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  1. One more reference to college wrestling — Spartan b’ball is off til Thursday at Bloomington — so perhaps I’ll peak at MSU vs MD at 3 pm Eastern on BTN.  Even if I remember to watch, it won’t be for more than a few moments.


    Maryland was my second choice for college.  My father wanted me to consider wrestling as a Terp, due to a Hopkins fraternity brother being friends with the MD coach.  My third choice was also U of M, but the one in Ann Arbor.  My assistant HS coach was a Wolverine and was pushing his alma mater.  Of course my father would have preferred I be a Blue Jay at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, but I couldn’t have gotten admitted there at gunpoint.


    In hindsight, I have a greater respect for my father’s approval, albeit reluctantly, of my decision to turn down scholarship assistance at the Us of M & M to go to MSU as a walk-on.  I’ve never regretted that decision.  Had I gone to Ann Arbor or College Park, rather than East Lansing, I would not have met why wife and we would not have two fine sons.


    Butterfly effect strikes again.

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  2. To guarantee having a functioning Pono player for the foreseeable future,  I recently sniped a bid on eBay and got a black NIB Pono for under $200, including sales tax and delivery.  Now I can continue to feed a balanced diet to my class-D chip amps.

  3. On 1/17/2020 at 9:44 AM, MookieStl said:

    Bad weather heading in later today and then down in to single digits over the weekend.

    I'm going to plant my happy *** on my stationary bike and crank tunes all weekend. (still rehabbing my store bought knee)



    Great room Mike.  Good luck with rehab.


    Thought of you this week in Denver as family and friends admired the airport structures.  I told them I have a friend in St. Louis who is in that business, but that you didn’t make those.



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  4. 11 hours ago, Dave1290 said:

    Watched OSU defeat Wisconsin tonight in wrestling. 


    Watching college wrestling?   I started this basketball thread.

    IMO, watching college wrestling is like watching paint dry.  I can say this, as I wrestled at MSU in the late ‘60s when we were good (NCAA champs in ‘67 and perennial B1G Camps).  Don’t get me wrong,  my Zenith was making the scholarship wrestlers, like George Radman, defending NCAA Champ at 167 pounds, work hard.  Despite enjoying wrestling in high school and college as a combatant, except when watching my little bother wrestle, I do not find it compelling as a spectator sport.  If someone who knows what’s happening can’t get into it, it’s no wonder legitimate wrestling has no substantial fan support.


    I know that there are rabid fans of college and Olympic wrestling.  I applaud their enthusiasm as spectators, I just can’t share it.


    FWIW, I feel the same about sailing.  Although successfully enjoying competitive dinghy sailing as a youth, I have a difficult time watching sailboat races on TV.  That said, the foiling catamarans are exciting to watch, but comparing that to regular sailing is a stretch.


    Now we return to our regularly scheduled discussion of NCAA basketball.  After dismantling the Badgers at home yesterday, the Spartans have 5 of the next 7 on the road.  We shall see how good they really are.



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  5. 9 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    jumped on the bandwagon early on for Michigan, but now I think I may be jumping back off.


    Michigan is a good team and well coached.  They will be a tough out in the Tournament.


    You just got sucked in by the blue & gold. Now you’re weaseling out.

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  6. I agree with those who say to leave the K-33 woofers alone.  Perhaps the Crites crossovers restored the sparkle that was missing with the original networks and their old capacitors.  If the mids and highs were subdued by the old networks, you might have adjusted the volume to compensate, which would have effectively boosted the bass.  The inductors in the bass portion of the networks do not age like capacitors.  Restoring (boosting) the mids and highs will make the bass seem relatively lower.


    As one who has done the djk La Scala bass reflex mod, I would not recommended it to you.  It has it’s place, but, in your situation, a proper subwoofer is a better solution to augment La Scala bass.


    I can understand why many are perfectly happy with the quality of La Scala bass, and do not feel the need for the missing lower bass.  Apparently, you’re not happy with La Scala bass. In your case, I suggest a subwoofer, or two, to provide the missing low bass.  In my opinion, it is best to utilize horn loaded subs or tapped horn subs to best integrate with La Scalas.

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  7. 3 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    Dave what happened to your Buckeyes yesterday?  They were Archie’d by the Hoosiers.


    Dave @Dave1290 what happened to Sparty today?  They caught the same bug that bit the Buckeyes.  Hopefully, Izzo will be able to use the film of this Purdue debacle to improve going forward.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Ron E said:

    Could I just not hook up the amp to the ground wire jack on the inside of the amp since it is not a balanced amp module? Amp is a Icepower 50wpc stereo amp module.


    I don’t know, so I can’t make a recommendation.  Perhaps someone else does and can.

  9. Sinatra sang, “Mir alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all.”  


    I wonder what he had against Russian vodka?

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  10. It’s unclear to me.  Are the units available from Amazon and/or Simply Speakers for ~$177 new units made by Heil AMT, NOS,or something else?  I thought Heil AMT was out of business.  Are the $177 units worthy of experimentation and use?


    Fortunately, I live close to Claude @ClaudeJ1 so I can hear these in person, although the last thing I need is to hear something that makes me unhappy with my current “last speakers.”  


    Claude, How would/could these be incorporated into a MEH?

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  11. 7 hours ago, Ron E said:

    So I can run balanced from my Xilica to my amps which are not balanced, but will have XLRs because I prefer them, correct? What do I run the ground terminal on the XLR jack to for ground...amp chassis?


