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  1. Norman Druce died at 46 of a drug overdose.  He was a local audio guru who worked with Jack White’s Third Man recording facility.  He also designed speakers to be used as studio monitors.  He business was on the verge of taking off before his unfortunate and premature demise.


    I’ve never heard his speakers.  His website is linked below.




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  2. I won't get it done today.  I still need to reach in through the motorboard holes to seal the seams where the back panel is glued to the sides, top, and bottom.  I need the Titebond to cure first.  I want to avoid sealing in moisture?


    Following the sealing with RTV Silicone, I’ll use a router to round-over the hard corners , and then fill and sand the exterior seams.  It should be ready for DuraTex next weekend, if the weather cooperates.


    The screws visible in the attached photo are attachment points for the rubber feet that will be attached to the bottom and the back.



  3. 3 hours ago, Wolfbane said:


    Assuming both were playing concurrently . . .


    I see now that my post was unclear (edited now for clarity).  They were both lost opportunities at different times.

  4. I thought Michigan played as well as they’ve played all season, despite the loss.  Next week Michigan plays Notre Dame, which always presents a dilemma for me, as one team has to win.


    Naturally, I will root for my alma mater next week against PSU, but if Sparty fails to play much better than it has recently, it won’t be pretty.

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  5. This could be a separate thread, but what are your greatest concert regrets?  Which concerts do you wish you had attended, but didn’t, and which did you attend, but wish you hadn’t?


    I passed on opportunities to hear Roy Orbison in a small venue in Milwaukee, and to hear Dave Brubeck at the Detroit Jazz Festival for free.   Now it’s too late.

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  6. 17 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

    Taut?  you are increasing the string tension when you bend it .


    I get that, but I thought the strings started out so taut that that much deflection from straight would not be possible. 

  7. She’s very good.  I’m not a guitarist, but it seemed to me she moved the strings side to side along the neck with her left hand more than I would expect.  I thought the strings would be more taut.   Apparently, I was mistaken.  The linked vintage video of Jimmy Page playing the same song shows similar lateral movement of the strings by his left hand.  What say you Steve @BigStewMan or any other experts?




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  8. Ticketmaster is the box office.  Through American Express, tickets were available prior to the “public” sale, but they were not less expensive.  I suppose I’ll explore the secondary market as the concert dates draw near to see if someone needs to unload tickets at the eleventh hour, but I’ll not hold my breath.

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  9. Even with the low price and the convenience of CNC cut MDF, the PE Dayton MKBoom will include some BB.  PE would have me trust wood screws into the MDF to secure the drivers, the handle, and the feet.  I’d sooner trust double faced tape. Instead, I glued hardwood dowel plugs to each driver screw location and BB squares to the insides of the top, bottom, and back where the handle and feet attach.  I know, the added plugs and squares decrease the internal volume, which throws off PE’s “precise” calculations; so sue me.


    Which would you trust to hold a screw, 13-ply BB or compressed sawdust?  Nonetheless, I trust Klipsch to make new Cornwalls, as well as their other fine products, from MDF in such ways as to guarantee structural integrity.  Just don’t waste your breath trying to convince me that MDF was chosen for “sonic superiority.”


    If money were no object and I wanted the best sounding Cornwalls, the new Cornwall IV would be my choice. Nonetheless, IMO, sonic superiority exists despite MDF, not because of it.



  10. Take away the economics and convenience and I’ll use BB in my DIY builds every time.  The TH subs and scratch-built “Supers” in the first attached photo are BB all the way.  The single drivers are made from Parts Express MDF flat packs.  The convenience and price made sense.  Sonic superiority was not a reason to pick MDF over void-free Baltic Birch plywood.




    Convenience and cost cost gave the nod to the PE MKBoom CNC cut MDF flat pack below.  Each material has its place, but, IMO, the choice comes down to dollars and cents, not sonic superiority.  Given the time and the budget I will ALWAYS choose BB over MDF for important projects.  I will not invest my time and money scratch building with MDF.


    That said,  If I were in the market for new factory-built speakers, I would not avoid new Klipsch products because of MDF.


    As an aside, I believe the internal construction of a new Khorn bass bin is, and always has been, BB.  If I’m incorrect, I welcome enlightenment.



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  11. If you saw behind the scenes at any restaurant, you’d have a hard time eating out anywhere.  Our business did some work for a large mid-scale chain restaurant that just opened a new place a few weeks ago.  Walking through the kitchen you would think the place had been open for years, rather than weeks.  It will be a while before I can eat at that place.



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  12. Elton John will be at Little Caesars Arena (LCA) in Detroit in May.  Two concerts sold out quickly, so they added two more shows.  Tickets went on sale to the public yesterday.   I figured they’d be expensive, but I know my wife would enjoy a final opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I checked them out.  She could not enjoy a concert knowing it cost more than $600.


    The least expensive tickets are more than $300 each for bad seats in a hockey arena.  Our older son works for LCA and gave us free tickets to Hall & Oates last year.  We had great seats if we were at a Red Wings game, right at the centerline about twenty rows back, but terrible seats for a concert.  The sound was awful.  Even for FREE I was disappointed.


    Those same seats at Elton John would be more than $500 each.  Perhaps Elton has better sound people, but I have a hard time imagining any seat in a hockey rink can be worth those prices. Who pays these prices?  Am I just a tightwad curmudgeon?



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  13. 16 hours ago, ILI said:

    Never having soldered before, I found it a little daunting, but all is fine. Probably not the cleanest soldering, but I double checked all connections and was very happy the speakers produced sound when reconnected! 


    You probably did just fine.  


    Did you watch some of the many soldering YouTube videos?  In my experience, keeping the soldering tip clean with a damp sponge and avoiding “cold” joints are the keys.  If the solder doesn’t heat and flow to the connection, or if the connection moves in the instant before the solder sets, the connection looks dull, rather than shiny.  A cold joint will still show as a connection, but it will cause problems in the future.  Shiny is good, dull not so good.

  14. PWK hated MDF and insisted on Baltic birch plywood (BBP) in his speakers.  He told me this personally as he compared the BBP construction of the Khorn to the MDF construction of the Speakerlab knockoff.  It’s interesting that Speakerlab switched to multi-plywood in the later years of production.


    To the best of my knowledge (what say you @JRH?) MDF was not used in Klipsch products while PWK was still in charge.  It’s pointless to argue now about which is better.  Choose what you like; I choose to agree with PWK.

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