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  1. Sure did do the Line of Death /Med cruise 86. I was a hole snipe (BT1), so any hub-bub that didn't involve fluorescent lights we werent involved in. I do remember the Chief engineer telling us the first lady was visiting us and that we had to make sure the bilges were clean enough to eat on. I was in 3mmr and we had fuel oil leaks constantly. We laughed and fell out at his remark. Some fun days. Nostalgia reigns supreme today!
  2. I did a trap on a greyhound.. had to see the dentist afterwards to get a crown glued back in. That backwards landing scared the heck out of me
  3. I was stationed aboard the America from 1986-1990. The world gets smaller by the day😁
  4. I was stationed in Meridian from 91-94. Some awesome bass fishing on the lake they have on the base. Scored my one and only hole in one on a par 3 at the golf course they have. I was usually a 3 digit "player". Small world ain't it?
  5. Good morning, just a pop in to let y'all know I'm having a real cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the Mavis estate. My younger brother travels world wide for Coca Cola and he knows I love Im a coffee aficionado, but am on a fixed income (retired DAV). So for Christmas he got me a couple of bags of whole beans. Darn near brought tears to my eyes. I had this coffee once before when I was in the Navy on a port call in the early `80s. Brought back some great memories. Everyone have an outstanding day.
  6. The NFL needs to fix (eliminate) that "when a touchdown is not a touchdown" rule. Although I'm a Patriots fan, the Steelers were robbed of a touchdown on the Jesse James catch. A runner simply has to break the plane of the goal line, then whatever happens afterwards matters not. A more consistent policy will help.
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