-fi web says it works: https://play-fi.com/faq/entry/how-do-i-use-airplay-with-a-play-fi-product It even says how to set-up Airplay using the web-interface: https://play-fi.com/faq/entry/set-up-using-a-web-browser I open a ticket with Klipsch, but no answer so far. Thanks..
  2. Hi Everyone.. is there anyone familiar with setting up the RSB-14 to use Apple Airplay. The soundbar is connected to my home wifi, and I can stream music via my Apple TV to the HDMI of the soundbar - with no problem. However, I'm not able to: 1) Stream from my iPhone's Apple music app, the Airplay icon won't show 2) Stream from my iPhone's Play-fi app choosing songs from my Apple music library - Error starting playback. Has anyone come across this? Thanks much, Goeppche
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