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  1. I am aquiring a set of CF3's, and I have a set of ESS Heil Elites I will be setting on top to take care of the highs and high mids. My question is, are there a set of midrange drivers such as the K-52-K that can be attached to the horn of a CF3 in place of the K-63-KN driver to convert it to more of a midrange than a tweeter? if so, would the crossover need to be modified as well?
  2. Hello, I am resuming my search for some KLF 30's or CF4's within driving distance of Savannah, GA. The last speakers I had shipped arrived pretty much destroyed, so I have a truck and will drive a reasonable distance. I go to Atlanta pretty regularly, and I'm primarily looking within an area from Charleston, SC to Augusta, GA to Atlanta, GA down to Columbus, GA to Orlando, FL to Jacksonville, FL. Thank you
  3. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    Thanks for the heads up! One set is no longer available, and I reached out the the guy in NC. Of course, the recurring issue is shipping. I keep watching Atlanta and other areas closer to me but nothing yet.
  4. Kgordonl

    Klipsch KLF and other speakers

    I'm in the market for a pair of KLF 30's but unfortunately I'm on the other coast. If we could find a method of shipping to 31324 Richmond Hill, GA that isn't too outrageous I would be interested. Maybe even both sets.
  5. Kgordonl


    He almost got me. Just a good reminder to only purchase using PayPal if not meeting in person. Also, reverse googling is your friend. Hopefully putting him on blast will prevent someone else from getting scammed. Of course, he will probably change his name and just keep on doing it. It's a shame there are pieces of shit like this guy out there, but is certainly a reality! Be careful out there folks!
  6. Kgordonl


    Just giving everyone a heads up that a member on here named Dan Dawson just tried to run a scam on me. He said that someone he knows has some CF-4's I'm looking for and provided an email address to his friend Gulley. I contacted Gulley who sent me pictures of the speakers. The price was cheap and wanted me to wire the money. I messaged Dan to see if he could vouch for this Gulley, and he did (likely the same person). Well low and behold, a quick reverse google of the images revealed they were from a post in 2015. Fair warning! Don't be scammed by this piece of shit!
  7. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    Of course, I never heard back from the seller. Still looking.
  8. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    I appreciate the heads up. I actually would be willing to buy the whole system to get the speakers. Of course my issue is shipping them here. I reached out to him to see if we can work something out. I don't suppose by chance anyone on here is planning to drive a truck from the St. Louis area to Georgia anytime soon?!?
  9. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    I appreciate the insight. Are your KLF 30's for sale by chance?
  10. Kgordonl

    For Sale - ADCOM GFA 555 II Amplifiers

    Actually no, I don't. Do tell!
  11. Kgordonl

    For Sale - ADCOM GFA 555 II Amplifiers

    Great amps! I have two already myself, but it is tempting to grab these up!
  12. I have a very nice set of KG 4.2's that are in like-new condition and have the original boxes. There have been no modifications made to these. They work and sound just as they should, and I have not found a blemish anywhere on them. The front covers look like new as well. $450 for pick-up in the Savannah, GA area. I am looking to upsize to KLF 30's or CF-4's and have a few other audio components I could work into a deal if interested.
  13. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    Alexg5775 I am definitely interested at that price, but I just don't know when I would be able to make a 14 hour round trip.
  14. Kgordonl

    Looking to buy a set of KLF 30s or Epic CF-4s

    The ones in the Orlando CL appear to be nice but the seller is very clear that they are not looking to negotiate on the price. I'm still looking.