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  1. As the OP, it was my desire to alert the forum to the passing of an entertainment legend, irrespective of what his politics might have been.  Were Clint Eastwood or Alan Alda to pass, I would do the same, despite the fact that they represent polar extremes of the political spectrum.  It is not necessary to agree with someone’s politics to respect his/her talent.



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  2. These are marketed on Amazon as a project suitable for young novice hobbyists.  IMO, this is NOT suitable for beginners.


    I purchased these to provide better sound from the small TV in our kitchen.   The TV’s small single speaker recently developed an annoying buzz.  The completed acrylic speakers sound better than the original speaker ever did.


    I have assembled two Heathkit color TVs, numerous Dynaco kit amps, and many DIY amps.   The instructions provided were inadequate.  After searching Google for instructions, the instruction deficiency was mitigated.  In addition to the lame instructions, it is necessary to surface mount a tiny IC chip amp to the PCB in each speaker.  Eight tiny attachment points need to be soldered for each IC.


    Some parts we’re not labeled. Without any explanation, extra resistors were supplied.  If having parts left over makes you uncomfortable, avoid this kit.  


    IMG_1186 (Medium).JPG


    IMG_1188 (Medium).JPG

    Gikfun supplied instructions.pdf

  3. The pandemic put my curiosity to try Eargo, or any other hearing aids, on hold.  I am still leaning toward risking the $99 to try them for “free.”


    Even though I don’t qualify for VA benefits, I welcome civil adult discussion among those who do.

  4. My father passed too early at 64 yo in 1988.  He was a certified member of the Greatest Generation.  At the tender age of 19 he was plucked from classes at Johns Hopkins University to become an instant Lieutenant in Army Corps of Engineers.  After serving in France and Philippines he returned to Hopkins before marrying  a war widow with a 2 yo daughter.  At the age of 23 he had more life experience and maturity than I do today at 71.  I miss him and I miss being able to wish him a Happy Father’s Day for the last 32 years.


    Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, including those no longer with us.

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  5. Do you think she’s trying to kill me?  This was presented while Brubeck’s Take Five played from her phone.  I’m not even her father, but I am the father of her two sons.




    She also made cinnamon buns.  Where did I put that insulin?



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