    It's not clear to me what you're contemplating.  People often refer to any XLR cable as  "balanced" when they are not actually referring to a balanced (B) circuit.   The whole process was counterintuitive to me.  It took several diagrams and much advice from those more knowledgable than I before I was comfortable connecting a B Pono player to a B amp.  The TPA 3118 "Wiener" amp with four RCA inputs is converted to single ended (SE) by inserting regular SE RCA cables into two of the four RCA jacks and inserting shorting plugs in the empty RCA jacks.  Converting the TPA3255EVM to SE requires the removal of jumpers on the board.  I have always connected SE to SE or B to B never B to SE or SE to B.  Watch out for white smoke.


    It sounds like you want to run a B output to a SE amp.  I'm reasonably certain it can be done, but I'm absolutely certain I'm not the one to tell you how to do it.  I would start with Xilica for advice.


    I found the following informative, but I still wouldn’t presume to tell you how to connect a B output to a SE input.  I’m pretty certain a transformer is needed.  I’m also certain that it cannot safely be done with cables and connectors alone.




    Perhaps Rich @rhing can chime in.  He knows about such things.

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  12. On January 11, 2020 at 8:44 PM, Ron E said:

    I am installing XLRs on my DIY 4 channel amp that has 2 Icepower stereo amp modules in it. Would I just solder the 3rd wire to the ground pin on the XLR jack in the DIY amp?


    I believe so.  As long as each channel has HOT (+) and COLD (-) connections to the respective XLR pins, the shield wire can, indeed should, connect to ground.  It is critical that the left and right COLD (-) connections are kept discrete, as opposed to sharing a common ground as in a single ended connection.


    As I type this, I’m enjoying Diana Krall’s Live In Paris in balanced mode from a Pono player into a DIY TPA3255EVM class-D chip amp driving DIY “Supers” and into a pair of balanced iNuke1000dsp amps, each powering a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy TH subs.  In my small basement space the result is glorious.


    The first photo shows cables I made to connect the Pono’s two 1/8” TRS outputs to another balanced class-D chip amp via RCA connectors. In that case, the HOT and COLD of each channel connect to the pins of RCA connectors.  The RCA collars are connected to the shield wires.  Keeping the COLD (-) connections discrete necessitates two RCA connections for each channel.




    The second photo shows balanced connections from a Pono player through modified Monoprice XLR balanced cables.  The XLR connectors were removed from one end and replaced by 1/8” TRS plugs.  The HOT of each channel to the tips, the COLD of each channel to the rings, and the shields to the sleeves and to ground.  The remaining XLR plugs connect to corresponding XLR connectors in the front (to the left) of the case that now houses the chip amp.  The balanced signals pass through the case to be fed, still balanced, to the pair of iNuke sub amps by unmodified Monoprice XLR cables.


    The braided shielding shown is grounded.  It was probably unnecessary for the short runs inside the case, but I had it available and it couldn’t hurt. 


    A Pono player is sitting on the Mean Well 48v power supply.  Also in the photo, at the top, is another class-D chip amp connected to another Pono player in balanced mode by DIY cables with a pair of 1/8” TRS plugs and four RCA connectors.




    In the above photo, the two connectors toward the top of the case, with red shrink tubing, are Neutrik Speakon outputs to the Supers.  The two connectors closer to the Mean Well are Neutrik XLR connectors passing the Pono’s balanced output to the pair of iNuke sub amps.  The iNukes’ dsp controls the signals sent to the subs.




    FWIW, the yellow Pono player seems to have died.  The two black players are alive and well.  I see that NIB Pono players are available on eBay for less than $200.  I guess I’ll buy one as a backup.


    Despite it’s many faults, the excellent ESS Sabre DAC and balanced output make a Pono player the perfect pre-amp for my chip amps.  I doubt I can replace them for less than $500 with anything nearly as good.



  13. 6 hours ago, rplace said:

    What is addicting? Noticeably better sound?


    Everyone who listens to my balanced Sennheiser cans prefers the balanced.  The choices are made blind.  The test subjects control the volume, but do not know whether balanced or single ended.  The objectively preferred way is balanced.  The subjective comments describe a wider stereo sound stage, greater depth and, dead silence between notes and tracks.


    When played through speakers, the difference is not so clear.  Although not consistently unanimous like with headphones, the majority of the time test subjects prefer balanced.   I do not want to return to unbalanced.


    Using the balanced outputs enables the Pono player to drive the class-D chip amps more easily, thus providing headroom.  IMO, my preferences go beyond the ability of balanced cables to be used over long runs, such as microphone cables on a large stage.  The runs are not long in my situation.


    I prefer balanced and I want to have a successor to my orphaned Pono players when they give up the ghost.  Yes, to me balanced presents "noticeably better sound."  Others may disagree, but I still want a balanced digital player.


    My embryonic research has unearthed players with balanced output that use a fragile 2.5 mm 4-pole TRS plug, that makes the Pono's dual 1/8 3.4 mm TRS outputs seem relatively robust.   I don't require portability. I do require something that can replace a Pono player that functions as my pre-amp, DAC, and  digital player.  Something larger with a remote and XLR outputs would be great.



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  14. 8 hours ago, Rooster42 said:

    Hope I’m doing this right 


    I’m guessing that’s how to share a link. Beautiful horns I think the post said ‘73. First owner hasn’t been moved from the corners of the room since purchased. 



    That worked.  If you also attach a photo from the listing the thread will have some usefulness after the listing is deleted.


    From the listing: "The going rate for these is 5,000 a pair. We priced them at 3,500 to be more than fair."  


    I think the "going rate" went.



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