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  1. Well since hofy was just here recently I thought I'd post as well, since I am an old timer afterall, and I have one of the original high gain preamps from a set of v2-400 I used to have to prove it I didn't realize Kblair was a legend! haha I believe he was in the lead for # of posts until around the 900 mark when hofy finally caught up and beat him to 1000! Kblair was quite popular and I'm still quite fond of him although I don't see him around much anymore-Gxcad c>
  2. zc>This message has been edited by Gxcad on 02-05-2002 at 01:44 AM
  3. I do believe they are magnetically sheilded...and should be fine. -Gxcad
  4. totally flat tube...hehehe I dunno~ -Gxcad
  5. Videologic Digitheater DTS is a good speaker "package" for $600. Its multimedia thou, not HT. Its 5.1 as well, check out some reviews of it if you want more info.-Gxcad c>
  6. It seems like someone set me up the bomb...I mean I think my cpu is busted, I have tried various tests to come to this conclusion. Well, I have a 1.33 t-bird on the way so when that arrives I will find out now won't I? -Gxcad c>
  7. I have a new KK266-R and was wondering what you think it means when its turned on with everything in place and it fails to post or beep, and sends no signal to the monitor. The last time I remember my computer did this was when I oced my proc too far... I have never gotten my KK266-R to post but it does receive power (all the fans and jigamawats start to light up and turn).... any ideas? Thanks-Gxcad c>
  8. There is one benchmark I'd bet the AMD can't beat the P4 and that is memory bandwidth. Mainly due to the P4's 400mhz FSB and 800mhz RDRAM. But screw memory bandwidth if the athlon is faster AND cheaper!!-Gxcad c>
  9. IMO, the CP1 improves bass. It is punchier and theres more of it -Gxcad c>
  10. Did you use the quintets with the pros sub (substituted the pros sats with quintets?) I kinda wanted to do this...-Gxcad c>
  11. Cabbage, read thread "my thoughts about the new 4.1" for...you guessed it! My thoughts about the new 4.1 -Gxcad c>
  12. I forgot to mention I noticed something very interesting. When I had the CP1 hooked up to the sats with the old xover there was hiss when in idle (like the original high gain preamp) but when I used the new sats there was no hiss! Maybe the new sats have a lower volume compared to the old sats cuz I also noticed that they *might* have sounded quieter than the old ones at the same position on the preamp. Of course, it can also mean that the new sats simply reproduce less white noise, which is probably a good thing -Gxcad c>
  13. Ok first off, I got them from soundcity.com and they were $294ish including all fees. I've tried the CP1 with the old sats before I went full out and setup the 4.1. The CP1 seemed to enhance the gain (louder) and bass was louder and tighter (less boomy). The sound also MIGHT have sounded a little clearer, but it was so hard to tell that it probably was my ears playing tricks on me. Ok now new satellites, Boom! Yes there is noticibly more midrange! I think there is also less excessive sound...if you know what I mean. I'd hardley call it an improvement straight up, I'd say most people would say its an improvement but its very debateable and I bet there'd be a lot of people who prefered the old crossover. The sats don't have improved sound quality, they merely have a slightly different type of sound, so its a matter of taste weither its an upgrade or not, IMO.Theres my short report! -Gxcad c>
  14. Just got my 4.1's as well. Since I have the old promedias as well, I can do all the comparisons possible (old preamp old cross, new pre old cross, old pre new cross and new pre new cross) however I am only going to do the new pre old cross unless someone else replys and INSISTS they want my opinion on the old pre to new cross . Also, I had one heck of a time getting the CP1 off of the main sat...but no prob gettin that screw out. Hope I don't get the sats mixed up before I sell my old set (I don't have THAT much money...hehe) right now I'm not putting on the rubber feet so I can tell them apart -Gxcad Haven't listened to them yet...I'll have them setup in about an hour...just hope we don't get a blackout again... c>
  15. No promedia or acoustic edge? Also...superorb? hmmmm....-Gxcad c>
