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  1. In college in the late 60s - early 70s, two buddies and I were hired to drive semis for a moving company (what were they thinking?).  I was the only one who could drive a stick.  To get experience, my friends practiced on my 67 Corvair 4-speed.  I tried to warn them that the carry-over to a semi tractor would be minimal.

  2. Roger Ridley seems to have been the inspiration for Playing For Change.  Unfortunately, the world lost a treasure on November 16, 2005 when he passed at 57.  Fortunately, PFC carries on.


    Bruce, would you consider editing the subject line to alert members regarding the marvelous PFC?  I know it’s always fun to poke fun at Marty, @thebes, for his bizarre dislike of the Beatles, but PFC is too important to be hidden behind a joke.


    That said, the occasional accordion seen in the PFC videos reminds of a comment I heard from a musician who described “perfect pitch” as tossing an accordion into a dumpster and hitting a banjo.  My apologies to banjo and accordion fanciers.  One thing the PFC videos demonstrate is that whatever the instrument it’s all music and it’s all good.


  3. On 10/9/2019 at 4:37 PM, Dave1290 said:

    @DizRotusI wouldn't count Sparty out.  Although they do have a good QB Taylor is just one dude.  Sparty might just step up.  Gonna have to watch that one also and jump back and forth hoping to settle in somewhere.  I don't count anyone out ever.  Wait, I take that back ichigan maybe.  lol


    Dave you were wrong.  Sparty was awful.  When your longest offensive play is a fake punt, your offense sucks.  


    Wisconsin is very good.  The Badgers vs Buckeyes in two weeks will be fun to watch.

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  4. The second MKBoom arrived yesterday.  This one will be a gift to my nephew.


    As before, it arrived well packaged.  The lower attached photo was taken after removing the panels from the foam packaging and prior to gluing on the dowels.The first task is to glue the hardwood dowel sections to the screw locations to give the attachment screws more to bite into than thin MDF.


    FYI, the first MKBoom, when wired as instructed, has the left and right channels reversed,  This was first noted when the initial percussion on Brubeck's Take Five was in the right channel, rather than the left as recorded.  The reversed wiring was also confirmed by a system test program.  On this one, I'll confirm proper left channel/right channel orientation before final assembly.


    Now the question is whether to see if my son cares about the reversal on his.  If he does, it can be corrected, but I suspect he won't care.


    IMG_0893 (Medium).JPG

    IMG_0892 (Medium).JPG

  5. At 70 1/2 the IRS mandates a required minimum distribution (RMD) from my IRA/401K.  One option to avoid tax is having checks sent directly to qualifying charities.  Playing For Change will be getting a check from TDAmeritrade as part of my RMD.  


    Thanks Bruce for reminding me of PFC.  I enjoyed Roger Ridley (RIP 2005) and Stand By Me years ago but had not yet enjoyed the other PFC videos.  These fantastic music videos remind me we’re all in this together despite the negative noise.

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  6. Mike @dirtmudd the final assembly of those was done nearby at 1225 E. Maple Ave., Troy, MI.  Our business did some work there as they readied the place to produce the Ford GT.


    It occurred to me that 1225 E. Maple Ave., Troy, MI was the address of AMT, the maker of 3-in-1 model car kits.  That address was seared into my brain after all the times, as a kid in Cincinnati, I mailed sweaty dollar bills to AMT to buy the chrome set to a 57 T-Bird Kit, a 63 Corvette body, etc.


    I asked my contact at Saleen Special Vehicles, which Ford contracted for final assembly of the GT, if he was aware of the coincidental AMT history.  Not only was he aware of it, but he had worked there one summer in his youth as a forklift driver until he dropped a pallet of small plastic “racing slicks” and was fired after a tire fight with a co-worker.


    I found it a strange coincidence that the real Ford GT was assembled in the former home of AMT Corporation.




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  7. 50 minutes ago, WillyBob said:

    It was the lack of remote control....  we're conditioned to having them


    Bruce scored.


    BINGO!  That was my Millenial son's biggest complaint about the h/k 430.

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  8. Jonathan Taylor and the rest of the Badgers will be too much for Sparty this weekend in Madison.  Nevertheless, I will watch and root for my alma mater.


    BTW, Madison is a beautiful town with a beautiful B1G campus.  I’ve visited most B1G campuses, and Madison is one of my favorites.  My least favorite is Champaign-Urbana.  I’m sure Illini alumni love their school and its town, as they should, but I’m not surprised at the difficulty recruiting talent to live in the middle of a cornfield.

  9. Over the decades, I’ve enjoyed h/k 430, 630, 730, & 930 receivers with various Klipsch speakers.  I agree with Andy @HDBRbuilder that spending serious money to have them properly serviced (more than Deoxit, bulbs, and fuses) makes sense and cents.  By offering that opinion, I’m not suggesting the seller of the unit implied that bulbs and Deoxit constituted an adequate service for a forty-year-old classic, or that the asking price was not fair for a unit that deserves having that much spent again to genuinely restore it for another decade of service.  Any inference that I was being critical of the seller is incorrect.


    Before I weaned myself from tubes and switched to class-D chip amps, I was using a 730, as well as modified Dynaco tube gear.  Several audiophile friends consistently preferred the sound of the Harman Kardon 730 to the tube amps.  I’ve never had a tube amp that didn’t produce a low level hiss from efficient Klipsch tweeters. In contrast, my h/k x30s and class-D chip amps are dead silent at idle.


    My son returned his 430, as he wanted the convenience of an AVR to power his Heresys, mostly for TV.  Bruce @Marvel was the beneficiary of my son’s misguided judgment.


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  10. In the 70s I used a digital time delay to add a very subtle amount of reverb using rear speakers.  When properly set up you did not perceive the rear speakers as a source of sound.  You did not perceive it being used, until it was turned off and the sound collapsed to the front.


    As a struggling student living in a small apartment, I sold the unit (can’t recall the manufacturer) to a doctor with Belles.


    I’ve also dabbled with the Dynaco Quadaptor referenced earlier.  Dave @Mallette knows a lot about that device.


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  11. 3 hours ago, MookieStl said:

    I am just surprised he didn't us it himself. 😉


    I didn't use it because I know my Rips and riputation.

  12. Rip Torn should also RIP.


    IMO. Rip Torn was underated as an actor.  If you haven't seen Canadian Bacon, I recommend it highly.  Rip Torn is excellent in a comedic role.


    Rip Torn.jpg

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