  16. Oops! I guess I'm a little late here but I would of mentioned the Sony GDM-F400, this is the absolute best Sony 19 inch monitor and since it is no longer produced, if you can find one you can get it for ~$550 (originally $1000) The reviews for this monitor are like what you read about the promedias, minus the bang for buck comments.-Gxcad c>
  17. Klipsch recommends putting the port at least 6 inches from the wall and each woofer 2 inches I think. This is perfect distance if you put your sub right against the wall with the port facing the corner. They also mentioned that it won't damage the sub if you don't follow those guidelines, just that they recommend them. Also, this may not be accurate since it is from memory and not from searching the archives, but I think it was 6 from port 2 from each woofer.-Gxcad c>
  18. If you ask me, BASH doesn't sound like much of a technology, rather more like a sound effect. I've been using BASH technology for years, particularly when I'm frustrated. Ex: If computer fails to boot, BASH head on keyboard 21 times while chanting "All your BASH are belong to us" Note: You do not have to chant unless you have upgraded to Win ME. Ex2: New features of windows 2000: #1 CTRL-ALT-DEL is now used to START your computer. Note: you can not get windows 98 to overclock into windows 2000 no matter how much cooling or voltage you give it. In those examples, I am using BASH technology against Microsoft. This is commonly refered to as BASHing. On a more serious note, I think the 2.1's don't have BASH because BASH is a technology used for the 4.1 sub, which has 2 drivers. Since the 2.1 has only 1 driver, it does not need this BASH technology for it to work?? Correct me if I'm wrong . -Gxcad Edit: I am sleepy c>
  19. I remember hearing something like the cp1 will improve sub compression and make each channel more distinct...correct me if I'm wrong.-Gxcad c>
  20. Hey guys! Here is my system: Abit LX6 P2 333 @ 416 (83FSB) 256mb PC133 (I'll explain in a bit) Voodoo 3 3000 (dated, but good 2d) 19inch hitachi - very nice the reason I'm running this system is because I toasted my MSI K7T pro2A with a soldering iron while attempting to do a voltage mod=P My system a week ago was: MSI K7T pro2A Duron 650 @ 970 the rest is the same as above This would explain why I have PC133 in such an old mobo, but even this old mobo is a very nice mobo. I'm replaceing the dead mobo with a Iwill KK266-R (similar to Abit KT7A RAID). All of my systems have been using an SBlive! X-gamer I got back over a year ago. I hope to be replaceing this with an acoustic edge but I'll be selling it really soon so I'll be with onboard sound for a while (but its better than AC97!). I know what you mean slaz, I'm 19 myself but I'd consider myself a computer enthusiast and overclocker, yet because of my age and college status, I'm fairly strict on the budjet. For me what you have would simply be unaffordable (with P4 being at least $500 on its own). P4's don't suck, they just are too expensive, nonetheless I'd love to have a 1.2ghz athlon or even a P4 1.3ghz (althou a duron 970 @ 300FSB would come pretty close...) I'm glad AMD makes computer so much more affordable ($260 for their top of the line 1.2ghz athlon afterall) but I just wish Nvidia didn't make graphics so expensive! I really couldn't spend more than $200 MAX for a videocard, and for that, I could get 5 duron 650's! As for wait time, I'm pretty ok with it, esp since I still have my v2 400, but I should be expecting the 4.1's tomorro! I just gotta get through 2 essays tonight...*sigh*... wish me luck -Gxcad c>
  21. I would like to say I have seen many people say they like the acoustic edge over the sblive series, also gluegun I can't find it anywhere for $70, I'd like to revise your claim to $85.-Gxcad c>
  22. I dunno, the 2.1's are supposed to be similar to the 4.1's if the rears are disabled, therefore woudln't 2 of them actually be a 4.1 with an extra sub? (in sound quality/output) I realize the wattage differences and the fact that the sub in the 2.1 only has one driver.-Gxcad c>
  23. looks pretty good for the most part, small things I noticed (in order of importance) were: the soundcard - go with the acoustic edge floppy drive - Teac or Sony, in that order the ram - crucial is better the mobo - why not the raid version? (for a small investment you get future harddrive possibility peace of mind) well, those were the small things I noted, maybe you should take them into consideration -Gxcad c>
  24. ...or turn down the volume all the way before turning off the computer-Gxcad c>
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